May 12, 2021

That Damn Patrick Ta Fan Unlocked Beauty Products I Forgot About….!

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We haven’t done a beauty blast from the past moment in ages! AGES! I tend to bring back all my vintage beauty on Instagram lately but I rarely do it on the blog anymore. People had a blast reminiscing about those old L’Oreal HIP Eyeshadow Duos when I posted them on IG. I swear I’m turning into my father…! “When I was your age bread was twenty five cents and we drank water from the tap!” I’m like that with makeup lately! “I remember when eyeshadow was pigmented, soft, and beautifully formulated…” “I remember when Urban Decay Primer Potion was awesome!”

This morning I was watching a man on Tiktok waving around his wife’s (at least I think it belongs to her) Patrick Ta Major Glow Setting Fan (do you think she’ll be horrified to know he created a Tiktok with her $26 fan if it does belong to her? I remember my boyfriend once almost ate a pot of Lush Magnaminty because it was in the fridge! Needless to say we avoided a trip to the hospital that day but I did have to toss it because he put a spoon in it that was also in his coffee! SIGH! and P.S. I find inspiration for blog posts in the most unusual of places and P.S.S. That very day I texted Patrick that Tiktok and he thought it was the most brilliant way to expose his line to Tiktok haha!) and it was totally a memory unlocked moment. DUDE! How did I forget about that damn fan!? Remember when they launched that? It was sort of a focal piece of the brand launch….! I totally trashed it at the time but I’m such a saddo and ended up purchasing it. I legit headed into my beauty closet this morning to haul it out and opened it. I never used it. I always thought it was a little awkward plus add to the fact I rarely set with spray so, it became one of those pretty things I never used. I didn’t get the glow highlighter mist to go with it at the time but always told myself I would but Patrick came out with so many other pretty things and those ended up taking priority (his blushes SWOON)! I think I had plans to put it on my vanity but I simply ended up not using or displaying it.

Of course, I got lost in the beauty closet this morning and started hauling out other junk! That fan is new compared to some of the stuff I hauled out…!

Anyone remember the Lisa Eldridge for Boots No7 Collection? I have both palettes! They are in pristine condition! Can I sell this at auction or something?

Now I’m going to bring it wayyyyy back! Who remembers the Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Face Palettes from Fall 2007? I used to be obsessed with the VS Makeup launches! They always did so many glam launches! That Fall Collection included two palettes one had two blushes and one had four eyeshadows. I never used them and to this day they live in my beauty closet. I hauled them out this morning and they are still in gorgeous condition. They are well past a time I could safely use them but I’m just happy to have them in my stash! Sorry the images are horrible but these pictures are literally from my first years of blogging when I was still doing a MySpace Blog ha…!

Colorwheel Palettes! Remember Stila used to love to do all those Color Wheels? Holiday 2011! The Stila DayDream Eyeshadow Palette! There were a few more like it I think? I yanked this out this morning too! Mine was actually well loved back in the day. Someone strike a match to my memory…did they do like two more of these? What the heck were the names? At the time this was truly innovative but seeing it now makes me think of those cheap CVS Holiday Palettes!

Stila Daydream Palette 6

Stila Daydream Palette 16

I am such a hoarder that I do have several Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Glosses stashed away. I’d never use them on my lips at this point as they are rancid but I totally kept these for my beauty archives! Those were a Summer 2009 I believe and later they popped back up in 2011 and were available in a few different flavors. That was when we were head over heals in love with glosses and matte everything wasn’t a thing…!

Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss Bright Side Collection 1

Ok, another Tiktok story….there’s a guy on Tiktok that preaches about double standards for men and women. He’s always on about how certain things women do or say to men would be way more looked down upon and if a man was doing the same to a woman. He’s actually brings up a lot of important points and he’s right! There are SO many double standards when it comes to women versus men and men versus woman. I WONDER how he’d feel about Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss! Remember if you rubbed the tube it released pheromones? Remember the dude on the cap appeared fully dressed but tilt the tube a little and suddenly he was in his underwear….! Why do I feel a product like this would totally be cancelled in 2021? What was UD thinking?


What’s hanging out in your beauty closet from years ago?

What beauty have you forgotten about that’s still around or got discontinued?

Do share!


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Crystal

    Oh my freaking god the fan! I have it too and never used it! Twins! And I also have one of the ud glosses!

    • Isabella Muse

      Haha Crystal! I never touched it! I was going to do this pink theme on my vanity for Spring which I did at the time but never used the fan in the display. It’s gorgeous but I never found a use for it other than the display purposes I was thinking of.

  • Rina (aka Granny)

    LOVE that fan, and keep it! Trust me, you’ll be happy you have it when you hit a certain age. Trist me, LOL!

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL! between your “aka granny” and “certain age” I suspect we’re talking about menopause! I guess Patrick’s fan will be more handy in the future than for just display purposes lol!

  • Courtney

    I have the fan too but actually did use it for highlighter application haha!

    • Isabella Muse

      I meant to buy the spray at some point. I don’t really love spray highlighter but I was going to just do it and see how application went but never did! Did you find it difficult to use with the spray?

      • Courtney

        I actually don’t recommend it because I got highlighter on the fan and felt like I ruined the fan haha! It can be awkward to use!

  • kjh

    The tin only from Yardley Glimmericks. Google says 1969. Good year, after the assassinations of 68. One small step….(moon landing). Lots to remember. That’s the biggie. I probably should have gotten the fan, as I use many liquid layers of s/c that need dry down. It’s far prettier than a bill envelope.

    • Isabella Muse

      Girl…! I wasn’t even born yet lol! It’s a nice to have item but I swear it’s never dried down a single bit of makeup for me. It’s sat in the beauty closet for the past two years unused! I just brought it out today because that tiktok video had me like, “OH hell! I have that! Where is it!?” And I started digging!

  • Meredith

    I still have every shade of those ud glosses! I loved them!

  • LC

    I have many Revlon Lip Butters that I haven’t been using but I still would. Also a couple of Jane eye shadows and blushes and a couple of Garden Botanika eye shadows.

  • Linda

    I love my Patrick Ta fan. It is so well made that I have been using every day with my skincare to dry layers between my skin products. I love it so much that I bought a back up. It just doesn’t wear out. The fans that I had bought Pryor to the P.Ta (Dollar store) would fall apart within a month or less. $$$ Store, It’s a real work horse for me and when my face goes red and hot it’s a life saver!!!! Love ❤️ “¼ï¸

    • Isabella Muse

      Awww I’m so glad you made proper use of it!!!!!!!! It really is a gorgeous fan!

  • Agona

    I actually use that fan to help dry/set my liquid toppers like Stila Glitter and Glows or Tarte’s Seaglass shadows!

  • Jennifer

    Bath And Body Works Art Stuff.

    I feel like the highligher explosion of the late 2000s was just millennials remembering how we used to cover ourselves in glitter for school at like 8am and going “I wanna do that again”