June 5, 2012

L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Stick Review & Swatches

L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Sticks have finally arrived in the US but there is a little confusion with the display. If you head on into Target (which seems to be the only place in the US at the moment that actually has these in stock) for a purchase you’ll find a display that simply reads “Luminous Lips” but indeed these are Caresse Sticks.

Those who tried the Caresse Sticks from the UK will indeed by surprised that the formula and packaging of the US version is quite different but not in a bad way.

Here’s my thoughts and review on the new L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Sticks.

One thing that irks me about these is the lack of a name on the packaging. The stick on the bottom simply reads L’Oreal Colour Rich and the gold tube simply reads L’Oreal Paris. I wish they would have somehow defined that these are indeed Caresse Sticks because right now it proves anyone’s guess.

Where as the UK release is a clear gold packaging these are a completely gold tubing with a color band around the lower edge of the tube representing the shade inside. I actually like the UK’s version a little more since I can see the shade inside and it lacks the cheapness that I’m getting from the lighter all gold tube of the US release. In some cases, it kinda reminds me of a YSL Lipstick and in others I feel it looks a little cheap particularly when I’m holding it and I feel how light it truly is.

(Left: UK Release Right: US Release)

(Left: US Release Right: UK Release)

Packaging aside, what’s inside is what really matters here and L’Oreal has successfully created a lipstick to be proud of with these.

This isn’t a lipstick formula nor is it a gloss, it’s more a tinted lip product of sorts with a hybrid formula that mimics a lipstick in color and has the shine of a gloss. Unlike Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter this is very lightweight with full color pay off that’s very natural and pretty. I found all the shades had a fantastic color pay off with a far lighter less balm-y texture than Revlon’s Lip Butters. This isn’t to say that I don’t love Revlon’s formula but I must say I do prefer, at this point, L’Oreal lighter, glossy texture. If you didn’t love how heavy Revlon’s version was you’ll love how virtually weightless and comfortable Caresse Sticks feel and wear. They are considerably more pigmented and lighter than Clinique’s Almost Lipstick as well since Almost Lipstick doesn’t have the same shiny finish as these and feels more balm-y in texture.

Rose Taffeta

Sunset Angora

Cherry Tulle

Fiery Veil

The formula has a smoother, slippery feel with a buttery glide on lips. It’s a pure joy to work with as it acts as a tinted lip treatment of sorts with a far nicer pigmentation than you’d get from your average, everyday run of the mill tinted lip product.

I find the UK formula has a little balminess to it with a soft, buttery feel and glide. The US release is far lighter with more slipperiness to the formula and a higher shine. Granted, it’s not the shiny finish associated with a lipgloss but it has a high sheen to it that’s quite pretty and gives it just the right amount of shine that you aren’t wanting to reach for your lipgloss to wear on top of it.

Sunset Angora and Cherry Tulle

Rose Taffeta and Fiery Veil

Overall, L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Sticks are a win for me. They have a lightweight formula with a rich color payoff that wears beautifully on my lips. Even drier lips will appreciate the soft, hydrating feel which glides on flawlessly. L’Oreal has successfully captured all the great things we love about lipstick, tinted lip products, gloss, and balm and stuck it into one beautiful formula.

I highly suggest checking these out.

They deserve a Muse Approval. I loved ’em!

Available now at Target for $7.99 each (it’s the only place I’ve been able to locate them so far).

I purchased this item.

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  • JenJ

    Color me curios on Cherry Tulle and Fiery Veil. They look purrrtty on ya! Damn drugstore is gonna get a llll my $$!!

    • the Muse

      buy them! they are really nice imho jen ;-D and thanks..I actually like FV, typically I look crazy gross in orange but I think it worked!?

      • KristyQ

        No way! I was just going to comment that I know you typically stay away from orange shades but this looks GREAT on you!!!

        • the Muse

          aw thanks kristy! I liked it ;-D it’s a little scary but looked nice maybe b/c it was so glossy!? ;D

  • Rebecca

    Do these have any taste or smell? I am sensitive to those two things when it comes to lip products. Thank you for the review though, your blog is my absolute favorite!

