February 15, 2021

The Power of Tiktok Marketing

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I have witnessed the powder of Tiktok marketing first hand and it’s a real thing. I remember a time in a not so distant past when limited edition collections would instantly sell out when an influencer featured a review of a collection or product. I remember how brands would use an interesting bait and switch technique with their limited edition products or collection as well where they’d do a small launch initially and later on pull a “SURPRISE we’re restocking!” This technique worked for a short time and really fueled sales as FOMO set in after that initial launch!

The evolution of the beauty community is fascinating. At one time beauty bloggers were the go to source for swatches and reviews. They were the pioneer in a world where swatches on skin didn’t actually exist! But as with all things technology killed the written word and youTube became the go to source for beauty everything. And as the audience became younger and their attention span became smaller the source for beauty became Instagram. A quick photo and a small statement was all anyone required to hear about a product! Fast forward and beauty is migrating again to Tiktok where short little 60 second clips featuring reviews and a look are all anyone needs to hear about a product.

And it works…

I’ve seen the power of Tiktok Marketing for myself.

Recently, L’Oreal Infallible 24HR Fresh Wear Foundation In A Powder was featured in a few Tiktok posts and sold out. Gone! Cerave another brand featured in many Tiktoks has had trouble keeping drugstore shelves lines with their products.

Tiktok may just be the next Instagram.

One wonders what’s after Tiktok?

But while it lasts I’d say Tiktok is where beauty brands will likely be looking to promote their newest launches and you’re either on board with that or not.

How do you feel about yet another social media platform that beauty brands will likely take over?


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Christina

    I don’t use TikTok, so it doesn’t affect me. LOL! However, it baffles me how people can believe someone so quickly in a 60 second ad, especially if they wax poetic about it. I like to do my research. I watch multiple reviews, try to read blogs, follow professionals, and I do prefer following bloggers/Instagrammers/YouTubers who aren’t afraid to negatively critique products on their page. I’ve never been easily swayed by peer pressure (probably because I’m so b****y, LOL!) or herd mentality, so social media advertising isn’t a big deal to me. What can get annoying is seeing the same product over and over again.

  • Itzel

    Honestly, I’m not a big fan of this social media take over. You’re absolutely right as the attention span becomes smaller and the audience becomes younger it seems to destroy the fun that the beauty industry once had. I’m a lover of written word and I still come to this blog for updates and news about new launches and the scoop! Visual media is not the same as written word. I enjoy reading and getting a more in-depth detail about the product I’m shown. With social media sites like Tik-Tok and Instagram it dwindles down the passion for marketing and finding creative ways to aww the audience. It’s sad where technology is going and I’m not a fan. Still to this day, I enjoy blogs way more than anything else. I’m only 25 and can still appreciate the classic way of getting a message across. Keep on doing what you do! We still follow you and will continue to do so. 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      I have to admit I agree! I hate to be prejudice against younger audiences but I feel like the attention span of those in their teens or early twenties are simply not the same as my own. Thank you Itzel! I appreciate that 🙂 I’m the same! I guess I’m a dinosaur in that aspect maybe we both are as I really like reading a long review with lots of details versus a 60 second clip telling me to try something but not really giving me a break down of exactly how the product performs overall! I think it’s fantastic you’re so young and still appreciate the written word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very very very much! I absolutely will ;-D xoxoxox!!!!!!!!!

  • Sofia

    I think tiktok will be like any other medium, where many people will show off a product and say a few words, much like an ad. Like with Instagram, and with blogs before that, it takes some effort to find people who post useful reviews with some depth. I would say that tiktok is an improvement on instagram, on which videos are often less than a minute and long captions aren’t in vogue. Both Instagram and tiktok may even be improvements on what I had available in my youngest days of buying makeup: teen magazines with a blurb or celebrity endorsement. I may as well have been reading ads.

    In a way, not much has changed, sponsored content also feels like consuming ads, but I do appreciate that I can find users with my taste and skin type to get information from, something missing from the magazine era. I think if anything, more younger people than when I was a teen want to know more about the products available to them. I think my ideal situation would be to find people who might post short clips on tiktok, and then have a link in bio to a blog for longer reviews.