July 26, 2007

Philosophy Pink Lemonade Collection

I just wandered home after a lovely dinner with some friends and noticed that my box from Nordies had arrived!

Weeeeeeee! Inside was the philosophy pink lemonade bits I ordered! I was discussing this new edition to philosphy’s line in a prior blog which can be found by clicking HERE.

I had originally purchased the 3 in 1 and after getting it home I logged right onto Nordstrom.com to order the other pieces of the collection!

I now have in my possession the body butter, hot salt scrub, and hand cream. Have no fear I’ve taken lovely pictures to share with you!

Happy Family

I’m impressed with all the items in the collection and happy I went ahead and dove right in and got ’em! I’ll go ahead and review the lot!

The body butter is the first for me, I’ve tried the philosophy body souffle before and never found them anything but sticky and gross! This made me weary of purchasing the body butter but I went ahead and did so after seeing it in store. I’m happy to say it’s sensational! It’s very light, very strong smelling, not greasy, and absorbs super well! The body butter is pretty new as they introduced it during the winter when they did it in the Apple scent. They have since introduced several more scents and I’m tempted to purchase a few because I like it that much! Overall I give it my best rating!

Pink Lemonade Body Butter

In the picture below I’ve compared the body butter to the original body souffle. As you can see the body butter is a light, creamy texture and the souffle is thick and quite sticky when on! I’m so happy they seem to have faded the souffles out and are replacing them with these new butters!

The hot salt scrub is fantastic! The texture is quite like empowermint but not as thick as the gingerbread man or senorita margarita. It’s a very oily, liquidy scrub but works just fantastic! It smells postively awesome and it almost looks like a Pink Lemonade Slushie! It, of course, has that warm tingle that all of philosophy scrubs are known for!

Pink Lemonade Hot Salt Scrub

You can see in the picture below that empowermint and Pink Lemonade are pretty much the same texture!

For some reason or another I always feel like the gingerbread man and senoirta margarita (pictured below on the right) are always more grainer and less oily than the other scrubs in the line!

Finally I purchased the handcream and really what’s to say? It’s just as great as the rest of the line!

If you’re looking for a nice summer shower layering collection, this would be it! It’s truly a perfect 10!

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July 26, 2007

Tasty Lipbalms

There’s nothing I love more than tasty lipbalms!

When I want something sweet and tasty for my lips I look no further then Vintage Sister’s website! Truly the site is a feast for the lips!

I can’t really recall how long I’ve been purchasing balms from Vintage Sister but it’s been quite a few years and I’m never disappointed in the quality, selection, and customer service!

During Season change and Holidays they offer a tin of lip balm trios and this summer like any other year they are offering a cute tin of yummie treats for your lips!

This year’s trio is entitled Bahama Mama and includes Blue Hawaii, Island Delight, and Strawberry Daiquiri! Oooooo! My lips are tingling already!

If you aren’t interested in any of the tasty summer treats you might want to try a few of my personal favorites!

Mmmm tastes just like the real thing without the calories of course!


Sadly it’s not available year round but it’ll be back for Halloween and Thank God for that! I’m running way low!

Possibly my favorite of all my Vintage Sister balms! I’m always reaching for this!

Such a classic one!

Sounds twisted but it’s yummie as sin!

At $3.95 each you can afford to enjoy all the flavors and $12 for a tin of trios will get you a nice healthy indulgence for your lips!

Vintage Sister isn’t all about balms! They do some very cute bath and body items as well! Personally I haven’t tried anything but the balms and believe me they are worth it plus your husband or boyfriend will thank you 😉

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July 26, 2007

Jill Stuart Fall Collection

Oh my! Summer has just begun and already news of Jill Stuart’s Fall Collection has fallen upon my ears! My heart is racing at the prospect of new Jill Stuart bits!

The fall line will launch in August and the following lovely items will be released:

-5 Blushes in portable packaging (No fancy vanity jar I’m guessing a slick compact)
-Point Crystal Loose Eyeshadow in 5 Shades (Limited Edition)
-3 New Shades of Lip Lustres
-2 New of Brilliance Eye Palettes
-2 New Shades of Jelly Eyes (Not a personal favorite of mine)
-3 New Nail Polish Shades

September will bring the release of a portable brush set, a lip cream, and an eyebrow powder!

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July 26, 2007

Because You’re Not Beautiful Without Dior!

Dior cosmetics (and couture) are an important part of my addiction! I’ve been collecting and storing palettes from Dior since as long as I can possibly remember (My mind isn’t as quick as it once was! I’m being wry so deal with it!).

Dior has always held my heart in its very hand when it comes to clothing (not that any of it fits my wobbly body), accessories, and cosmetics. Since cosmetics and accessories are affordable (somewhat) and aren’t a size zero I can indulge my sweet tooth!

I’m writing to tell you, dear friends, if you are a Dior addict (you already know this if you’re a dior crack addict so just smile and nod for the new people) or you plan on becoming a Dior addict you must remember this simple rule of thumb. Got a pen and paper handy? Ok here is the rule:


That is all. It’s even easy to remember but write it down anyway just in case! Now Dior stateside is interesting, it’s cheaper too! But Dior abroad is exotic and wonderful and rare! Oh la la!

In all seriousness I sometimes purchase two of the same palettes the reason being I will get to shortly, one stateside and one from either the UK or Asia. Now while I was in England in April the Dior Flight palette had just popped up stateside and UK side! I did see it prior to leaving for the UK but decided I’d buy one in London because you see I KNEW THE RULE (that damn rule sure is handy isn’t it?)!

The UK flight palette is about twice as lovely as the US one! The differences are very subtle and nothing as dramtic as the Dior Confidential fiasco (if you’re an addict you know what I’m talking about, if not, google baby google).

Here you can see the two palette color choices:

This is my palette (Grab a tissue I don’t want you drooling all over! And whatever you do, DON’T breath on it!):

I choose not to buy 001 because I think the UK’s 002 version is far superior in color! 001 is very drown out, dark, and dank. Where as the 002 version had brighter colors, nicer shadow, and prettier glosses! Am I tempted to purchase 001? Yes I am. This time I didn’t succumb to my sickness and just stuck with the one palette! The little voices in my head told me go and get 001! Just do it! Buy it! But for once..I didn’t listen!

Oh sorry you wanted to know WHY do I buy one palette abroad and one stateside right? Simple answer. I’m sick. In the head.


July 26, 2007

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

You know that adventure we take every season into the darkness of our closets? The ones where we pull out all our winter clothes and make room for our spring and summer ones?

Well this year during my plunge into the darkness of my closet I had told myself…promised myself….that I’d not buy another pair of shoes for a really long time! As I tore through my closet I came upon shoe after shoe after shoe after shoe….I have enough for everyone in the US by now and maybe a few extra pairs for people living in Europe!

This weekend I took Mai to the Palisades Mall and my strong will to not purchase any shoes…somehow…left me!

I’m thinking that since they are cute shoes I haven’t REALLY broken any promises to myself right? I mean technically if it’s cute that eliminates the need for willpower and any promises made are void!

My weekend haul:

Soooooooo Sexy! These are my total fav of the lot! I have a similiar pair but these have more strap to ’em!

A perfect size 7! Very geeky shoe moment but I adore these! Will go perfect with my “There’s no place like″ T-Shirt

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