July 26, 2007

Because You’re Not Beautiful Without Dior!

Dior cosmetics (and couture) are an important part of my addiction! I’ve been collecting and storing palettes from Dior since as long as I can possibly remember (My mind isn’t as quick as it once was! I’m being wry so deal with it!).

Dior has always held my heart in its very hand when it comes to clothing (not that any of it fits my wobbly body), accessories, and cosmetics. Since cosmetics and accessories are affordable (somewhat) and aren’t a size zero I can indulge my sweet tooth!

I’m writing to tell you, dear friends, if you are a Dior addict (you already know this if you’re a dior crack addict so just smile and nod for the new people) or you plan on becoming a Dior addict you must remember this simple rule of thumb. Got a pen and paper handy? Ok here is the rule:


That is all. It’s even easy to remember but write it down anyway just in case! Now Dior stateside is interesting, it’s cheaper too! But Dior abroad is exotic and wonderful and rare! Oh la la!

In all seriousness I sometimes purchase two of the same palettes the reason being I will get to shortly, one stateside and one from either the UK or Asia. Now while I was in England in April the Dior Flight palette had just popped up stateside and UK side! I did see it prior to leaving for the UK but decided I’d buy one in London because you see I KNEW THE RULE (that damn rule sure is handy isn’t it?)!

The UK flight palette is about twice as lovely as the US one! The differences are very subtle and nothing as dramtic as the Dior Confidential fiasco (if you’re an addict you know what I’m talking about, if not, google baby google).

Here you can see the two palette color choices:

This is my palette (Grab a tissue I don’t want you drooling all over! And whatever you do, DON’T breath on it!):

I choose not to buy 001 because I think the UK’s 002 version is far superior in color! 001 is very drown out, dark, and dank. Where as the 002 version had brighter colors, nicer shadow, and prettier glosses! Am I tempted to purchase 001? Yes I am. This time I didn’t succumb to my sickness and just stuck with the one palette! The little voices in my head told me go and get 001! Just do it! Buy it! But for once..I didn’t listen!

Oh sorry you wanted to know WHY do I buy one palette abroad and one stateside right? Simple answer. I’m sick. In the head.


July 26, 2007

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

You know that adventure we take every season into the darkness of our closets? The ones where we pull out all our winter clothes and make room for our spring and summer ones?

Well this year during my plunge into the darkness of my closet I had told myself…promised myself….that I’d not buy another pair of shoes for a really long time! As I tore through my closet I came upon shoe after shoe after shoe after shoe….I have enough for everyone in the US by now and maybe a few extra pairs for people living in Europe!

This weekend I took Mai to the Palisades Mall and my strong will to not purchase any shoes…somehow…left me!

I’m thinking that since they are cute shoes I haven’t REALLY broken any promises to myself right? I mean technically if it’s cute that eliminates the need for willpower and any promises made are void!

My weekend haul:

Soooooooo Sexy! These are my total fav of the lot! I have a similiar pair but these have more strap to ’em!

A perfect size 7! Very geeky shoe moment but I adore these! Will go perfect with my “There’s no place like″ T-Shirt

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July 26, 2007

Victoria’s Secret, Not Just for Knickers!

I must say that I’m duly impressed with Victoria’s Secret’s beauty efforts as of late! I’ve always been a pretty ok fan of their Bath and Body line and perfume selections but not so much the cosmetics. As of late they have introduced some pretty interesting items that even caught my snobbish eye.

I must say this summer many of the interesting little pieces they came out with have ended up in my collection! The beauty department at VS has evolved from simple mosaic blushes, shadows, and glosses to an array of slick black packaged compacts!

I was tempted by quite a little pile of goodies this season! I haven’t yet tried them all, this girl has too much to get through and sometimes forgets what she has, but I will review what I’ve used so far! I’ve included a bit of cosmetic porn from my collection to feast your eyes on as well!

Sparkling Diamond Collection

I’ve tried all of the new Diamond collection items and I must say overall they are pretty nice, inexpensive too! The entire collection consists of 3 Shadows, 4 Lipglosses, 1 Blush, and 1 Sparkling Powder. I ended up with 1 gloss out of the 4, all the shadows, the powder, and the blusher.

