March 29, 2021

Retinols, Cold Weather, Or Just Dry Skin You Need This

I started a new retinol about two weeks ago and my skin is shedding like a snake. It’s made me very dry for some reason and I’m flaking up all over the place! Combine that with the sudden onset of cold weather again and I’m just an alligator over.

Never fear! There’s always a solution for moisture in my house. I am moisture Queen! I always have the best and most awesome products to combat dryness. Living with dry skin you learn a thing or two and I’ve stocked up on some really great options to keep my skin as moist and well hydrated as possible.

I started using La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP+ Moisturizer for Dry Skin a few months ago and it’s been a staple of mine to combat the cold weather and of course, this new retinol! I actually use it from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes. It’s pretty much perfect for anywhere. Rough elbows, dry legs, dry hands, and of course, flaky, dry facial skin too!

If you’re not a shea butter fan nor a mineral oil one look away! If neither bothers you come on over to the dark side we have cookies and great hydrating moisturizers. This formula is packed with some great oils as well as shea butter and, if you can believe, it even contains niacinamide. I typically use it in the AM after stepping out of the shower. It goes on my damp body and face. It’s a lightweight texture that absorbs easily and contains absolutely no fragrance. It doesn’t leave me greasy or shiny but does instantly provide moisture and locks that moisture so my face or anywhere else I’m applying is instantly smoother and softer. Not only is it great for moisturizing but it actually layers well too! I can apply this all over my face after my shower, allow it to sink in, and follow up with a moisturizer or face oil and never feel too greasy or shiny. It absorbs super quickly and doesn’t leave behind a dewy or greasy film or finish!

This is probably not something that will make it’s way into my Summer routine but when the weather is cooler and your body or face demands more moisture this is a God sent.

If your face or body needs some hydration healing I highly recommend trying La Roche-Posay Lipikar Balm AP+ Moisturizer for Dry Skin.

It’s a keeper!

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  • Lisa Marie

    Perfect timing!!! This sounds like just what I need right now. Adding to my Ulta cart.

  • Lidia

    I have super dry skin but everything I’ve been buying to combat has been a swing and a miss! can you share your other favorites?

    • Isabella Muse

      Farmacy Honey Halo ultra-hydrating ceramide moisturizer, cosrx hyaluronic acid intensive cream, cosrx snail cream and essence, CeraVe Daily Moisturizing Lotion for Dry Skin these are all great for dry skin ๐Ÿ˜€

  • kjh

    Great rec. Just got a couple of tubs of Cerave, though. Not until I got a weird and uncommon form of psoriasis did I really have to do much for my legs. Now I have to do an Asian moisturizing bath, the the Neutrogena light oil (sesame based) followed by an occlusive cream like the Cerave. The skin problem comes with transient sensitivities, like all the volatile fragrant oils. This product sounds perfect.

  • Jane

    This sounds amazing. I’ve liked everything I’ve gotten from LRP.

  • Patty

    I bought this and love the texture and hydration but I couldn’t get past the smell. I guess it’s the shea butter.

    • Isabella Muse

      I didn’t even notice tbh! now I gotta go smell it! I use it daily and not once have I smelled anything whoa!

    • Frescalee

      I agree. I think it smells like paste. The kind we used in elementary school art projects.

  • miska

    May I ask what retinol you’re using? Also, have any recommendations for someone who can’t tolerate it? I just read an article written by a lady named Tracy Teel over at Beautytap about sandwiching (a layer of moisturizer, then your retinol and finally another layer of moisturizer on top). Another lady mentioned first using a layer of Vaseline and THEN put your retinol on your face! I never would’ve guessed to do that but I’m thinking of trying one or both methods and hopping back on that retinol train. Any advice or wisdom you can impart would be appreciated. Me and retinols have a bad history.

    • Isabella Muse

      My go to is skinceuticals but I started using Drunk Elephant and it’s making me peel. Only rec I can say is make sure you start off with a low dosage and use it up completely and go on to a higher dosage. That’s how I started with skinceuticals. They have the 0.3% formulation and you can go up from there. And of course, don’t use it daily, use it once a week maybe or twice if your skin can stand it. Moisture sandwiches work great even even if you’re not using a retinol a moisture sandwich is great practice for anti-aging! But I wouldn’t apply a moisturizer first and Wait vaseline first? No that’s a bad idea. Why would they do that? It’s just a waste of retinol. The vaseline would never allow it to penetrate your skin. I’ve never heard of that and prob wouldn’t recommend that. I cleanse, do my toner, do my facial must, followed by my retinol, followed by my essence, ha, moisturizer, face oil, and skinceuticals hydrabalm to lock it in. This is just one of my nightly routines but the more moisturizing of the ones I do! The more moisture the better for me ๐Ÿ˜€ My friend Paris has a great moisture sandwich article you can read here:

      • miska

        Thanks so much, that was a good read Paris wrote about moisture sandwiching. and a huge plus that you can use your existing products to do it! I’d never heard of layering Vaseline, especially first and THEN retinol. Honestly, I was thinking the same thing, about it wasting retinol. I associate Vaseline as being a sealant. I doubt I could take a layer of Vaseline on my face for very long. It was the sandwiching method that had me intrigued. I’d never heard of doing that with retinols as I always thought you wanted them down first on freshly cleansed skin to be effective. I’ve been off the retinol train for a good long while now and I have no idea why that’s in my head or if it’s even correct. I figured maybe if I sandwich retinol I might have a chance of tolerating it. I had just read this right before reading about your peeling issue with your new retinol, so I mentioned it. Thanks again!

        • Isabella Muse

          I believe Paris has a video of it on her IG as well. Vaseline before retinol sounds crazy as I see it as a sealant as well! No hate on Vaseline, it’s amazing, but not something I’d apply before treatments like retinol. How in the world can retinol penetrate vaseline? Bad advice there eep! Retinol is def your first application followed by all else. If you can’t tolerate retinol maybe rely on other anti-aging items like niacinamide, ha, vitamin c, etc…!