    • the Muse

      nada rebecca, can’t smell anything or taste anything…:) aw thanks <3!!!!!! so glad you enjoy my babbling!

      • the Muse

        i didn’t get the fruity aspect at all…wow my nose must be all kinds of broke lol!

        • Rebecca

          Yea they are slightly fruity or something. I bought one and they remind me SO much of YSL lipsticks! The smell and formula. I love YSL lipsticks so much, but I can’t justify paying $30 or whatever they go for. I went back and bought some more of these because they are lovely! Thanks Muse for bringing them to my attention 🙂 this is why you’re my favorite beauty blogger!

          • the Muse

            aw go on now shucks <3 thanks rebecca 🙂 I didn't get the fruity taste?! how odd ;-D but love love love 'em! I want to go back for more shades but sadly the display was stripped :-/ hope drugstores get 'em soon!

  • Tammie

    This type of formula is my weakness…I will probably be picking up a few of these @[email protected]

    I just can’t help it, I love glossy moist lipsticks…I want to try the MAC Sheen Supreme lipsticks too, though the L’oreal ones seem like I’ll use them much more often.

    • the Muse

      do! I think they are wonderful! they are way nicer than Sheen Supreme imho!

      • Tammie

        Would you say the Sheen Supremes are good still? Because I do want to try both (at least, the Sheen Supremes seem to have a couple brighter/bolder colors I want to try)…but if the Sheen Supremes are bad then maybe I should just stick to the L’oreal ones…

        • the Muse

          def good, not bad. more balm-y in texture, less shine, and MORE pigmented than these. If you want bold, def go with SS they won’t disappoint!

          • Tammie

            Thanks Muse :). Sounds like I will have to try both then haha~. I want to try the red, pinky coral (maybe) and some fuchsia Sheen Supremes so it’s good to know they are good for bold, pigmented colors :). I do think that those would be more of a sometimes lipstick and the L’oreal ones are more of an everyday lipstick…so they both have their purposes XD

  • Tinkibell

    I am so excited about these I am about to pop off to Target to look for them!

    I know a lot of you like a product with SPF, but as someone who has a terrible reaction to any and all lip products with SPF in them I am over the moon that I can get the formula I love in a lip color and not have to worry about a reaction!

      • Tinkibell

        Sadly although there was a display for them at my Target, they either had not stocked them or sold out.

        Interestingly enough they also had a permanent display for them in the L’Oreal section, so I will just have to keep checking!

    • the Muse

      nothing like them dina, more pigment, more moisture…not as balmy.

  • Rebecca

    I’m so glad we got this packaging. I dislike their (Infallible or Le Rouge?)lipstick because of that tough plastic lid. I loved their Colour Juice Sticks and hope these are even better.

  • Sophie

    These glossy, balmy lipsticks from L’oreal are indeed confusing! We have had nutrishine lipsticks in Australia for ages now and as far as I can tell they are something similar to the rouge caresse… if not the same. Have you ever had the L’oreal Nutrishine range in the US? If so how does it compare?

    • the Muse

      we don’t have nutrishine here Sophine sorry can’t compare the two 🙁

  • HapaGirl84

    I scooped up Rose Tulle and Sheer Linen – I actually really like the formula, although it’s not what I expected based on the UK version’s description. Sheer Linen is a pretty nude color that doesn’t give me zombie lips and it actually looks beautiful layered over the Revlon balm/stain in Precious. The Target I went to only had 4 shades stocked, so I would love to get my hands on Sunset Angora or one of the other pinks. 🙂 Thanks for the review, Muse!

    • the Muse

      they are vastly diff from the uk ones hapa! I like these much more ;-D my pleasure!!!!!!!! def pick up SA, great color!

  • Candee

    I love these. I’ve been able to pick up 3 so far. Including Violet Chiffon which is my favorite of them all. These do have to typical L’Oreal plastic taste, but it’s not as strong as some of their other lip products.

  • dina

    holy slow-self-inflicted-roving-a-30-mile-radius-to-get-one-of-every- color-lip-product spiral i’ve landed in the last few months with all of these semi sheer balm stain things!!!
    um, i mean, these look interesting, hope catch them when i happen to be out…..

