L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Lipstick Launching Soon at Drugstores

Guess what?

I saw the L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Lipstick display at Harmons last night! Don’t get too excited, it was completely empty ha!

But unlike the Target display that I saw this had sixteen shades total! I need them all damnit! They are marked as $7.49 each and I’ve reviewed both UK and US versions already if you’re interested!

Did you try them yet?

Do share!

Be sure to look at your L’Oreal display as these aren’t on a special end cap at the drugstore they are already built right into the L’Oreal lipstick display.

  • 6/21/12 12:09 Jane:

    I love Silky Java but am disappointed with the pinkish one I bought, Rose Taffeta? I can’t read the little pictures well enough to know what the “extra” ones are at Harmon’s. I do hope for a more MLBB color as I rely on those heavily.


  • 6/21/12 14:05 Icequeen81:

    waiting for the shades you guys there.


  • 6/21/12 20:51 Jessica:

    Hey Muse! Just a heads up, Target has spaces for all the shades in the permanent display, too. However, I haven’t actually seen Pink Plush or Merino Mauve in stock yet!


  • 6/22/12 11:23 Rebecca:

    Everytime I go into Target the display usually looks like this too. I finallyyy went in yesterday and it was almost all refilled so I grabbed like 5 of them while I could.


    • 6/22/12 14:59 the Muse:

      w00t and you like rebecca?!


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