February 2, 2021

Are We Not Done With the Controversial, Sexual Names Yet?

I guess we’re not quite done with all the orgasms, lolitas and underage reds as Too Faced Lady Balls Lipstick enters our stratosphere for Spring/Summer 2021. There’s already a Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Lipstick in the shade Lady Balls which is a matte warm red which inspired this new collection!

Apparently the name is supposed to give you confidence, courage, and empowerment. I’m titling my head sideways and squinting my eyes at that. We can have all those things without actually having balls right? These are the questions that keep me up at night. Needless to say I’m not impressed with the name. I actually don’t mind sexual names! Orgasm has never bothered nor has Deep Throat but Lady Balls…I dunno….!

The new lipsticks promise 12 hours of wear with a feather resistant formula and a creamy texture.

What do you think?

Too Faced Lady Balls Lipstick….it just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?


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  • kjh

    Once upon a time, a gent asked me what l/s I had on, as he thought it might be good for his wife. Nars Do Me Baby. I have an alternate name for all questionably named shades, bec i got caught short a few times. It’s Nars Do It, right? Some of the kinkier names leave me shaking my head. Staying ‘edgy’ (looking at you, UD) is pretty tiresome.

    • Isabella Muse

      I gotta admit I would prob laugh of some guy asked me what I was wearing and my reply was Gash, Orgasm, or Deep Throat. I’d prob laugh like a 12 year old book who just hit puberty while telling them what it was!

      • kjh

        Me, too, if I weren’t the retail employee. To do retail, the most important class to take is ACTING.

  • Jane

    Yeah, hard pass. I don’t know why they think our lives our so pathetic that we need makeup to make us titter, or maybe they’re telling on themselves.

    And Deep Throat really started to bother me when I read an article about that movie – she was not a fully willing participant. That’s really why I don’t like the blurring of boundaries with the sexual names and makeup. I notice that mostly male owned companies use these names and you know what? I’m not interested anymore. The world is full of implied sexual violence or threat of actual violence (and for many of us, actual violence). It used to seem fun and cute back with Orgasm, but Lady Balls? Just name them “Ovaries” if you want to be pro-women. I don’t need anything else refracted through the male gaze, thank you very much.

    (Sorry, I guess I had more to say about this than I thought).

    • Isabella Muse

      Oh my maturity level goes down to that of a teenage boy with some of these names! They do make me laugh! This one though just made me roll my eyes! I think that stems from the whole deal about empowering us and giving us confidence. You want to empower us by giving us balls?! I’m confused here. LOL! I never really put the Deep Throat and Lovelace together to be honest. Considering François already had Orgasm in the line up I just thought of Deep Throat as a reference to the actual sexual act and not to the film. But who knows maybe it is named after the film and in that case indeed, she was forced into porn and that would make the name very tasteless. But I honestly think he was going for the shock value of the actual sexual act and not a reference to the film. Has there every been article saying he named it after the film? I remember him discussing some of the names but don’t recall anything like that. Lady Balls just sounds awful to me when combined with “empowering confidence”. Yeah, balls and empowering woman probably shouldn’t really be a combo! But Jerrod hasn’t always been completely enlightened! I mean, remember Rich Lives Matter!

      • Jane

        Yeah, IIRC the sex act was named for the movie, so whether or not he named it for the act or the movie, it was in a way named for the movie. I just don’t find it any more sexy or empowering than the expectations that women have big boobs and hips but also have to be fit but not too muscular but now we have to be muscular too but again not too muscular but be thin enough to wear attractive clothes.

        I mean, I wear makeup. Arguably I’m part of the problem, but I enjoy makeup, I do it because when I can go from purple circles and pale, lips to Snow White, that’s fun. I just don’t need weird names. Arguably, some of the really old makeup names sound like they might have been sly sex references. Estée Lauder had “Pink Tickle.” I mean. See that’s just funny.

        • Isabella Muse

          LOL I laughed out loud at Pink Tickle. I’m not sure I’m really offended by sexual names I know a lot of people were in an uproar over KVD’s shade names! I think they had special meaning to her but the end result was that people were incredibly offended by them. Orgasm, Deep Throat, if we’re referencing sexual acts I’m not offended by that but if there’s something deeper behind it I feel the need to speak about it. You’re right it’s sort of a double edged sword but I don’t know if the actual act originates from the movie so, you kind of can’t combined Lovelace’s abuse and Deep Throat into one end game. Am I making sense? You make a valid point as we do want to empower our sex but we give into stereotypes like makeup and wanting to feel pretty because of it. That does take away from the fact we should be confident without it but I’m like you! I like having the ability to change my appearance! I like doing a natural eye look and the next day going out with outrageous pink eyeshadow!

      • Bella

        I thought Deep Throat was about Watergate. That is where my brain went.
        I am not for the sexualized names as I think it is juvenile.

