July 26, 2007

I’m NOT a Sun Seeker!

I’m not entirely sure where I was when the craze of bronzers came into play! I believe it all started with Benefit’s Glamazon! I remember it well now!

Call me crazy but I’d prefer to be pale faced and pink cheeked rather then tanned and “healthy”. I believe that’s what it’s called now! You’re not only tanned but your healthy! Whoever said that is an idiot!

For two seasons or so now I’ve had the disappointment of having to deal with seeing line after line coming out dedicated to the sun, tanning, bronzing, golds, and browns, and yada yada yada!

It’s all rubbish to me! I hate the idea of a tanned, brown face. Whoever said the healthy bit after tan is the same idiot who said that a tanned face, legs and such creates a slimming appearance! Well, as far as this girl is concerned, anytime I’ve actually let myself become tanned I’ve always appeared to pack on 10 pounds with the damn tan! Hell, I’ve already round enough I don’t need a damn tan to excentuate my curves!

Now this season has totally thrown me some major curve balls. I’ve grown used to seeing the bronzers pop up, the palettes, etc..etc….

However, it appears every single line I love and adore has thrown in the hat and decided to jump on the bronzing bandwagon!

First of all, a few weeks ago, much to my sister’s delight (A sun goddess if ever I did see one), I recieved the “tan” themed Sephora catalog!

Now my sister loves this! She thought it was the next best thing since sliced bread and electricity! Me, I wasn’t as impressed! The entire damn thing had page upon page of disappointing bronzers and tanning bits!

If you know me, you realize that a majority of everything in the Sephora catalog ends up on my wish list! I flipped through this summer’s catalog and I have a wish list full of a whole lotta NOTHING! Zip, zero, NADA!

With a heavy heart I bucked myself up and convinced myself I’d be ok! MAC and my other favorite lines would not disappoint me with all this sun, tanning crap!

I’ve got news for you! They decided to disappoint me!

MAC is releasing a new color story on May 31st entitled….hold your breath for this…Sunstrip! And what do we have in this collection? Bronzing powders! Oh JOY!

Now over the course of the entire month I’ve devoured ever piece of gossip on ever line I love! Too Faced, Chanel, Lunasol (just the damn name alone gives that one away doesn’t it?), Yves Saint Laurent, Etc…etc….All the gossip reads the same. Bronzers, Bronzers, Bronzers!

I’ve reached my final straw today when I read about Shu Uemura’s Golden Summer Collection!

Even Shu Uemura has joined in the evil forces against me!
I’m ending my rant now and I’m going to drown myself in my bath tub now!
For those sun divas lucky enough to have gorgeous, slim faces to wear these colors! Good for you! Enjoy!
As for me, I’ll stick with my just pinched pink cheeks and give my wallet and credit cards a rest this summer 🙂

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July 26, 2007

When Green Meets Aqua

A marriage between green and aqua!

What I used:
Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow in Graffti
Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow in Peace
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Electric
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Covet
MAC Pigment in Frost

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July 26, 2007

The Virtues of Black and White

My mum always proclaimed the virtues of wearing white in the summer yet never in the winter! And black in the winter but never in the summer! It seems in her book this was some sort of unwritten law and must be abided by at all costs!
Bloody hell she’s bound to be unhappy this spring/summer as black and white have decided to have a happy marriage together this season! Frocks, capris, blouses, and shoes! Doesn’t black realize it should be hibernating in the back of our closets?

Now, growing up, my mum’s rule seemed golden and sensible! Black is a nice color but I much prefer lighter colors come summer so her “law” molded me and when the warmer weather was upon us all my browns, blacks, and darker colors were pushed deeper into my closet for a long rest while my brighter, lighter shades came out to play after a deep sleep.

This morning I woke up and I combined white, black, and silver! Tis 75 degrees out and I broke the law! The fuzz are sure to come knocking at my office door today, pick me up, lock me up, and throw away the key!

The horror of it all! How could I do such a wicked thing!

But I must say that the runways have got it exactly right this season!

The combination of black, white, and silver boggles my little mind! I’m quite happily wriggling around in the following stunning items darling:

Just don’t tell my mum ok? I’ll deny it all if you do!

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July 26, 2007

Stop the Bobbi Brown Train I Wanna Get Off!

After many years of avoiding the Bobbi Brown counter I decided to dive in and make a little bitty purchase during my trip to purchase the Strange Hybrid Collection from MAC.
I was feeling spontaneous so Bobbi Brown here I come!

I’ve never purchased any prior Bobbi Brown products before this. I’m not even entirely sure why that is. I think it just didn’t appeal to me. Normally my taste runs to bolder, bright colors or sweet pastels and light pinks! Bobbi Brown seemed….older….more for someone in their 40’s maybe. No offense at all to older women!

When I strutted my way up to the counter I already had in mind exactly what I wanted as I had had gotten a Nordie e-mail alerting me to it’s arrival (Ok Ok Ok so maybe it wasn’t as spontaneous as I originally mentioned! Gimme a Break!)!

