MAC Heavenly Creature Collection

MAC Heavenly Creature Collection is set to launch shortly and I must say it is one of THEE most exciting collections I’ve seen from MAC in a while.

Typically MAC releases a HUGE Mineral Collection in the Summer and the Heavenly Creature Collection is it. Now the rehash and repetitive products in these collection sometimes has me yawning. As much as I love MSF I have to ask myself, do I really NEED another one?

But this time MAC has outdone themselves and I see a few shades that are bound to catch your eye and I’m betting they sell out super fast as well. This is as exciting as the return of Stereo Rose! And of course, the MAC Heavanly Creature Collection features the return of Volcanic Ash! Amen! Praise Jebus! My skincare messiah has arrived!

I’m looking forward to this collection in a MAJOR way.

Take a look, tell me what you think!

MAC Heavenly Creature Collection will launch July 5th, 2012

MAC Heavenly Creature Lipstick $14.50

  • Pleasureseeker – Creamy peach (Glaze) (Repromote)
  • Cut a Caper – Mid-tone peachy pink (Lustre) (Repromote)
  • Venus – Sheer yellow pink with pearlized pigments (Lustre)
  • Fire Sign – Red-pink (Lustre)
  • Cusp of Dawn – Beige pink (Lustre)

MAC Heavenly Creature Cremesheen Glass $19

  • Celestial Kiss – Pale cool peach
  • Strictly Plutonic – Mid-tone pink brown
  • Meteoric – Mid-tone vibrant coral
  • Astral – Bright yellow pink
  • Galaxy Rose – Mid-tone violet pink

MAC Heavenly Creature Mineralize Skinfinish $29

  • Earthshine – Tarnished bronze with gold pearlized pigments and pink reflects
  • Light Year – Peachy pink with gold shimmer
  • Star Wonder – Plumy pink with multi-dimensional pearlized pigments
  • Center of the Universe – Coral with gold shimmer

MAC Heavenly Creature Mineralize Blush $23

  • Solar Ray – Peach and gold melange
  • Ring of Saturn – Terracotta and gold melange
  • Stratus – Amethyst and golden brown melange
  • Supernova – Magenta and burnt gold melange

MAC Heavenly Creature Mineralize Eyeshadow $20

  • Aurora – Peach, green, and brown melange (Frost)
  • Magnetic Attraction – Orange, pink and gold melange (Frost)
  • Neo Nebula – Cream, warm amethyst and warm pink melange (Frost)
  • Universal Appeal – Gold, bronze and violet melange (Frost)
  • Invincible Light – Icy white, lavender and warm gold melange (Frost)
  • Earthly – Beige, peach and cool brown melange (Frost)
  • Water – Yellow, lime green and blue melange (Frost)
  • Bright Moon – Grey, silver and icy green melange (Frost)
  • Sky – Green gold, turquoise and cobalt melange (Frost)

So what do you think?

Incredible right?

Some of the shades are a bit repetitive but others are just “OMG I need you in my life!”


Do share!

images/info via chicprofile

  • 6/15/12 10:31 Chelsea:

    This collection looks amazing!! Can’t wait to see some swatches of the blush and MSF’s. Is stereo rose being re-promoted under a different name?


    • 6/15/12 10:35 the Muse:

      no chelsea, stereo rose isn’t part of this collection/or renamed.


  • 6/15/12 10:43 meep:

    Can colors like “supernova” ONLY be used as blush or can all of them be used all over the face? I still haven’t figured out the purpose of these.

    Also the graphic designer did a horrible job on the first picture >.<


    • 6/15/12 10:43 meep:

      oh nvm! I realized it’s under the “blush” category ! sorry!


    • 6/15/12 10:44 the Muse:

      all over the face? as in eyes you mean? they are mineral blushes meant for cheeks but you can easily multitask on eyes if you want I’m sure…not unusual to use blush on eyes if the color is suitable, take the balm hot mama for example.


  • 6/15/12 11:03 Cj:

    Finally a collection I can get into! Light year, stratus, and ofcourse the volcanic ash exfoliator! Gimme gimme gimme lol


  • 6/15/12 11:06 Mindy:

    OMG… There is no way I can resist these products…not even gunna try. Absolutely beautiful!


  • 6/15/12 11:35 K:

    the eye shadows and blushes are lovely! I want them all!
    I have seen some photos and swatches on a beauty blog, they are just beautiful!


  • 6/15/12 11:56 Caitlin:

    I found swatches, too, and I really like the peachy-coral Cut a Caper and some of the blushes. Although everything looks lovely in its swirly little pans, I am not a fan of any of the shadows. They are all too frosty. In general, I’m not into swirled shadows, because I can never tell how they will come out on my lids–too small an area for consistent mixing, unlike using swirly blushes.


  • 6/15/12 12:05 tina:

    darn just when i thought i was done with MAC…


  • 6/15/12 12:10 Alanna:

    I wanna try Solar Ray and the volcanic ash!


  • 6/15/12 12:53 Nicki:

    I drooled a bit when I saw Supernova.



  • 6/15/12 13:10 KristyQ:

    OMG the Volcanic Ash exfoliator is baaaaaack!! So exciting….but the price? DUDE. Was it not $19 at first release? And the size has gotten smaller :( GAH. I still don’t care. Bah ha ha.