  • Selena

    For those interested, I compared Sunset Angora to my lipstick collection and found that is nearest to MAC’s limited edition Blow Dry. Love them both!

  • Aquilah

    I was just in Target today and didn’t even see these! I’ll have to look around or call around!

  • Jennifer

    Did they cut out some colors? I remember your other post showing a color called Satiny Cocoa. I was very interested in that color but haven’t been able to find it at the Target display.

    • the Muse

      these are the shades I purchased Jennifer I don’t have all of the colors.

  • nakwon

    Happened to see these in the local Walgreens today and picked up Rose Taffeta which just happens to be a MLBB color for me. Oh these drugstore companies are going to make me broke with all these new lip products and I’m usually a nail/skincare girl! I think I like this formula best because it’s the lightest. I wished it wasn’t as slippery but it’s not something intolerable.

  • Tammie

    I picked up Cotton Pink a while back and it feels kind of dry and not all that balmy/glossy on me…it also sinks into liplines.

    Do you have any idea if it’s that particular one that is weird? Because I WANT to love this line, but I really don’t like that one and I can’t stand to waste more money on it if they are all like that :X. At least if that is the black sheep of the collection I might try again…I really want Rose Taffeta…it might end up being my HG MLBB if it is better than Cotton Pink formula wise.

    • the Muse

      sadly my target still has a picked over display so I haven’t gotten cotton pink…! go to cvs maybe or wait for them to get there? they have a great return policy if you hate it, return it ;-D I really like them, good glossy finish and feel, very nice all around.

      • Tammie

        Yeah I think that’s a good idea, just waiting for CVS to carry it and getting it there. They really are great about returns there vs. Target which is horrible.

        I sure hope Rose Taffeta (and the other colors I may want to try) feels better than Cotton Pink though…I really want to like these since your description sounds like the perfect lipstick to me.

        • the Muse

          yeah even new stuff target treats me like a criminal for returning lol! interesting cotton pink was so bad, looking forward to trying it, it’s possible it was the oddball product!

          • Tammie

            Yeah…Target really needs a better cosmetics return policy, especially with their pricier lines…it’s a big reason I only have 2 Pixi products…

            I am itching to hear your thoughts on Cotton Pink to see if I just have freakish lips or of the formula really is off for that color.

          • the Muse

            i agree even non-makeup products are always a bish to return. I had brought my dad a printer for his office and it was un-opened, brand new, I returned it because he decided he wanted another model and it was a HUGE deal to return with the receipt. I’ve had similiar issues with clothes and other bits and bobs…! curious minds about CP, I’ll keep checking displays here and pick it up when it becomes available.

  • amanda

    i like angora and rose taffeta but in the uk on boots.com the names are different what would d uk version of these colours b sinc u reviewed both I thought u might know

  • Nala

    Hmm… Hard decision, but I like Sunset Angora the best on you, Muse! 🙂 <3

    I'm more of a low-key kinda gal, I think I'll pick up Rose Taffeta. But don't you absolutely HATE that fingerprint attracting packaging? It drives me nuts! XD

    • the Muse

      aw thanks nala! YESSSSSSSSSSSS I think the UK packaging is far nicer!

  • Margaret

    I love this product! I’ve had it in my desk for awhile and decided to try it out yesterday. My coworker has a friend who is a salesrep for L’oreal and gives her free samples. She gave me this gaudy color called – Aprhodite Scarlet (6) and I laughed when I seen the color and didn’t test it on my hand. I put it away in my desk never giving it a second thought .. anyways – checking out your review, I realized I had this in my desk and gave it a chance…I love it! I always feel a little self-conscious wearing lipstick for some reason (I’m no makeup minimalist either), but always feel like I look odd with the colors I choose and my lips are a bit dry.. this color I have is this bright, almost cherry red and I love that it feels so hydrating, tints my lips and looks natural… Anyways thank you for this post! It helped me find the perfect product for my lips.. (I was using lipgloss prior to this, and not happy) …. Thank you, love your site!

    • the Muse

      aw so happy to hear this Margaret! I’m so happy you love the product ;-D <3! thanks so much for sharing your mini review on these!