January 11, 2021

Fenty Lil Gloss Bombs Mini Lip Duo + Keychain Holder Cute But Does Anyone Carry Keys Anymore?

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Fenty Beauty Mini Lip Duo + Keychain Holder arrives for Spring 2021 and I can’t tell if we love it or not. Do we? Don’t we? How do you feel about this? I actually don’t carry around keys…! I have a key fob which remains in my purse at all times as my car automatically senses when I am near (thanks to the key fob) and opens the doors. And my house has the same feature (key fob in my purse, door unlocks when it senses I’m near, opens automatically) or I can key in a code and the door will open. I mean, does anyone carry keys around anymore? Also, if you do, do we need to put our lipglosses on our keychain! Isn’t that something we’d flip out over when we were 14? These are the types of questions that keep me awake at night.

As a Fenty Gloss Bomb fan I think this is cute idea! Maybe I could just attach it to my purse! It’s especially tempting because it does come with an exclusive shade called Pink Dragonfly (a pink coral with gold shimmer)! It also comes Fenty Glow (shimmering rose nude)!

Shoot. I feel like I’m convincing myself that I need this!

The set features one keychain cap that can be slipped over the gloss of your choice making it easy to attach to your keys or purse. I wonder if they keychain cap will fit on a regular size Gloss Bomb!

Fenty Lil Gloss Bombs: Mini Lip Duo + Keychain Holder is $24 and available now.

Would you buy it?

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Adrienne

    So you got me to thinking and observing (people leaving car keys/fobs and cell phones at checkout counter then running back when car doors won’t open) and while a lot of people have key fobs a lot of people still carry keys to enter their homes, especially if they live in apartments. Believe it or not even with the key fobs I’ve seen the pocket hand sanitizers (mainly BBW) hanging off them so I guess if you really needed lip balm or gloss this wouldn’t be a stretch.

    • Isabella Muse

      I feel like the only person that doesn’t carry keys around with me. It’s so foreign. At one point my BF wanted to do the chip thing where you have a chipped embedded into your hand to open the front door. I draw the line at that though LOL thanks but no thanks! I typically put the little hand pocketbacs on my purse strap that’s why this lipgloss might be good to hang off of there ;-D

  • Mary Brenner

    I still carry keys, old school my car uses a key (didn’t want the push button ignition) I still use a key to get into my home and my mailbox. I’m
    Old school all that tech stuff isn’t for me (and I like to think I’m pretty hip) the potential for disaster with all this keyless stuff gives me a headache. When I die I’ll be clutching a set of house and car keys in my hand.

    • Isabella Muse

      I can’t because I lose anything that isn’t in my purse! Keys are just a disaster waiting to happen for me! I’ve lost many a set growing up! No more!

    • kimkats

      I’m right there with you Mary! My car has the stupid fob and push start, the point of which totally escapes me. You still have to carry the fob, so why not a key? I’ve never lost a set of keys in my life, and my house is still keyed and will be as long as I live there. Too many potential oopsies with keyless entry, imho. I’ve never had a solid steel key lose its memory or run out of battery or not talk to the lock. 🙂

      As Albert Finney/Kincade said in “Skyfall” – “Sometimes the old ways are the best”…..

      • kjh

        Fob, too, with key. I test drove Toyotas with push-start and THAT AWFUL SCREEN THAT SHOWS THE TRAFFIC MOVING IN MINIATURE. Backup camera too, which just encourages those idiots who back up looking forward. ‘How do you like it?’ ‘It’d take 5 minutes for me to take a hammer to most of the features on the dashboard. It feels like going to the prom in someone else’s dress.’ I have a house key attached to the fob, but TBH I seldom lock the house. I don’t want to live somewhere that I don’t feel safe. All too close neighbors and loud dogs. I don’t mind living in mental 1969 at all. And I’ll be expletive deleted if I drive an automatic transmission car. Manual/standard forever! Long live us Luddites!

