A Little of This, A Little of That!

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I did a bit o’ video blogging when I popped in last night (or should I say this morning)!

It was somewhat rushed and the pics came out crummy and such but I’m gonna slap it up here so you guys can get a feel for the new color stories!

I picked up Novel Twist (Novel Twist’s video will be added later on today, tonight, or tomorrow!), Flashtronic, and Rushmetalyesterday! Wahoooooo!

I got a nice little haul of bits and bobs that I’d thought I’d share with you guys in my second video blog!


Picture127 400x300

Picture128 400x300

Picture129 400x300

Picture130 400x300

Picture131 400x300

Picture132 400x300

Picture133 400x300

Picture134 400x300

Picture135 400x300

Picture138 400x300

Picture139 400x300

Picture142 400x300

Picture136 400x300

Picture137 400x300

Just a note I checked on Sephora and it appears not 2 but 4 of these cute palettes were released from Stila!

These are the other two:

I am now coming down with that terrible diseased entitled “Must Collect Them All!”….Oh Lord! Somene save my soul!

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