I’ve tried a majority of it out for size but have yet to try the blusher! I’m sorta saving it for some reason or another, I don’t know why, who the hell knows how my mind works!

The gloss is super sparkly and really glides on smooth! Not tacky, not sticky! Really a great layer to some lip stain or lipstick.

The shadows aren’t a favorite of mine. Color is not pigmented at all, if you’re looking at the jar and thinking “Wow what a cute blue sparkle”, think again! I got blue, green, and pink and none have given my eye any color or pop! The great thing about them is they do give you a truly great sparkle but only when layered with an eyeshadow that has color. These seem to be weak in the color department on their very own!

Sparkling Diamond Eye Shadow

Now the two best pieces of this collection have got to be the Diamond Sparkling Powder and Blush! The claim is (which I don’t believe for a single second) that the powder, shadows, and blush contain “real” crushed diamonds. Ummm yea right. But ANYWAY….whether or not they contain real crushed diamonds is to be determined (I’ve taken them to the lab and I’m awaiting the test results). The Sparkling Powder is truly a wonderful edition to your collection and is just perfect for anywhere. Eyes, Cheeks, Body, you name it! Personally I like using it on my eyes for some hardcore sparkle or my cheeks. I also tried it on my lips and it looks awesome!

Sparkling Diamond Powder

The blush I haven’t tried yet but I can tell it’s going to be a favorite of mine too! It’s heavy duty in the sparkle department and it looks like it’ll give out nice color! We shall see when I get around to taking it out of my beauty vault and using it. For now I just take it out at night, whisper to it how much I love it, polish it, and put it back under lock and key.

Sparkling Diamond Blush

Ok..so that’s the Diamond Collection girls!

Now another interesting line up from VS is the new Bare Bronze Collection. This consisted of a few nice palettes but if you read my prior blogs you understand that bronze, tans, bronzing, etc…are NOT my THING!

Now, to go back on my earlier judgment of hating bronzing bits and pieces I decided to purchase two of the eye palettes from this collection. To my delight I am in love with both!

They have a touch of shimmer to them and are pigmented enough for even the snobbiest of snobs to love!

Bare Bronze Collection

Bare Bronze Collection

The collection also included glosses, bronzer powders, and lipstick palettes! The only thing that really appealed to me was the shadow palettes. A majority of the collection is on sale right now during the Semi-Annual so you might want to skip your way to VS or see the online catalog to nab a deal or two or three..or four!

My final purchase was part of another new collection VS put out (WOW they are going nuts now aren’t they?)! As an extension to the Angel Perfume line they have now created an Angel makeup collection which they entitled Heavenly Face. This isn’t too big a collection but it’s sweet none the less! It included two double cream blushes, one shadow quad, and two double ended glosses. I ended up with the palette only as I’m a fiend for shadow quads!

I haven’t used it yet but I did swipe my finger across one of the shadows and it has nice texture and a tad bit of shimmer to it! The packaging screams cuteness!

Heavenly Faces Collection

Heavenly Faces Collection

So kids the moral of today’s story is, Victoria’s Secret has evolved and is introducing new and exciting products in the cosmetics world and making addicts like myself gag with wanting! It’s not just for knickers anymore 😉 Victoria’s Secret wants you to purchase your beauty, bath and body, fragrance, AND panties from them!

Get shopping! Nab some deals! Semi Annual sale is in progress WHY are you still reading?

My Oh My! I do believe I forgot to mention the most important part! All items are….wait for it……pause……longer pause……………….limited edition!

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July 26, 2007

An Understated Blue

This is by my favorite in a really long time. When I showed this to my hmmmm what to call him…I’ll have a think and get back to you….anyway when I showed him, he said it was a bit understated for me! I love it though! It’s probably my best blending to date! I thought it was great color placement! Hooray for me and my mad skillz!

I only used two colors for the entire look and some shimmering white loose powder!

Bnever Shimmering Loose Powder
Bnever White Eyeshadow
Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow in Adore!

Hmmmm I like understated 😉

Questions, Comments, Suggestions? I’m ears!

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