Avast Ye and Behold!

The Sand and Surf Palette!

Mind you this was appealing because those special, magic words appeared after it. You remember what the special words are don’t you? If not, allow me, to remind you! Limited Edition!

Now prior to actually going to Nordies I wandered aimlessly around the website viewing Bobbi Brown products and the only thing that caught my eye from the line was the Sand and Surf palette and the shimmer bricks! I knew I MUST have some shimmer bricks! After all they were 1. Pretty 2. Well reviewed by girls everywhere far and wide!

The magic words (Limited Edition) popped out at me during my surf around the Nordie’s website and I came across another item that I MUST have!

Now that I had my shopping list I was ever prepared to buy buy buy buy buy and be enabled to the wonders of Bobbi Brown make-up!

$100 or more odd dollars later I happily left with two shimmer bricks (one gold, one rose) and the sand and surf palette! I rushed home with my treasures but never did get a chance to wear any of ’em as other items took president during my morning face routine!

This morning I felt for sure it was a good day to BREAK out the Sand and the Surf palette! And hell I should go ahead and give the Rose Shimmer Brick a try too! Truly this would be a great make-up day!!!!!!!!!!!

And today’s face of the day consists of this:

I dunno. I’m so disappointed. My eyes didn’t pop! My cheeks were blah! It wasn’t what I expected at all!

The colors in the eye palette are highly difficult to work with. Blending is impossible even with your best brushes. I used a total of three colors but it looks like I used one color. The palette has a baked feel too which could account for the difficult time with blending!

The shimmer brick was just blah for me. It gave me no color which It’s not really what it is supposed to do anyway but I applied it over my normal blush and used it to contour…but..again..just blah….I expect some sort of shimmer!

Overall I’m not impressed at all. Really disappointed. I haven’t yet tried the gold shimmer brick and I have hopes it’ll be the one great purchase out of the three items I got! I won’t be doing another Bobbi Brown purchase in the future

Sorry girls! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Questions, Comments, Suggestions are always welcome! My ears are open!

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July 26, 2007

An Introduction to Japanese Brands Part Deux

One good turn deserves another or so some wise man told me…hmm maybe it was a wise woman! Either way to add to my Asian inspired blog of yesterday I decided to bring to you today a higher end brand of product!

Jill Stuart!

My oh my it just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? Now Jill Stuart is quite well known for gorgeous couture! However, sadly, this girl is unable to squeeze my wobbly bits into anything Jill Stuart designs! Like all good couture, Jill Stuart’s entire line is not meant for short, round, and average. It ranges towards slim, leggy, and gorgeous! I can lovingly admire from afar but the general idea of actually purchasing anything from the line is but a dream! I imagine when they design these things they aren’t picturing small and round and really who can blame them?

Just for the fun of it let’s have a little lookee at what the line looks like shall we? I promise to get back to cosmetics shortly!

Winter 2006

Winter 2006

Hmmm I wonder if we can find cheap knock offs in bigger sizes?!? Doubt it! A girl can keep hope alive can’t she?

Everyone still with me? I know it’s hard to keep your train of thought after viewing such astounding pieces but please try to keep from falling off your chair and let’s get back to what the original topic of conversation was!

Now, you may or may not be in a similar situation as me and if you are I do indeed have good news for you! Situation being that you too are in the short and round pond!

The good news is that Jill Stuart has put out an entire line of drop dead amazing beauty items! These are probably some of the most amazing products in my collection! And I don’t have to be a size zero to indulge!!!!! HOORAY!

Jill Stuart is a virgin to the beauty world but this doesn’t mean that they have failed in putting out such a line of product that your eyes will roll back into your head and you may feel the effects of orgasmic delight when you see some of the amazing items they have in store for the avid beauty fan!

Jill Stuart is in no way a mainstream line of make-up! Prices range along the lines of Chanel, Dior, and Givenchy. And how very dare I say it but these exceptional pieces steal much of my love away from some of my very favorite posh brand of beauty products!

This spring was a landmark for the company as they introduced 4 new eyeshadow palettes and much to the delight of myself and fans everywhere a 5th for the summer collection (I have mine currently on order! It will ship June 1! Squeal with me would you?)!

The palettes are the type of item that take center stage on your vanity! The packaging is like nothing you can find on our shores!

I guess I should stop babbling and bring you on to the climax of the actual product!

Without further words from me, I’ll go ahead and let the products speak for themselves!

From my collection to your eyes, I bring you the masterpieces of Jill Stuart Beauty! (I did my best to keep as much light and flash on the product as possible when I took the pictures so you wouldn’t miss one tiny bit of detail!)

Spring 2007 Blush

Sparkle Powder

A majority of the color collections are difficult to get and expensive to ship over! But if you are lucky enough to nab these beautiful pieces you won’t regret it!

The shadows are highly pigmented, the blushes are smooth and flawless looking, and the powders are pure perfection!

This girl gives them her highest rating of approval!