August 23, 2007

MAC Smoke Signals

I guess blue wasn’t good enough for MAC so they decided to go ahead and release some black to go with that blue! Black and Blue how very our credit cards that is!

MAC releases Smoke Signals and right on time might I add with Fashion Week around the corner and cooler weather to come, some smoky eye looks are just what we need to ring in the Fall!

I’ll be nabbing some of these goodies tonight with Blue Storm! Check back later for some pictures, first impressions, and reviews!

MAC’s Smoke Signals Color Collection

Gentle Fume Eyes x 4 (LE)
* Rondelle – Light silver with white pearl (frost) (repromote Danse ’06)
* Carbon – Intense black (Matte) (perm)
* Gentle Fume – Mid tone grey with silver pearl (velvet)
* Waft – Deep blue grey (matte)

Smoking Eyes x 4 (LE)
* Next to Nothing – Cream white with pink pearl (frost)
* Smoking – Black with gold pearl (velvet)
* Showstopper – Muted grey (matte) (repromote Icon: Diana Ross ’05)
* Satin Taupe – Taupe brown with silvery bronze shimmer (Frost) (perm)

Kohl Power
* Raven – Black with red pearl (LE)
* Orpheus – Black with gold pearl (LE)

* Mellow Flame – Coral pink with red pearl (lustre) (LE)
* Burnin’ – Rich wine (amplified cream) (LE)
* Brew – Cream beige (lustre) (repromote High Tea ’04) (LE)
* Barely Lit – Pink sand with gold pearl (lustre) (LE)
* Sparks can Fly – Cream rose (LE)

* Illicit – Neutral pink (LE)
* Bare truth – Warm caramel (LE)
* Soft and slow – Soft rose with gold pearl (LE)
* Bizaarish – Burgundy with pearl (LE)

Powder Blush
* Emote – Grey brown (LE)
* Ablaze – Coral rose (frost) (LE)

* Silver fog – (PRO) (perm)
* Dark soul – Charcoal black smoked with gold (perm)
* Smoke Signal – Deep maroon

Nail Lacquer
* Nocturnelle – Rich black (repromote Nocturnelle ’06)
* Wildfire – Black with red pearl


August 23, 2007

MAC Blue Storm

Something to get excited about! MAC’s latest color collection, Blue Storm, looks quite amazing! I adore blue shadows so this is something that’s right up my alley!

I believe PJ may be getting into the Blue Storm spirit of things as well! Please check out A Touch of Blusher to feed your need for all good things Blue!

And since I already read the blog of blue I’ll feed my need by heading over to my MAC counter and picking up some Blue Storm goodies for my very own! Stay tune for pictures, first impressions, and maybe a video! Oh My!

MAC’s Blue Storm Color Collection

* Blue storm – Royal blue with blue and silver pearl (frost) (LE)
* Cumulus – Cream grey with silver pearl (frost) (LE)
* Cloudburst – Black with blue pearl (velvet) (LE)
* Thunder – Rich blue with purple pearl (frost) (LE)
* Stormwatch – Deep teal (matte) (LE)

* Lightning – White silver with silver sparkle (frost) (LE)
* Lull – Pink lilac (frost) (LE)
* Atmospheric – Rich grape with red and gold pearl (LE)

Kohl Power
* Feline – Black (LE)
* Mystery – Black with green and teal pearl (LE)

Nail Lacquer
* Whirlwind – Metallic royal blue with green blue and purple pearl (LE)
* Rainy Day – Metallic gunmetal grey with lilac pearl (LE)


August 23, 2007

MAC, Japanese Goodies, And Much Much More! Oh My!

Hello World!

It’s been a while inbetween updates and I apologize big time for that! But the good news is I have MANY fine things to share!

I’ve got quite a haul of Japanese goodies the past week and a half, MAC is releasing Smoke Signals and Blue Storm today which I’ll pick up tonight, and I have a few other bits to share!

So……………………back soon with great updates 😉

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August 23, 2007

Laura Geller Baked Basics

It appears many brands are jumping on board the baked cosmetic bandwagon as of late! Since MAC’s newest hottest release of Flashtronic many other companies have been trying their hand at baking it up a bit!

Laura Geller has had various baked powders around for a while on QVC however she’s just recently expanded her color collections to Sephora. With her move to Sephora she’s created some pretty neat little kits!

This one struck me as a good little deal! A full size kabuki plus three baked completion powders (aka mineral skinfinishes for the MAC whores) all this for $48!

Not a bad little deal that I may indulge in!

The berry in this collection is especially appealing!

I think this one is on the wish list!

Want these? Too imitation MAC for you? Tell me 😉 I’m listening! Comment box at the ready!

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August 20, 2007

Bath and Body Poll Closed!

Thanks to everyone for giving me insight for this blog 😉

As much as I adore talking cosmetics I have a passion for Bath and Body goodies as well! It appears you share my passion because many of you would like me to do a few blog entries about it here and there!

Here are the results for the poll:

Not really! I prefer cosmetics only!
7 (29%)

Yes! I love hearing about bath and body bits and bobs!
17 (70%)

Thanks again for participating!

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