January 5, 2021

Stay Sephora VIB or Rouge In 2021 Even If You Didn’t Reach the Threshold

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Don’t quote me but I’ve received quite a few different reports that Sephora VIB and Rouge extensions have be made for 2021 without reaching a threshold. Five different people have told me they logged into their account and their status was renewed through 2021 so Sephora may be doing what Ulta did in terms of extending reward benefits without your threshold being met this year!

Update: Sephora has officially sent out notice that they did indeed extend Rouge Benefits.

I can’t confirm this because I’ve already reached Sephora Rouge Status after doing my Sales Event order back in the Fall. But it’s worth logging at sephora.com and seeing if the offer was extended in your account.

If Sephora did do this it’s very generous and as I said in my Ulta post a very practical business move as it helps them to maintain their consumer base and makes them happy that they were able to keep their rewards into this year when last year was such a rough year!

I’d love to hear if the offer was extended to you! Leave a comment below if it worked for you!

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I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Elise

    I can confirm, that I did not make VIB for 2020…however my account shows me as VIB through 2021. Hmmmmm. Trying to hold on to long time Sephora customers that did not spend throughout 2020…most likely because of fall-out from the pandemic.

  • V

    I wasn’t even close to making rouge and they did extend mine through 2021. It was a pleasant surprise to get extended status from both Sephora and Ulta, I had fully planned to lose them. I just haven’t been buying as much makeup as I normally would and my hair/skincare doesn’t take me all the way up to the purchase thresholds. Once things go back to “normal” again I think I’ll reach it easily because I have makeup that has just been sitting in a drawer since last March and will have to be replaced.

    • Isabella Muse

      That’s awesome glad it worked! Yeah, it’s def been a minimal year for a lot of folks! I hope things get better soon!

  • Crystal

    It looks like mine has been extended as well. I’m not sure how much I spent in 2020, but I’m nearly positive that I didn’t spend enough to normally reach/keep VIB status, as I mainly only shopped in November/December, and didn’t do any big splurges (Black Friday was so disappointing this year). So glad they copied ulta! This is great!

  • Beth

    Seems to be true. I was four or five hundred short of rouge and they extended mine through the end of 2021…which is nice, I guess, except I was kind of proud of myself for not making rouge for the first time in more than five years

    • V

      Saaame I feel like Rouge has really deteriorated and aside from 20% off a couple of times a year I’m happy to say good riddance to it. I was pretty upset about losing my Ulta status because that’s real actual money off a purchase. Completely thrilled to have kept the Ulta one. It was a very happy surprise.

  • Lucy

    I have an extreme example. I didnt buy ANYTHING in 2020 because I dont live in USA and couldnt cross the border all year long. I lost ALL my Beauty Insider points but I keep my VIB status

  • Kimk

    Woot! I’m VIB thru the end of the year, and I was a ways from making VIB again. That was smart of both Sephora and Ulta to do what they did. Esp. since ulta upped their platinum amount to $500; that was an uncharacteristic dumb move on their part. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see them quietly roll back that amount later in the year…

  • kjh

    Glad you checked this, even though you were already rouge. I was so far off, I thought it must be an error. Nice to know that the few items I get will be free-shipped. (Come on, everybody, admit freeship is your total thing!) Makes you wonder if S was scrambling to catch up, after U’s announcement, or if both had planned this since summer, as Covid ravaged on. I wonder how this will impact the bottom line for both S and U.

  • TC

    I literally just checked my Sephora account and noticed it said I had made Rouge till the end of this year, when I know I had only just got VIB. Came here to see if anything was announced, next stop the BIC forum.

    A pleasant surprise indeed but also had me conflicted – I deliberately was aiming to control my expenditure in 2020 and had set a goal not to re-rouge which I was able to meet. The pandemic sure helped, as did losing my job in March and not finding a new one till end of November.

    I do remember some kerfuffle one year when Statuses where renewed in mid January and wonder if they just haven’t completed the full cycle of updates yet.

    In the end I’m going to take this for a nice gesture from Sephora, I made my goal for 2020 and see what rouge offers take my interest this year. Aiming not to spend this year, apart from replacement products and maybe the odd treat lippy as I carry in my search for the perfect nude for me.

  • Robin

    I was rouge and didn’t even spend enough bro make vib and hey extended me with rouge. It’s nice but I double I’ll keep it. I buy mostly from the brands websites themselves and from ulta (which also extendedy rewards). Sephora just doesn’t do it for me anymore and Ulta is now carrying almost all the same brands.

  • Amber G.

    I noticed on the 1st that my Rouge status was extended despite being about $180 away from the Rouge tier. I think it was an incredibly smart move on both companies to keep their customers’ tier statuses after the year we’ve all had.

  • Priscilla

    I can also confirm that Sephora extended my Rouge status. I was kind of proud that I was leaving Rouge behind and being content with VIB, when lo and behold, there it was on my account- ROUGE until 12/21.

  • Jennifer

    This was definitely the case for me as well. I was confused bc I didn’t spend nearly enough to be rouge but mine is extended through the year. I’ll take it!

  • Linda

    Yep. Just checked and I needed like $600 to make it but they extended thru 2021 yay!!