Revisiting My Storage Solutions and Makeup Collection

This had been posted a long, long time ago but I get daily comments and emails asking me about my makeup collection and how I store it, organize it, etc….

If you click here you can visit my original post from a year ago to see various photos of my collection and how I store items and such!

And below you can watch some MuseTV on my storage solutions and such!


There’s a part five somewhere but I can’t find it at the moment hehe! Will updated the post when I do!

  • 5/8/08 13:30 Wendy:

    My Dior collection video is up :)
    Check it out here:

    Hope you will like 😉 The quality isnt THAT great of the video, i’m sorry for that!
    x wen


  • 5/8/08 12:46 Wendy:

    Hi Muse!
    Your make up collection is so big! Wow just incredible! I just made a video of my Dior collection as well 😉 I am uploading it now on youtube, will give you the link later 😉 Of course my Dior collection is much smaller than your make up collection! You can open a make up store! 😉
    x Wen


  • 5/8/08 13:56 Emelie:

    OMG! Your collection of make up is like a smaller Sephora! Which therefor is like heaven to me.

    Can we be best friends? Can I come and play with your stuff? 😉 LOL

    Btw, I was surprised to hear your voice. It wasn’t what I had expected but you sound really cute :) So more video blogging please!


  • 5/8/08 16:08 Gee:

    Completely blown away! Amazing! SOOO organized too! =)


  • 5/8/08 19:00 the Muse:

    hiya wendy!

    lol…a bit big ya 😉 I’m about to watch your vid right now :) can’t wait!

    Small is good! Nothing wrong with that :) and your dior stash rocks :-) I’ve seen pics and it’s yummie!


  • 5/8/08 19:03 the Muse:

    hi Emelie!

    but of course we can be BFF 😉 Come on over and you can play :)

    hehe! LOL thanks 😉 what had you expected me to sound like? 😉 Curious!

    I used to do a ton of video blogging 😉 maybe I’ll do some more soon!


  • 5/9/08 9:05 Liz Marie:

    My God I was just staring at the screen in disbelief!! :) I sure hope u get a special discount in Sephora lol they must have Broke Even just thanks to you xD Lucky girl!

    Gotta agree with emelie about the voice ^^ it’s really feminine and cute.. I dont even recognize my own in my own videos lol Maybe ill do a video on my basics *inspired*
    Big hugs, love ur blog,


  • 5/9/08 12:51 the Muse:

    hi liz :-)

    Lord I wish I got some sort of discount from sephora! That’d be amazing :)

    Aw thanks so much! I appreciate your compliment 😉 I feel the same. I HATE listening to myself. I feel like I sound silly 😛

    I look forward to seeing your vids :)

    Bigger hugs back!

    Thanks for the comment and hope to see you around here again!

    Happy Weekend!


  • 5/9/08 17:16 pursebuzz:

    Hey u!!!
    I have to say I love your collection more than anything.. OMG its so organized and perfect. Thanks for sharing :)



  • 5/12/08 9:04 the Muse:

    hey e :)
    happy monday!

    LOL thanks 😉 I try to keep it organized 😉


    Thanks honey!

    Hope you had a fab weekend!


  • 7/3/08 22:05 divashop:

    Wow, your collection is Awesome! And so organized too!


  • 7/7/08 4:06 the Muse:

    morning gloria 😉

    Not really lol! Although I like to think so sometimes I fear it’s a mess 😉


  • 3/5/10 10:38 Ling:

    Oh my ! Oh my! Oh my, muse! That’s a girl’s dream… but then i bet you are constantly in a dilemma of which color to wear for that day.. coz they are all so beautiful.. : ) can i see your blusher collection, please? Thanks.. : )


    • 3/5/10 11:12 the Muse:

      lol ling yes very hard to decide which shades to you! oh yes I’ll try to do a blush stat pic one day! See my Spotlight posts as that shows some of my blushes 😀


  • 11/21/10 11:58 lexi:

    This is make up heaven <3 You have such a cute voice :)
    Does your make up take up half your room or something? lol


    • 11/22/10 9:36 the Muse:

      aw thanks lexi you’re sweet to say so. Naa not a half a room :)


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