February 3, 2021

What’s Your Worst Zoom Meeting Beauty Moment? Here’s Mine!

The pandemic has brought about the work at home revolution and you know what? I think it’s here to stay! It’s actually not something I can do on the daily and at some point I will have to go back to work as I see clients daily but I can see some companies just leaving a lot of their work force at home. It’s actually pretty cost efficient especially when you consider the prices of rent on offices here in Manhattan.

Working at home is actually pretty fun as you can walk around the house all damn day in pajamas if you want. I do like my routine and I’m a creature of habit so I did get up daily, get dressed, and do my makeup even if I don’t have a Zoom meeting scheduled for that day. It made me feel normal and I also think it’s important to keep these rituals and routines otherwise I can see myself developing bad habits.

It was pretty funny seeing the mistakes people made on Zoom meetings last year. Like Will Reeves who was business on top and party on the bottom! That man had a nice jacket and shirt on top and he was sitting there with his boxer shorts. Great idea! Too bad you got caught doing it and on national TV haha…! You’ll get no judgement from me because I’ve done this once or twice too! PJ bottoms and a nice blouse on top! After the meeting I just slip the blouse off and have my tank on underneath! Insta-comfort!

I haven’t had any bad Zoom Meeting moments though!

Have you?

Anyone embarrass themselves?

I was on a winning streak until yesterday…!

You know I’ve been trying out all these new hair styles in lock down. I’m my own stylist over here and everyday I have some new hairstyle. Braids, pigtails, crown braids, sloppy buns, hell, I even though about cutting my hair but chickened out last minute.

One common style I actually wear a lot are space buns. I typically put my hair into two buns on top of my head when I workout or after my shower. Yesterday, after my shower I swirled them into two buns, got dressed, did my makeup, but I forgot to take them down. Typically after I get dressed and start my makeup I’ll slick my hair into a bun, pop a headband on to keep my hair out of my eyes, and get to work.

For some reason, yesterday, I forgot to that.

The makeup was on, I was dressed, I was just walking around with space buns. Which would have been fine if I didn’t sit there two different zoom meetings with space buns on my head and no one said a word.

It took me several hours before I realized it.



Oh well!

I’m sure this isn’t the last Zoom meeting mistake I’ll make.

How about you?

Any embarrassing Zoom moments to share?

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  • Alli A

    Back when this whole quarantine thing started, I was still wearing makeup. But the camera picked up the pigment much better than my skin tone, and one day I sat in front of my white brick wall…I looked liked a pair of floating lips and some hair. Ugh. No more makeup after that!

  • Rio

    Hey if that’s the worst thing u ever did, u are fine Muse. At least u didn’t forget an article of clothing or forget to turn off your camera while showering like some stories I’ve heard.

  • Jennifer

    I’m an attorney. A lot of courts are holding hearings via Zoom. I love being able to be professional from the waist up while wearing shorts and house shoes while trying a case. I have had one snafu. I didn’t realize my 19 year old cat was hiding in the office when my hearing began. As soon as we went on the record she appeared out of nowhere trying to walk across my computer. I barely avoiding keeping her out of the camera. I couldn’t stand up though because I was wearing shorts! So I had to roll out of shot, stand up, pick her up, and put her out of the room. Then I had to roll back into the shot and pretend nothing had happened. Super nerve wracking at the time but makes me laugh now.

    • Isabella Muse

      Oh my gosh! That is so funny. Cats just own keyboards! Typing? Oh I’ll just walk across the keyboard! Working? Oh I’ll just my butt in your face and block the monitor! Cats, they pay the rent and let you live there! Hehehe! Thanks for making me laugh Jennifer 😀

  • Susan Tater

    I bet the space buns looked cute and if I could I would try this hairstyle, I don’t think you should be embarrassed!

    • Isabella Muse

      Aw thanks Susan 😀 I’ll take a selfie one day when wearing ’em and post on Insta you can see if they are cute or not hehe! More dorky than cute! ;-D Try it! They are one of the easiest hairstyles I’ve ever done ;-D