  • Glenda

    For some reason Lady Balls doesn’t bother me too much perhaps because I used to play an instrument mostly played by guys and all the guys would joke about me having a set of them.

    The TF Erika Jayne collection lip gloss called DSL, now that to me was really crude for a shade name.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m unusually hard to offend but I think the combo of empowering and confidence along with balls made me say “Eh?” DSL, yeah, I forgot about that one haha! That was some debate whether it was a sexual abbreviation or a drug reference oh boy!

  • Amethyst Rose

    Kat von D’s Lolita may be a reference to the japanese fashion style with the same name (and which has NOTHING to do with the book/movie or anything sexual). To Gothic Lolita specifically, because KvD”s packaging clearly has a gothic vibe. But it’s just my supposition and I may be wrong.
    Lady Balls… urgh

    • Isabella Muse

      I think she discussed Lolita once but I can’t recall what she said about it. It could be a Japanese fashion reference indeed but that combined with Underage Red made for a bit of controversy a few years ago. I think people felt she was a repeat offender and with the names.

  • Agona

    It’s a marketing gimmick that comes off as trying too hard to me. But this type of nonsense is exactly why Too Faced has never appealed to me as a brand.

  • Jen

    The power of “balls” became completely irrelevant when I read somewhere….”If balls are so ‘powerful’ how is it that I can pass an 8 lb baby through my vagina and not even cry…but with the flick of two fingers, you can make a man drop to his knees”.

      • Lisa

        I wrote them a message but I realize, it’s just a marketing ploy & if I don’t like it, then don’t buy it. Plenty of other people will. At the very least its getting people talking isn’t it?!
        Any kind of attention is good right? I used to like them & their products. I still have a whole collection of their pulp fiction type palettes.
        I’m sure its a much more competitive market now & you have to stand out any way you can! But just like annoying ads on TV, it has the opposite effect on me & I’m sure other people too. I have plenty of other choices & certainly could live without using any of their products. I’m quite aware I’m not the target audience anymore anyway.

        • Isabella Muse

          It’s def a marketing ploy and it may even draw in a younger crowd. I don’t mind the name but when you’re talking about empowering woman you probably shouldn’t drop “balls” into the situation. They’ll def sell it no matter what I or anyone else says but I just thought it was tone deaf and I’m not their target market either so don’t feel bad ;D

  • Swoozy

    I’m not so much offended as I just wish they wouldn’t go there. My younger son likes to watch me apply makeup and sometimes asks me about the colors, names, et al to try out himself. I really would like to not have him running around about how much he likes Deep Throat or Orgasm :-/. I’m admittedly a bit of a prude and would like not everything in our culture to be about sex.

    • Isabella Muse

      I def can understand that! You don’t want your younger son asking about shades named Orgasm and Deep Throat for sure!!!!!!!

  • Donna Jensen

    I am wondering if HSN and QVC will carry this.

    I dislike the name intensely, but I also hate terms like “lady boner” and I am old so I am not their target market for this. I just think it’s crude and boring.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m sure they will! The name is just like eh!? I mean I don’t know if I’m offended by it but mostly when you stick empower confidence and Lady Balls into one sentence I’m all like wait, I need to have balls to be empowered and confident!? Too Faced needs a wake up call.

    • Deanna D

      Usually when HSN or QVC carry a makeup product with a sexual name, they change the name or part of the name so that the sexual element is removed. It must be part of the agreement for the product to be sold on those platforms.

      • Donna Jensen

        That’s interesting! It just came up for me because I wanted to buy a MAC shadow and the name was vaguely suggestive so I wondered if it was sold out, or if HSN just never carried it for that reason.

        Better get my lady balls back to work.

  • Dee

    OPI had a Germany for Fall collection that I really liked many years ago. I got asked a lot about one shade that I wore frequently and hated having to answer, “My Very First Knockwurst.”

    Product names have never offended me and some of them I can’t help but laugh at. But after so many years of doing this I can’t help but wonder why they can’t come up with something else.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh my god. That is like the best name ever LOL! I laughed out loud!

  • Eileen

    Seems like they are trying to dumb us down instead of build us up. What we can do and achieve in the bedroom should be left to the imagination. I don’t think these descriptive names empower women or give us the credit we work so hard for. Companies need to grow up and find more adult and sophisticated names for the products we buy. I’m not really shocked by these names, just that companies are dumb enough they think we want to purchase them. They should be embarrassed by their marketing.

  • Eraser

    Oh dear, I’m fed up with it and I never liked it to begin with. What’s so empowering about it? I know I’m a bit older than the target consumer so I remember when the names of beauty products were meant to conjure up images of… beauty! Go figure! Every kind of flower, elements of nature like the sky and the sea, luxe fabrics like velvet and mink, and of course luscious food and drink like chocolate and champagne. You could tell the shade from the name even if you didn’t see it. I recall Estee Lauder saying that she deliberately paired the name of a color with a more descriptive term, like Starlit Pink (which they might still sell). She knew what she was doing!