        • Isabella Muse

          wait hold on you don’t lock your door? I live in a super quiet neighborhood, in a river town in NY, Village of Sleepy Hollow, and we always lock the door and put an alarm on! Where in the world do you live!?!??!?!!??!?!?!?! That’s amazing you can keep the doors unlocked.

  • Joyce B.

    Ack, this kills me. I would love to get my hands on Pink Dragonfly, it looks beautiful. But I already have 2 mini Fenty Glows and a full size one. I just can’t pay $24 for one mini. I wish they would expand their full size range and add ones like this instead of constantly giving us more minis – and more Fenty Glow minis!

    • Isabella Muse

      likewise! Maybe they’ll release a full size later on! ;-D I’d totally pay for a full-size! I don’t really like minis tbh!

  • Robin

    I’m Team Key User! lol I have a car (paid off!) that’s 14 years old. It has a key fob with key. I also have house keys to my place and my parents. I’m still using a key chain that I got for my 16th B day; it’s about 30 years old. Cashiers tell me it’s cool. lol I don’t want a smart lock; worry about hacking.

    KJH, my parents live in the country, but they do lock the house up. Vehicles no; house yes when they are going to bed. Two friends will knock on the door and then let themselves in. Don’t like that.

    • kjh

      Just the opposite. I lock the car, not the house. All the cars on my street were robbed a few years ago, at night, by addicts known to the cops. My closest…and I mean close… neighbors are always home. Kids play in the street (really? Yeah, not safe.) 38 cars on a 3” street on a 45 degree hill. On street and in yard parking, 1 1/2 lanes. Turn of the last century resort town that has become LMC/working class, sandwiched between much nicer, better-incomed communities. 2 Amazon trucks and total traffic jam. Since there’s no room for a U turn, you wait. Only a slight exaggeration. The cops say my street is in the top 3 worst in town, which means it’s avoided. Near a beach that cops patrol to get quotas ticketing folks, even townies, without parking stickers or placards. I know and greet all the questionable folks. My dogs bark at anything closer than NYC. The Jehovahs, Mormons, and Trick-or-treaters run like hell. I do lock when the beach gets crowded and non townies are wandering about. When I taught, I locked when less than trustworthy kids dropped out of school, lol.

  • Violet

    I’ve always loved lip gloss on keychains. Back in the day, I bought Avon & Bareminerals lipglosses on keychains. Now I have those neoprene lip balm holders & put them on my keychain. The keychain is one of those that hook onto the side of the handbag. It holds only one key for my front door in case the garage door has a problem. I don’t think I’ve entered thru my front door in any of my homes for over 30 yrs. Other things on my keychain are fobs for my car & home alarm system, a cute BBW hand sanitizer holder, a whistle, pepper spray and an Asian good luck charm. It’s all very bulky, but I’m obsessively compelled to have a keychain with lots of crap attached, lol!

  • Brandy

    I just got a smart lock for my house and a key fob for my car so I guess I don’t use keys, however, I still have my house keys in my purse because I don’t trust the smart lock just yet.

    • Isabella Muse

      aww your smart lock should have a backup plan if something fails! Mine has a few different ways I can get into the house if something goes wonky like say the Internet goes down!

      • Brandy

        Funny enough my internet was down one night when I came home and the lock still was able to unlock. I use an app on my phone to unlock it. I definitely need a keypad in case my phone dies though. I honestly just prefer to use a regular house key but my SO insisted on making the house a smart house.

        • Isabella Muse

          I’ve had no issues with batteries or internet being down. I’ve had internet go out and the battery going dead but I’ve still been able to unlock my door without keys. The lock is pretty smart so even with a dead battery there’s a backup that kicks in. Worst case scenario we do have a key hidden should we need it ;-D My BF is the same! He’s pretty much rigged the entire house with smart technology! Even our washer and dryer are smart now!

  • Hannah Mary

    I still use keys for my house and mailbox, but I wouldn’t ever get this for my keychain. I mean I just got a Wall-E Funko Pop Keychain that I can’t see myself replacing anytime soon. Lol.

    But I could definitely see teens putting these on their backpack zippers or something maybe.