Banila Co Sun Blessed Collection

Another Summer Collection for Banila Co has been released entitled Sun Blessed. This is the 2nd release for Summer from Banila Co and is much warmer than it’s previous release entitled “Blue”.

Releasing with the Sun Blessed Collection are the following items:

Face Blusher for 18,000 won which is a shimmering bronzer blush, Bronzer Highlighter for 12,000 won which is a shimmering cream bronzer for face and body, Bronzing Body Liner for 8,800 won, two new shades of the marble eyeshadows in a shimmering bronzy gold and a blue for 8,500 won each, two shades of shimmering lipstick for 12,000 won each, and several new shades of polish for 4,000 won each.

Sun Blessed Face Blusher

Sun Blessed Bronzing Highlighter

Sun Blessed Marbled Eyeshadows, Shimmer Lipstick, and Nail Polish

The collection looks lovely but I doubt I’ll be partaking as a few other items such as Etude House’s Sherbet Cool Party Collection has caught my eye!

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  • 6/19/08 16:00 Sophia:

    Is there any site that sells the Banil Co. internationally? It looks amazing


  • 6/19/08 18:14 MandyPandy:

    They look pretty but the patterns are giving me Vertigo.


  • 6/20/08 11:58 the Muse:

    hi sophia

    none I’ve run across yet. They make lovely items.

    You can check e-bay 😉 Sometimes stuff pops up!

    If I every run across a seller I will def let you know!


  • 6/20/08 15:21 Jnie:

    muse, where do you purchase all these asian brand products? your entries make me really want some jill stuart..


  • 6/21/08 2:07 Beauty Addict:

    Hi Izzy, it seems that lotsa brands are sporting that ribbon thingy at the end of the lipstick recently. Wonder what started the craze. Givenchy?

    gracie xo


  • 6/23/08 8:41 the Muse:

    hi there Jnie!

    I have a few friends located in Korea, Japan, and Singapore who shop for me.

    I did a Japanese Guide to Shopping Online a few weeks ago that might be helpful. Many places sell Jill Stuart however the price is way above retail sadly :( Check out that post and you’ll find different shops that sell JS :)

    Hope this helps!

    Happy Monday 😉


  • 6/25/08 20:20 the Muse:

    oops gracie

    I missed this :)

    True true…givenchy dupes all the way 😉


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