May 4, 2021

How Do You Feel About Public SPF Stations?

I have a confession to make and I hope I’m not alone here. Who here does not use public hand sanitizing stations? I hate them. I think they are incredibly gross. Everywhere I go someone has one set up! The doctor’s office, Whole Foods, the post office….! I really, really appreciate they everyone is so concerned with germs but I find the stations are really gross. Typically they are dripping with antibac and they look really dirty. Mmmm thanks but I have hand sanitizer in my purse and I’ll use that.

How you feel about public hand sanitizing stations?

I’m mentioning this because a user on Reddit posted a public SPF Station that popped up at the Boston Common and Public Garden. They literally have an SPF 30 being dispensed at a little station around the area. I have to admit at first I thought, “WOW This is so cool!” And in someways, I still think it’s brilliant. It’s pretty cool if you have kids that need reapplication of sunscreen and maybe you forgot a bottle. I personally don’t reapply SPF in a cream formula unless I’m at the pool, beach or a theme park. I tend to reply on powder SPF because it’s mess-free and I can use it over my makeup! The only time I’m reapplying a cream is if I am outside for huge periods of time and I’m not wearing a bunch of makeup. For example, when I go to Disney I wear an SPF 50 and I reapply it every hour. My typically makeup on a day at the parks is a bit of cheek stain and mascara making it easy to apply my sunscreen.

The idea of a public SPF station is really cool but I probably wouldn’t make use of it. It sort of squeaks me out the way the hand sanitizing stations do! But hey, great idea! I applaud you Boston for bringing awareness to the importance of sunscreen.

How do you feel about public SPF stations?


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  • Frozendiva

    I don’t use the hand sanitizers anywhere. Too many people, too many hands. No one cleans off the pump after use. Maybe someone needs to invent a hands-free version, based on motion, like some soap dispensers in washrooms. I keep some in my purse.

    The SPF station is a good idea but may be problematic. People could sue because of allergies to the product housed inside. If it is not supervised or it does not have some sort of security camera, and is easy to break in to, there is a chance of tampering, the real risk of theft, etc. There are some people who can cause serious damage or worse. Kids will be kids and knock it over. I would also consider a fee for using it, even if it is 25 cents. It wouldn’t be for me.

    • Isabella Muse

      They actually have the hand free ones here but I still don’t use them because they are really gross. Very true! I never thought about it being tempered with!

  • Kimmwc03

    It’s a nice sentiment but I’d rather use my own sanitizer and SPF. Maybe if the SPF just misted on like those sprinkler things at water parks (but that wouldn’t be much protection).

  • Christina

    I’d be concerned that the heat will alter/degrade the formula, since we’re supposed to keep spf products out of the sun and heat. Another thing is, who would be funding these pubic sunscreen stations. I certainly hope not the taxpayers…

    I don’t mind hands-free dispensers, which is what is commonly used at the places I visit, but I honestly don’t like most of their formulas. I’m ultra picky about the texture, scent, and residual feel of my hand sanitizers, so I just bring my own usually.

    • Isabella Muse

      It’s a nice idea but I think it’ll be gross and messy! Ooo interesting question! I’m not sure who funds it but I assume they have some sort of parks and recreational dept for the city where it’s going on and that would be taxpaper related!

      • Christina

        It’ll definitely be gross with all that dried up, caked sunscreen stuck on the opening, etc. LOL!

    • kjh

      The pic that Muse links shows that the station is supported by Mass General-Brigham, aka Partners, the major hospitals. I get the concept from their POVs, but am surprised they didn’t foresee the downsides that everyone mentioned. And forget Covid as a contaminant. The E Coli and Staph A are enough to chase me off. Think about the articles about contaminants on phone screens. And those are personal, not public.

  • kimkats

    Sweet. Baby. Jeebus. Not in this lifetime, or ever. Hand sanitizers are at least… well, semi sanitary because of what they are. Sunscreen? Gak. Not so much… Not to mention that there are jackasses out there that will take an empty bottle and fill it up from one of those so there won’t be any in it anyway…

    Nononononoono….. That’s just a hard pass for me.

  • CaffeineShadow

    Being trained in sterile technique of work, I think public hand sanitizing stations tend to be a better idea, than touching your bag and possibly rummaging through it with contaminated hands (I’ve seen people who carry them clipped onto the bags, that is probably a good idea), how will you decontaminate the contents of your bag? Even if you contaminate your hands on the dispenser you will sterilize them straight after.

    Besides: COVID-19 rarely spreads through surfaces. So why are we still deep cleaning? (source: Meaning sterilizing your hands probably does nothing to curb the spread of COVID-19.

    • Isabella Muse

      I keep mine clipped to the inside of my bag hopefully that works. It’s not so much about covid but just basic hygiene. If you’re out and about and want clean hands before eating or after going to the bathroom etc…hand sanitizer is great to have handy! It’s a personal choice I guess but I wash my hands before I eat and I wash my hands after going to the bathroom.

  • Robin

    I’m okay with either one of them as long as they are hands free. A few years ago, we had a MRSA outbreak at work. Not good. After they came in and scrubbed everything down, they put up Hands free sanitizers everywhere.

  • Dee

    I use the hand sanitizer station if it’s hands free. The Target I go to has these at every door and I don’t mind using them. Sometimes I use them at the check out stand but those seem to be clean. For some reason the thought of using an SPF station creeps me out. I put it on regularly so don’t feel a need to use it anywhere else and I do keep a small bottle in my car.

    • Isabella Muse

      even hands free I’m sort of squeaked out about as they are always do filthy at the grocery store! Dripping and gross!

  • Kim

    I live in Boston and have personally taken advantage of the dispensers! I’m not over here saying it should be your “go to”, but it works in a pinch. I have been outside, felt like I was burning, and forgot to bring sunscreen with me- boom lets get a little squirt 😉 I understand the hygiene issues, the formula sitting out in the heat, etc. But I’m still in favor of the stations for emergencies! I would rather take the risks of the public sunscreen dispenser than the risks of unprotected sun exposure.

    • Isabella Muse

      Makes sense to me! I thought it was a good idea if you have kids too! If you forget SPF for them at home this will do in a snap!