February 24, 2021

Becca Cosmetics Going Out of Business in September So Stock Up Now

With a heavy heart I’m sad to say that Becca will be closing their doors and going out of business starting Fall 2021 (September 2021). Their products will no longer be available for purchase on their website or on any secondary stores as of that date.

Becca broke the sad news this morning in an Instagram post.

“The global pandemic has had an impact on everyone around the world on many levels. It has also had a tremendous impact on so many businesses. At BECCA, an accumulation of challenges, together with the global impact of COVID-19, has sadly been more than our business can withstand, and we have had to make the heartbreaking decision to close down the BECCA brand at the end of September 2021.

We believe in you, and we believe that the beauty inside you is the light you share with the world. We are confident that the spirit of BECCA will continue to live on through all of you.
Please keep illuminating your true selves. Light your own paths and push your limits. Share positivity and light the way for others as you make an impact on this world. Own your light on your own terms.

With much Love & Gratitude,
Team Becca”

This comes as a great surprise and shock as I didn’t realize they were doing poorly but I suspect they still have a fan base but Estee Lauder is likely just shedding brands at the moment as they have been collecting brands for a while and investing in other areas. They have a total investment in Deciem at the moment worth 2.5 Billion dollars as they went from a 27% stake in the brand to 100%. I wrote briefly on this yesterday on Instagram! L’Oreal has been guilty of the same as L’Oreal ditched Clarisonic several months ago. They could be moving around money for new avenues or they could have just bitten off more than they could chew.

We’ve come to expect brands shuttering with the Pandemic but I have fear it’s not the Pandemic causing the issue but perhaps the blame lies with the parent company!

Either way, it’s very sad Becca will disappear.


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  • Melanie

    Honestly not surprised. I use to love this brand and they lost me with the repetitive highlight palettes, shimmer products…. Truly miss the products that launched the brand. Feel they could have regained cult followers like myself and if went back to the original product line. Its sad and more brands are to follow. Hope to see them rebrand and make a come back.

  • Lily H

    I’m honestly not surprised by this considering how lackluster and poorly received some of their more recent releases have had (the Zero Pigment Foundation made NO sense to me). I honestly don’t know if I would even stock up on anything either, because I feel there are better formulas out there that have the colours and range I want, and I’ve barely touched what I have.

    It’s not every day you hear of a relatively notable brand shutting down, but with the pandemic continuing to wreak havoc on business and many industries in general, this is likely just one of the first we’ll see here in the cosmetics space.

    • Isabella Muse

      They had solid releases for a while and than suddenly things got sketchy! It’s a sad state but this will continue into 2021 I’m sure 🙁

      • Sarah

        It seems like drugstore brands are having a moment in the sun while a lot of pricier brands languish. I think the pandemic has reshaped the beauty landscape for a long time to come – less disposable income to spend on beauty and less emphasis on owning a ton of expensive high-end products. I agree with others that there are likely more brands to follow suit.

        • Bela T

          Sarah I totally agree with you. I just recently purchased a 3.69 waterproof liquid eyeliner from Wet N Wild, that totally kicks high end eyeliners ASS. I even tested it by sleeping with it on, and when I woke up, still there and rockin’. Was never really into Becca, the whole highlighter deal was “iffy” to me. I did purchase a lipstick a while back, and meh! LOL It is still sad though, I mean first Jordana, and now them who is next?

  • Chris

    Becca was probably known best for its highlighters & with everyone masked up, I’m certain companies that specialized in face products like foundation, blush & highlighter are hurting right now. I loved their mini highlighters because the brush I use fits perfectly on top. I press and tap to apply my highlighter generally. I probably have enough Opal, Prosecco Pop, Rose Gold & Moonstone to last until I die.

    Big companies devouring other companies isn’t knew, it just limits the creativity of that company because its now not a priority with that bigger company.

  • Beka

    This makes me very sad! The back light primer is my favorite primer in the whole world. I wonder when everything will go on sale 🙁

    • LS

      Yes. It’s my favorite primer as well, and I do not have a backup. I’ll certainly pick some up while I still can.

      As slowly as I go through highlighters, I’m stocked with all the Becca highlighters I will need for quite some time.

  • Andrea

    I’m so sad. I love their highlighters. I went and bought two backups (Rose Quartz and Vanilla Quartz) this morning when I heard the news.

    Wanna bet that the the same formula for under eye concealer, highlighters and bronzers will show up soon in an Estée Lauder owned luxury brand? Then they could charge us all double just because it is “luxury.” Yuck.

