March 31, 2021

Have You Ever Broken In a Mascara and Had a Hard Time Throwing It Away?

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I dunno if you’d call it anal, smart, forgetful, or just organized but I do label my skincare and makeup with dates. I have little label makeup and when I cracked open something new I put the month and the date and stick it on the back. I tend to forget when I started a new mascara or opened up a new moisturizer so I like to put a label in the back to remind when it might be time to toss the item out!

I have to admit though I do have a problem trowing away mascara that I’ve “broken” in.

Have you ever cracked open a new mascara and just hated it. It isn’t applying right, it looks crappy, etc…etc…! But you know, you spent money on it and you can’t just toss it out so you start using it and before you know it you and the mascara start jiving together well and your lashes are looking great. Your relationship stabilizes and you’re on solid ground with that mascara. Things are going great!

But as with all good things there’s an end game and that end game is three months. I typically toss my mascara after three months. Some people wait longer I personally wouldn’t recommend it. Mascara is a breeding ground for bacteria and tossing it after three months will save you from an eye infection.

That being said, it’s HARD to toss it. I swear I hate tossing out a mascara that I’ve used daily for three months. It’s just so perfectly broken in! The formula somehow morphs on an old mascara! Sometimes it becomes thinner or sometimes it’s thicker…it’s just hard to explain but a mascara I’ve used daily for three months works so much better than a new one….!

Anyone experience this weird phenomenon?

I swear if I never had to buy a new mascara again I’d be perfectly fine using the one tube of Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes I’ve already broken in. Whenever I toss an old one out and start a fresh one I always feel like the formula isn’t quite doing the job the old one did….!

And the cycle starts all over again…..!

So, have you ever broken in a mascara and had a hard time throwing it away?

Or am I alone?

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Kris

    Yes, yes, yes. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one. A lot of tubes put too much on the brush when they’re new and it seems like you just get it broken in and it’s time to pitch it. You wouldn’t believe the horrified looks I get when I tell other women to pitch their mascara after three months. I tell them to find one $10 or less (and there’s plenty out there) so they won’t feel so bad tossing it. Your eyes are precious; take care of them.

    • Isabella Muse

      that or sometimes too little…! I’ll start one and I feel like nothing is on my brush but after using it a few days it seems to flow better! I thought I was alone!!!!!!!!!! 100% agreed! You only have two of them! That’s why I dislike when people call me out for saying “listen this is a pigment not an eyeshadow be careful if you put it on your eyes” and people are quick to jump and say ohhh well it’s safe in the UK. Dude, I live in the US and the FDA is telling me this dye causes irritation so I think I’m playing it safe by passing the info on to you! Take care of your eyes, you only have two of them ;-D

  • Swoozy

    I’m not fastidious about the 3 month date, but it is hard to tell when to toss a mascara both because they absolutely do get better after the first few uses (or are so bad I just toss it right away) and then as they gradually get used up, I can’t figure out if I’m working too hard to get every last bit of mascara our of the tube or it if is time to move on. I’d love a clear tube or indicator in the side to see how much product is in there 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      Truth! They really do get better after a few uses! I can try a brand new formula and HATE it but I’ll go back to and use it a few more times and suddenly it’s a love. I’d love a clear tube! That’s exactly what they should be doing! It would be really helpful to see how much is left!

  • MDW

    The no wax ones dry out faster so that helps. In one month, they’re useless though they are my preferred ones. The ones that come off in one smooth tube.

    I have a Lancome mascara that is so pretty I don’t want to throw it out.

  • Ashley m

    I’ve had a Lancome Mr Big mascara for 6 months, its such a thick formula I use disposable mascara wands instead of the mascara wand it came with. I got it for $12, at a Sephora sale. It doesn’t smell, hasn’t changed in consistency do I’m continuing to use it until it does.