February 8, 2021

Which Beauty Brand Never Really Caught Your Attention?

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Which beauty brand never really caught your attention? Do you have a brand you’ve tried to love but simply never really got into it?

There are literally so many beauty brands lately it’s sort of insane. And I see many new ones that pop up daily. I notice that celebs are really pressing themselves into the beauty world lately! Selena Gomez, Halsey, and Jennifer Lopez re just two celebs that introduced beauty brands in 2021-2022 and many more are on the way!

It’s a weird circle of life in the beauty world as some brands are dying down and others are just failing completely yet we still see new brands pop up. Cut a snake’s off and a new one grows back in its place right?

Are there any beauty brands that simply never really caught your attention or eye? Maybe you tried them and they just failed to excite them or maybe you never even bothered indulging because you just didn’t like the looks of them to begin with! Which brand was it?

For me, I think it was Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs feels like it’s about to tank with all the sales they’ve had yet today they introduced a new collection! Not only a new palette arrives today but they also have a new concealer which I’m pretty excited about trying even though the brand just never resonated with me. I like their lipsticks and I own a lot of their eyeshadow palettes but it’s not a brand that really pulled me in ya know? I always expected so much more from it.

How about you?

Which beauty brand really never caught your attention?

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Elise

    Colourpop – I have never partaken of the Kool-Aid that is Colourpop. 😉

    • Isabella Muse

      yeah for me too! Just never understood it and the fake it got sold at Amazon first was like “Wa!?”

      • Lisa Marie

        I agree with you on the Marc Jacobs- the only thing I really wanted to try was the Air Blush, but then they (I think?) discontinued it and in the half price sales on it the shade I wanted was gone!

  • kjh

    MJB, also not a big fan. Despite being a liner hooooor, they don’t work for me. The first mega, fine. But Steeletto was my dream palette and it turned out suckworthy. CT and I don’t get along: gave up after one lip and one cheek, and all the base products being too warm or yellow. Nudestix lip products don’t like mine, especially the magnetic matte. There others in the rear view mirror. I REALLY LIKE having brands to write off.

  • kyuu

    tarte, bare minerals, and huda beauty….. something about all three brands feels gimmicky to me. not like too faced cutesy gimmicky but more like it’s higher end makeup than it actually is.

  • Dominique

    BareMinerals, Buxom, Laura Mercier, Pacifica, Almay, Benefit, etc…

    I feel that they do the same thing, over and over again.

    I want novelty, collections, LE items, etc !

    But that’s just me. I love Colourpop for their constant new stuff !

  • Rachael

    Colourpop and Mac are brands I’ve never purchased from. I really tried with Fenty but I couldn’t get past the smell/slip of the lipgloss (I think Tower28 gloss formula is better) and the cream bronzer/blush were just meh. I’m definitely in the minority there though.

  • Kelly

    Bobbi Brown. I don’t do the natural look. Her whole makeup philosophy is not for me.

  • Jane

    TooFaced, Smashbox, Urban Decay (I have purchased it for my sisters though), Huda, there are a bunch. They just don’t do anything for me.

    (Are you going to ask which brands we like but never see info about?)

      • dia

        I don’t care for celeb brands where the celebrity doesn’t have a background in makeup or skincare. It’s like they’re just slapping their name on something to make a buck. It’s one thing to have a fragrance. One can argue it reflects their personality or whatever. But makeup and skincare require actual skills. For that reason, I’ve never wanted to try brands like Florence by Mills, Rare Beauty, and Goop.

  • Kate

    There are a bunch of brands I won’t buy because the only products I’ve used from them have been terrible (I’m not really a second-chancer when it comes to makeup!)

    For straight-up ignoring, though, Lancôme and Bare Minerals always seem to escape me. Colourpop, too.

    Shiseido was another I mostly ignored, but something changed over the past year and my go-to products are almost all Shiseido now. Still not sure how that happened…

    • Jane

      Shiseido formulas continue to impress me but for the most part their colors usually just slightly miss the mark. Their Juniper color balm is just absolutely gorgeous.

  • OliveUnicorn

    I think Lady Gaga’s Huas collection really bored me , like I love bold intense colors and finishes and her stuff didn’t really have that . Also Kat Von D’s stuff was also rather boring to me too .Like she tried to hard to be edgy but it just wasn’t there for me . I like brand’s like a Sugarpill (bright), Too Faced ( for cutesy) and Juvia’s Place (for bold).

  • Sakura

    Benefit. Their products never did anything for me and the packaging annoys me me somehow.

    • Jane

      Back in the 1990s, the products were really something fun and exciting. Their Glamazon liquid bronzer (like the Benetint, but bronze colored!) was awesome. I wish I still had a catalogue floating around. (But maybe you are also old enough to remember the products from then and they still didn’t interest you).