  • Hollie

    *googles “can you freeze Becca Priming Filters?”*

    I am still not over Clarisonic. I’m kicking myself for not buying a backup device. As soon as I heard the news I stocked up on brush heads. Picture it: Ulta 2020, me doing that thing where you sweep the entire shelf stock of product into your shopping bag.

    As underwhelmed as I’ve been with Urban Decay for a minute, I’m a little worried. Wende, you ok over there girl?

  • N

    I remember when Prescriptives, a beauty brand that was in Macy’s and other department stores, went out of business. They were owned by Estée Lauder and it felt like they were dumped too. Becca makes great highlighters.

  • Jess

    I’m not gonna lie, I scrambled for a Vanilla Quartz, Champagne Pop and Moonstone (my HG) as soon as I read this.

  • Crystal

    NOOOOO!!!!! The backlight priming filter is my most favorite primer ever!!! 🙁 I’ve tried supposed dupes and none are the same.

  • Andrea

    This doesn’t surprise me, as others have said, the pandemic has had a big impact on luxury cosmetics likely for a few reasons but primarily, people don’t have the spare income to spend on high end products. I’ve wondered if the pandemic has also prompted people to re-evaluate their self care routines in regards to what they feel is necessary and what was just extra.

    With the pandemic, there has been an obvious shift in priorities of what people are looking for in products. For makeup, it needs to be transfer proof and not rub off easily onto a mask. For skincare, it needs to target our maskne and other reactions we’re having from wearing masks all the time. Some companies have reacted to the shift by releasing new products (queue transfer proof everything) or hardcore promoting products that were already successful but now have an opportunity for more success.

    For BECCA, the last release of theirs I can remember were the zero pigment foundation and gloss highlighter thing. I received both of these free and they were terrible. Ended up throwing them away. They had an unsuccessful launch during a critical time. BECCA’s products were so focused on highlighting, so I never bothered looking at their products for that reason, I have oily skin, I don’t need to highlight it more.

    We are in a time where people’s reviews and your branding can make or break a company. Or if owned by a parent company, then you’re pretty much at their mercy. Companies have to respond to the market and what people want. Did you ever see the article/graphic showing that 7 companies own 180+ beauty companies? Estee Lauder just purchased 100% of Deciem which is a hot company right now with The Ordinary’s affordable products. When income is limited, listening to the customer becomes even more important and people are realizing that they don’t need to spend an entire paycheck on a single product when there are other options that are equally effective.

    BECCA was not the first to close, and it certainly will not be the last.


  • Christina

    I am very sad to hear this! I really haven’t used anything from this line other than some lipsticks the past few years, but, I lived in Australia from 2000-2003. She launched her line in 2001 and it was only available then at Mecca Cosmetica. I went to a launch event at the Mecca near where I lived and she was there; she even did my makeup!! I remember how much I loved the duo concealer she used on me so I bought one of those and the liquid foundation that was originally launched and some brushes. So it’s bittersweet in a way

  • Minaxi

    When do you think they’ll start with sales and super sales? May as well stock up on whatever we can.

    • Isabella Muse

      Good Question! I’d say towards the least few months of their life. Prob in June maybe even later than that!

    • Jess

      I definitely recommend snagging any staples now, before it all gets picked over. I will be hawking for sales too, even if I did buy 3 highlighters… 😀

  • Charlotte

    I was really stunned by this news at first, but thinking more on it I’m not actually that surprised. It feels like it’s been a few years since they’ve been really relevant in the beauty world. I can’t remember their last successful product launch – the hydra-mist setting powder, maybe?

    It’s a shame because they have some really solid formulas. Their highlighters, undereye color corrector and filtering primers were all in regular rotation for me. I’ll be very sad to see them go.

  • Susan

    I used Becca when it was first launched and the real Becca was in charge of it. At the time, there really were not many (if any highlighters) that gave a glowy look. Her liquid foundations were very nice. Then as more companies began to make highlighters and Lauder bought the company, they seemed to lose their focus. Becca’s thing was always a beachy, glowy, low-key kind of look that emphasized skin. I think Lauder tends to ruin companies. I used to love Bobbi Brown and her Extra line of skincare but Lauder changed the formulations. BTW, Bobbi is back with her own line called Jones Road and I am really liking it. But when Becca sold her company I would think she knew what she was getting into plus she got a lot of money. She can always take the money, get investors and start her own company again with her vision. I hope she does.