April 20, 2021

I’m Kind Of Into Maybelline Banana Lasting Fix Setting Powder

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4 stars out of 5

Nothing is ever going to be as good as Hard Candy Sheer Envy Bake, Brighten & Set Loose Finishing Powder but I’m kind of into Maybelline Banana Lasting Fix Setting Powder lately. I picked this up on a wild and crazy trip to the Evil Empire (Walmart) as you never can go and suffer the fiery pits of despair of that place without making yourself feel better about going there instead of Target by visiting the makeup aisle (Which is always a hot mess! Aren’t those cameras working? Is no one watching people making a mess of everything?). It’s like little reward!

Anyway, I noticed that Maybelline had Lasting Fix Translucent Setting Powder in a Banana and decided eh, why not. I already have an HG in the Hard Candy formula but like many makeup lovers the thrill is in the case and I’m always looking for the next best thing. I didn’t think Maybelline would be it and it isn’t but it’s not bad either.

Maybelline Banana Lasting Fix Setting Powder isn’t really my powder formula of choice. This is a silica powder which has that slippery texture powders like this typically do. I like more of a silkier powder versus a slippery one which is one reason I avoid powders with silicones as the first or second ingredient. This also contains talc but that doesn’t make it any less slippery in texture.

That being said, it’s not half bad. At first I hated it as the color is a little too pale yellow (I like something with a bit more warmth) and it does give that pasty flashback look if you aren’t careful with application. I had to dig out another brush to use it as the one I was using was laying it on a bit too thickly. After my brush switch it up I ended up liking it.

I use it to set concealer under my eyes and it does so wonderfully well (a little goes a very long way). It didn’t sink into my finer lines nor accent the dryness there. It brightens up the eye area nicely but as I said a little goes a long way so be careful otherwise you’ll look pasty.

It’s a very silky powder with a fine consistency which works well on drier skin like mine as it applies very smooth and even without gathering in drier areas. I did try it on my face and it curbed some shine on my forehead and left my skin look bright and polished. But for the most part I use it under my eyes as I’m not one for all over powder wear.

All in all, a nice little powder that’s worth a pick up if you’re on a budget!

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