  • Michelle

    Smashbox has never piqued my interest, even though they tried to buy my love with dozens of free primer samples.

  • Ana Nz.

    i have fallen out of love with: Urban Decay.. sick of their pallettes. loved their single eyeshadows & blush, still love their eyeliners. Benefit.. theirs are not as wow as they claim to be.

    Never really caught my attention: Too Faced… too childish to my liking. KVD due to her antivaccine views, despite she’s no longer with the company.

  • melissa corradetti

    Bare Minerals, for sure. Just meh. And Tarte – every time I see something from Tarte, it just looks sort of washed out, sheer, almost pastel-y. I’m also just not into the natural look, so that prob explains both Bare Minerals and Tarte. And I agree on Haus – why Amazon? It just weirded me out and turned me off for reasons I can’t explain. I am also typically not into the celebrity lines – but JLo is sort of my beauty idol and I am afraid I’ll get sucked in and then be disappointed. lol

  • Dori Wittenberg

    I had such high hopes for all the Kendo brands especially KVD. Never could get into Maybelline.

  • Sarah

    I’m a self proclaimed beauty maven and there’s quite a few brands I just have never gotten into.

    Clinique and Lancome to start. I’ve passed by their counters for decades and not once was I ever tempted to stop besides Lancome’s Juicy Tubes. I’ve even been gifted their products and never loved them or went back for more.

    The more recent brands-and other worthy mentions- I’m just not into and don’t get the hype are Smashbox, Cover Girl, NYX, Makeup Revolution, Dose of Colors, Huda Beauty, Pur, CoverFX. I don’t even bat an eye at these recent influencer brands.

    I may sound picky lol BUT I do love the brands I’m into!!

  • April

    I’ve never purchased anything from lady Gaga’s line. None of the products look appealing to me, and it being sold on Amazon is also a huge meh. Never got into KVD either, I tried the foundation and it was like paint lol. Never got anything else after that. I used to love Nars when I first got into makeup, but I never really buy anything from them anymore. Too much orgasm, not enough quality products for the price point.

  • Dee

    Charlotte Tilbury. I’ve purchased a few lipsticks and just never felt the love for them or the desire to get anything else.

  • genevieve

    Brands I have never bought from include:
    Too Faced (their eyeshadows were just average),
    Marc Jacobs (too expensive and never the right shades for me)
    Tarte – although some of their palettes and singles are excellent, too expensive here in Aus.
    Colour Pop’s eyeshadows – I missed the goodies from the old days, but not their recent releases.
    Their Lux Lipsticks were fabulous, but they have d/c a lot of them now.
    Makeup Revolution – far too glittery for me.

  • Mariele Storm

    I was about to name ’em, but then I realized that I’d be naming most makeup brands. 😛 It’s easier to mention the brands I DO like and regularly buy from: Besame and Physician’s Formula.

    Brands I like/am fairly aware of but don’t really buy from: theBalm, ColourPop, Essence, Makeup Revolution, wet ‘n’ wild, a variety of K-beauty and J-beauty brands…

    Brands I want to one day buy something from: Charlotte Tilbury, Estee Lauder, Guerlain, Gucci. 😀 But other than that, I sort of have blinders on in regards to makeup brands… nothing really catches my attention.

  • MDW

    Not brands but marketing promo that never caught my attention, other than the strangeness of it.
    Eyeshadow palettes. Those things have been around since the seventies.

    I can see why it’s done from the marketing executives perspective. Eyeshadow would be the cheapest to manufacture so why not use them as an advertising gimmick.

    The never used eyeshadow colours waste space in the palette sitting there staring up at you.
    Thank-you Muse for the topic, I’ve been wanting to gripe about eyeshadow palettes for a long time.

  • Lisa S

    Nars, I was never really happy with the quality of the stuff I did buy (and its expensive!) and now it seems like it has fallen off even more in quality.

  • Brandy

    There are so many brands that never caught my attention: Yves Saint Laurent, Estée Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Marc Jacobs, Benefit, Urban Decay, Dior, Guerlain, Makeup Forever, Smashbox, Fenty, Armani, bareMinerals, KVD, Morphe, Lorac. I’ve just never been blown away by any of these companies whether it’s because the product doesn’t look like something I’d like or I’ve bought something from one of these companies and it didn’t work out for me. They all just seemed kind of blah to me or their new releases just look the same and uninspiring.

    Brands I do enjoy are Colourpop, Becca, Tarte, Maybelline, Physicians Formula, Flower Beauty, Wet n Wild, and ELF.