March 3, 2021

Kat Von D Beauty Rebranded As KVD Beauty Tattoo-Inspired Vegan Beauty

Kat Von D Beauty has officially their rebranding to KVD Beauty Tattoo-Inspired Vegan Beauty! As you know Kat Von D stepped down at the start of 2020 and relinquishing control to Kendo. Some fans were shocked, others weren’t surprised at all. It’s debating and a bit controversial if the real reason she stepped down was due to being cancelled due to issues in her past that we’ve all discussed to death. many will agree her stance on certain topics made it difficult for her brand to thrive.

According to Kat though she was stepping away in order to focus on being a mother to her than one-year-old son as well as continuing to develop her shoe line and work on her musical career.

I haven’t seen sales numbers but judging from the things we have seen her brand doesn’t exactly appear to be selling well. I find it interesting they do a launch and within two to three weeks the product is on sale immediately. It’s was very strange but also, in someways, we’ve seen this a lot from a variety of brands lately as the market is so heavily saturated with product.

The new rebranding is misleading as on Instagram they made an official announcement with a new gold and black design and emblem which makes an appearance on the website but all the packaging on products remains pretty much the same aside from the fact the emblems now read KVD Vegan Beauty and not Kat Von D Beauty. All this rebranding apparently all stems parts of the website but isn’t reflected in the packaging. For a second there I was convinced she was going to have some sort of black Bobbi Brown-like looking compacts. I guess we’ll have to see if this emblem they flashed on Instagram will somehow get worked into future releases and launches.

I think the real question is will people buy? The brand has a solid fan base but can they gain new followers?

What do you think of the Kat Von D rebranding?


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  • Kimkats

    For me, it’s a big yawn. I only ever had a couple of things from her, and they were exceedingly average, imho. I think this is one of many brands that will not last much longer; I’ll be kind of surprirsed if it’s still here at the end of the year.

    Might look at it once it goes on sale, but it’d have to be a good sale and something I really liked for me to spend $$ on it.

  • TC

    It’s not exactly snappy is it. I think they should have gone from KVD to KVB (as in Kendo Vegan Beauty) and just restyled the D to a B, maybe bought some colour to the packaging. The whole tattoo thing is KVD brand, seems like they are trying to do too much with one brand. It’ll go the way of Becca within the next couple years imho.

    • kjh

      Truly they have to totally dissociate from anything Kvd or kvd-ish. Kendo is a martial art, no? Use crossed bamboo swords with just a big K for a logo, and in small type A Vegan Brand from Kendo San Francisco. Ditch the tattoo connection and the initials. It’s said that ‘Kendo’ is a play on ‘can do’ but people probable think it’s a Kar-Jen enterprise. I had a customer who INSISTED That Milani cosmetics belonged to the former First Lady.

  • MDW

    This is the second re-branding? From KVD Vegan to KVD Tattoo Vegan?

  • StillPedaling

    O M G I am so over hearing about KVD. I tried the brand years ago and was overwhelmed. Purchased a rather pricey palette too and some beauty tools which shortly ended up in the trash because I just couldn’t deal with how bad the quality was. Anywho – seems KVD is grabbing at anything to get attention back to the brand. Let it go already! I feel the brand just didn’t keep up. So many bright up and coming brands out there. When I saw KVD on my only thought was “oh brother… bombed at sephora so now let’s try ulta…”. She should just skip the line and go straight to CVS.

  • Ari

    Uuugh as if the name had to get more complicated that they already made it?! Real talk I was excited when Kat left the brand, because I LOVE some of the formulas, but dang if this isnt getting silly at this point. Stop renaming the darn brand and just focus on making good products *facepalm* I have been super tempted to grab the Edge of Reality palette, but it was kinda head scratching how quickly it went on sale… and how they seem to have sales every week. Hm not a good sign :/

    • Isabella Muse

      agreed 100%! It’s confusing and yes, the sales happening very very often and very quickly which makes me raise a brow!

  • CatG

    Tattoo inspired doesn’t really entice me to go for a brand. Like… tattoo inspired could be… anything? I don’t know, I don’t get this decision.