June 1, 2021

Selfless by Hyram Is Supposed to Launch Today

Selfless by Hyram is a new skincare collection created by skincare guru, Hyram Yarbro. I didn’t even know who Hyram was until I got on Tiktok last year during lock down. Now my FYP is filled with a combination of skincare gurus like Hyram, my online crushes, and cosplayers (particularly the fetishized Mando and Kylo Ren (Patrick, I am so talking to you dude! Sorry, I know Kylo makes you uncomfy lately but I love him!!).

Anyway, if you asked me about a celebrity or influencer launching a skincare collection and who I’d love to do one two people come to mind. Number 1, Renée, Gothamista because fact, she knows skincare. If I need to trust my skin to someone she’s the lady I’m trusting! Number 2, Hyram…! I’d trust him with my skin which really makes me super curious about his new Selfless Skincare Collection.

Update: It will be available at sephora.com! The brand was created in collaboration with the Inky List.

I have so many questions Hyram! Is the brand going to be affordable? Is it going to be a complete routine? Will there be different formulas for different skin types? Is it an extensive collection or a small release? Will it be available at any major retailers? I really need to know.

Sadly, Hyram has released absolutely no details. It’s a very hush hush release. Today is officially the launch date from my understanding but I’m not sure if the means he’ll just release info about the brand or if we’ll actually be able to buy it.

I do know one thing. Hyram is pretty dedicated to ingredients, performance, and understands skincare very well so, I have really high expectations for this launch.

When more info becomes available I’ll be sure to share.

And of course, I’ll buy some to try out for myself.

What do you think about Hyram launching a skincare?

Do share!


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  • Christina

    Eh, he’s like any other influencer to me. Most of what he says is just info you can find online if you (I’m speaking in a general sense here, not specifically referring to anyone in general) do the research. I don’t agree with some things he says, and I do prefer to follow formulators/scientists/doctors, etc. basically those who have first hand experience and not just rely on papers, interviews, etc. I have family members in this field, so my perspective may be different.

    Will I try some of his stuff? Sure, if the formula/ingredients sound good and interesting. After all, I like to try new things. But will it be different from anything else out there? Probably not. Innovations and exciting new ingredients come from the larger brands who have the money for extensive R&D. I don’t expect the smaller brands to be able to turn out anything new–just another formula of ingredients we already have plenty of (similar to makeup).

    • Isabella Muse

      True you can but he just makes it easy as it’s all curated in one space lol! Some of what he says I def don’t agree with but he has some good recommendations sometimes! I think if you have people in the field you def see it in a completely different light and way! I’m curious none the less! About a slew of things….price point, packaging, ingredients most importantly, demographic, etc…!

      • Christina

        Yeah, sometimes it just comes down to finding the formula/texture you like best out of all the brands out there. I did try Naturium and Krave Beauty and discovered some things I like, so I’ll never say never. LOL!

        I am curious as to where his line will be available, online only? In stores?

    • Isabella Muse

      ok something to kind of HATE on is the fact it was created in collaboration with the Inky list so I feel like it’ll be Inky list products just with Hyram’s name on it but I have to see more before I say that!

      • JoElla

        I agree with you.

        Check out Caroline Hirons ( she is a master estatishion). She blogs and does insta, and has a book out. Now if she comes out with a skincare line OH HELL YASSSSS, I swear, I would dance a jig

        • Isabella Muse

          I’d totally love a Caroline Hirons Skincare Collection. She’s a fav of mine too!

      • Christina

        Oh, pft. Not interested then. I have nothing against the Inkey List, have tried some stuff, felt neutral about it. It’s not different from the Ordinary, which isn’t really my cup of tea either (NIOD is). Reading his brand’s mission, it doesn’t seem like it’ll bring anything interesting to the table. We have plenty of “effective, gentle skincare” brands.

        • Isabella Muse

          Inkey list is pretty ok! I was more excited about it at the start now some of the stuff isn’t AS great as I thought it was. The fact that this is in collaboration with the Inky list def has me meh as I immediately think oh repackaged formulas!

  • Randi Macdonald

    Not interested in this at all. He’s only a self proclaimed Skin Care “specialist”. No training what so ever.

    • Isabella Muse

      mmmm this true but I really enjoy his videos, he’s quite knowledgeable!