January 26, 2021

Milani Peach Glass Skin Primer Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.
3 stars out of 5

Milani Peach Glass Skin Primer ($10.99) is a new, permanent facial primer that launched with the new Milani Skin Fresh Collection for Spring 2021. This is a moisturizing facial primer that promises to provide a glass-like skin finish that’s smooth, pore-free, and free from imperfections while moisturizing and extending the wear of foundation. It contains Jojoba Oil as well as peach and lemon extracts! I know! I know! I cringed too when I saw it contained lemon but more on that in a little bit.

The glass skin trend stared in Korea a few years ago and it started to gain momentum here in the US about three years ago. I don’t quite think it’s a trend that’s really run it’s course within the Western market. It’s not something that became majorly popular like when BB Creams started to pop up here. I’m not entirely sure why it never caught on because who doesn’t want clear, luminous, transparent skin. I am of the mentality that skincare is the direct route to glass skin however, you’re going to run into a few makeup items that pop here and there that promise you the same such as this Milani Peach Glass Skin Primer.

Milani Peach Glass Skin Primer arrives in a squeeze tube and will set you back $10.99 for 1 oz of product. According to Milani it smooths skin, blurs imperfections, and extends makeup wear with a dewy finish. You can use it alone should you like for a dewy glow. They do say it “boosts luminosity” but there’s really nothing here that’s going to make your skin glow or appear more luminous. It does contain both lemon and peach extract the peach not being a problem the lemon however, being skin sensitizing. That being said both are really, really low on the ingredients list. Also, there is a peachy fragrance here which does need to be noted for sensitive users. I was quite pleased with the scent and thought it pleasant but I realize sensitive users might not love it.

If you have dry skin, if you bake, if you use heavy foundation, or if you like a dewy finish Milani Peach Glass Skin Primer is for you. It is not however, for anyone with oily skin in my opinion as it does feel a bit greasy and looks a bit dewy on skin. I don’t bake as you already know nor do I use heavy foundation because I don’t need it but I am drier and this works fine for me but I can even admit I can see the dewiness and I notice the texture feels a bit slick and greasy.

I actually personally don’t like a dewy look unless it’s at the end of the bed and I’ve just finished off my skincare routine! In that case, I’m cool with look all dewy fresh but when I’m out and about yeah, no! I don’t want to look all slick and juicy when I’m outside! There is good news! Once you apply your makeup and powder if you use it you won’t notice that dewiness.

This is a very light, runny formula that absorbs quickly into skin and leaves a layer of dewy moisture behind which as I said above is visible on the skin. I mean, if you’re oily already I don’t if you really want to add more shine to your skin that’s why I don’t really recommend it for oily skin. However, if you have oily skin and you bake or use heavier foundation this is a great moisturizing base for your drier products to adhere to. It’ll create a very smooth well hydrated surface for product to stick to which will result in smooth application plus foundation and powder won’t look dry when used over this. It is not a gripping foundation so there isn’t any tackiness or stick to it. It’s has a rather slick feel after application. I would say you’ll see better wear from your foundation. You’ll find your foundation looks fresher and just applied for a bit longer but I wouldn’t say it actually extends the wear of your foundation. Another thing it doesn’t really do is blur the appearance of pores or imperfections. If you already have smooth skin this will enhance that but if you have finer lines or pores you want to blur or fill this won’t do that.

Milani Peach Glass Skin Primer does provide a nice, smooth, well hydrated surface for makeup to adhere to but not sure you’re going to get a complete glass-like finish from it as it isn’t a formula that really excels at blurring imperfections! But it’s heavy on the moisture that’s for sure!

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Milani Peach Glass Skin Primer is a new, permanent peach-scented facial primer that promises to give you dewy glass-like skin. This has a runny, thin, creamy texture that absorbs easily and leaves skin hydrated and quite slick. I thought it was a good baking primer or great for people with drier skin or those that use heavy foundations. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with oily skin though as it does leave skin look dewy which does ease after the application of foundation and powder but does still leave skin feeling quite hydrated. I don’t really like a dewy look so I was relieved that after I applied my foundation that disappeared. One thing to note is although it did set a good base for foundation to adhere to it probably won’t do well at blurring or filling pores or finer lines and other imperfections. It will keep foundation looking fresh however, I didn’t feel it extended the wear of it.


  • Smells great!
  • Very hydrating.
  • Great for baking or heavy foundation application.
  • Leave skin feeling hydrated throughout the day.


  • Doubtful it will blur or fill pores or finer lines.
  • Peach scent might be an issue for sensitive users.
  • Didn’t really produce a glass-like finish but did hydrate well.


Milani Peach Glass Skin Primer is ideal for those with drier skin or anyone who bakes or uses heavy foundation!

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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