    • 6/15/12 14:10 the Muse:

      i don’t remember..I think it was $16 right?


      • 6/15/12 15:51 KristyQ:

        And now it’s $28? Frack.


        • 6/15/12 15:54 the Muse:

          tentative price there kristy ;-D this is from a euro blog so it could be wrong but promise to post official info when mac releases it ;D


          • 6/15/12 16:49 KristyQ:

            Ahahah – you’re like HOLD UP! Yes, I’m just a tad excited. Is it sad that I would still totally buy it even if it was $28 USD? Murphy. Anyways, have a great w/end & can’t wait to hear the official info for NA 😉

          • 6/18/12 11:50 the Muse:

            I would too lol I’d be it if it was 50 I like it that much ;-D I hope it isn’t $28 though…trying to recall original price and too lazy to look back at the mom lol! ;-D you too, hope it was good weather for you!!!!!!!!!!! <3!

  • 6/15/12 13:23 Libbu:

    Solar ray and Stratus looks gorgeous! And I’ve heard so much about the Volcanic Ash exfoliator that I seriously am going to just purchase one to see what it’s all about!

    Definitely looking forward to this collection! Can’t wait for the swatches eeee!


  • 6/15/12 13:39 Dominique:

    Gorgeous collection ! I will try and get at least 2 eyeshadows before everything is sold out. I love the red liptsick too !


  • 6/15/12 13:56 Steffi:

    Those are incredible. Also, I’m new to this site and I’m in love, quite literally. You’re fabulous.


    • 6/15/12 14:08 the Muse:

      AW thanks steffi <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • 6/15/12 15:29 Crystal:

    I can’t wait for this one. My wallet is in serious trouble.


    • 6/16/12 18:35 Mahsa:

      Hey Crystal I watch you on YouTube you are adorable and very watchable :)


      • 6/18/12 15:39 Crystal:

        Thank you!


  • 6/15/12 15:35 LINDARRAGNAR:

    This looks like a fantastic collection. I hope the baked eyeshadows are not a bust!


  • 6/15/12 15:37 Deb:

    Can’t wait for this one! Love the lipsticks. I want to try the Volcanic Ash Exfoliator and the Mineralized Water Cleanser too.


  • 6/15/12 15:55 Sara Elisabeth:

    Those blushes look so amazing. I love supernova.


  • 6/15/12 16:52 Mahsa:

    Omgoodness blush lipstick I want but doubt will get to in time – eyeshadows I will leave as I hate swirly eyeshadow it always looks murky and non colour xx


  • 6/15/12 17:35 Clare:

    Those peach lipsticks look fantabulous! I also had to double take at the second picture when I noticed those were not, in fact, planets. xD


  • 6/15/12 18:15 Monica:

    Im going to be sooo poor after this! definitely picking up all blushes AND MSF’s!
    Muse, how do you like the skin care? the creams are repromotes, yes?


    • 6/18/12 11:47 the Muse:

      hi monica, yup those are repromites, I actually linked to my reviews in this post so you can check out the review ;-D!


  • 6/15/12 23:48 Tiffany Martin:

    I need that solar ray color (I think that’s the one–that pale peachy pink and goldy one) liek nao. Their new nude lipstick (and the peachy color standing right next to it) looks terrific too.

    As for the eyeshadows I can’t tell what they look like before you put them on because they’re so marbley.

    VERY nice selection of colors overall.


  • 6/16/12 0:11 Anna:

    This is gonna be expensive. Ouch already! But seriously, it’s the first collection I’m looking forward to since… since… 2006!?


  • 6/16/12 1:22 peri:

    i want all those eyeshadows…i just wanna sit and look at them, theyre so pretty lol


  • 6/16/12 4:20 Misato-san:

    I quite like Supernova but every big mineralize collection results in a skip for me. But that exfoliator… maybe I’ll give him a try.


  • 6/16/12 15:56 Kim:

    I’ve never tried any mineralize items by MAC because the reviews and swatches always seem mediocre. However, these look really lovely in the pics. I may pick up a few items this time. The volcanic ash exfoliator seems interesting.


  • 6/16/12 19:04 Jen:

    Omg, look at the color of those blushes and skinfinishes! And I like some of those lipstick/lip glass colors… this is really bad and I just managed to stop buying so much makeup, but this is going to ruin that streak…


  • 6/18/12 9:52 Petitez:

    Omg!!!!!!!! Everything looks so nice!


  • 6/22/12 16:23 Ruthless:

    I liked the volcanic ash the first time it came around but I am tired of mineralize stuff. Can I just get regular eyeshadow?


  • 6/26/12 15:32 Yasmin:

    Im going to NEED Supernova in my life. What a great collection :)


  • 6/26/12 21:21 Nan:

    do you know if there’s a dupe or comparable color to Stereo Rose in this collection?


  • 6/28/12 4:17 Joyce:

    Thanks for the post Muse! I went to pre-order volcano ash exfoliator at Nordstrom today. Tried some of the blushes and skin finishes. I ordered one blush and one skin finish but now I want to order more!


    • 6/28/12 7:34 the Muse:

      yay good haul on volcanic ash joyce enjoy it ;-D they are gorg aren’t they? love msf!


  • 7/3/12 13:30 Icequeen81:

    that lips glass on the promo isn’t from this collection. It looks like rebel


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