Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Launches

Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Good news for fans of Smashbox BB Cream as today news of the Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 graces my RSS feed.

CC Cream
will get a big push for Summer 2013 and it doesn’t surprise me Smashbox is on of the leading brand to enter the realm. Hard Candy, ahead of EVERYONE else, recently introduced their budget take on the CC Cream and I picture more brands quickly following as we head deeper into the season.

Take a peek!

Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($42) will be available in five shade selections and combines the benefits of makeup with skincare benefits. Supposedly this formula features all the great things about a BB Cream but also adds oil control plus a formula to visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots, sun spots, and post ache marks.

It’s available now at and I imagine will launch later this month at Sephora, Ulta, etc…

Do you use and love the Smashbox BB Cream?

Interested in the CC Cream?

Do share!

  • 3/6/13 13:11 K.B.:

    My makeup no buy has officially failed so bad that it’s like I didn’t even try. lol I want this and several things from Too Faced’s summer collection.



    • 3/6/13 13:13 the Muse:

      kb kb kb kb what smut are you reading? i haz recs!


      • 3/6/13 13:30 K.B.:

        lol Right now I’m reading a Penny Vincenzi book that’s kind of smutty (I’m trying to read more nonsmutty books because my Mom keeps asking what I’m reading and I keep hemming and hawwing and making stuff up), but I think I’ve gone to the dark side because I keep laughing at the sex scenes and thinking about what a bunch of prudes the characters are.

        I have several smutty books that I need to read, but I’m always down for recs. I’ll look back at what I’ve read lately and see if I have any recs for you. :)


        • 3/6/13 13:33 the Muse:

          oh shiz that Penny Vincenzi sounds good just googled it. LOL…you could always lend it to your mom later ;-D I just finished on Dublin Street and really into parasol protectorate series!


  • 3/6/13 13:16 blueraccoon:

    I’m sort of interested? I have the BB cream but I think I’ve worn it all of once, so I don’t remember if I like it or not (I kind of grabbed it on a whim). I’ll be curious if this matches my skintone, and the oil-control part of it has me interested. Muse, do you think you’ll be reviewing it?


    • 3/6/13 13:18 the Muse:

      I’m kinda scared of it, part of the details say “radiant” I really don’t want a glow-y cc cream :-/ and that seems the formula they are embracing…but one can hope ;-D I might just buy it!


      • 3/6/13 16:49 blueraccoon:

        If you buy from Sephora or Nordy’s at least you’ll be able to return it if you don’t like it…? :) I’m afraid of glowy too; I much prefer matte or natural finish.


        • 3/6/13 16:53 the Muse:

          true true :) yeah, I can’t understand a glowing foundation/bb cream product, who would want that?!


          • 3/7/13 12:31 Sarah:

            I actually just walked into my office and got my package from Nordies containing the new CC cream in Light; I ordered to other things but apparently they’re sending one at a time. Anywho, I really like this. Its not shiny or glowy, just a nice satiny finish. I wouldn’t call it matte; in fact the reason I didn’t like their BB cream was that it was too matte for me. I like a more natural finish. I layered it a bit and it builds nicely. Its definitely not heavier than their BB cream. I hope this helps!

          • 3/7/13 12:31 the Muse:

            Thanks Sarah! Sounds promising!

  • 3/7/13 10:32 Majick:

    You had me at “dark spot corrector” and lost me at “oil control”. I would be interested to hear reviews before I make up my mind. I do like the SPF 30, I don’t like the price tag. (Not that that’s ever stopped me before LOL).


  • 3/7/13 16:46 Iris:

    SPF30 and oil control=I want to try this!


  • 3/20/13 3:39 Emanuela:

    U know when it comes out in Europe (Italy)?? I tried to buy it on Nordstrom, but they dont ship internationally.. :(((


  • 3/21/13 14:33 carm:

    I just ordered a few things from Sephora and you can grab a deluxe sample of this with any order. Just FYI!


    • 3/21/13 14:45 the Muse:

      thanks carm 😀


  • 3/26/13 17:47 anne:

    Ive been so obsessed with BBs! Not the real kind lol but I like the american version , i use it under powder. Ive tried the Bobbi Brown one, tarte bb tinted treatment and dior nude skin. I just got a sample of this and tried it on my hand and really like it so im excited to wear it!


    • 4/18/13 2:37 Christi:

      You’ve gotta try the real ones Anne! Those ones u mentioned are good tho, I love Bobbi Brown’s.


  • 4/18/13 2:34 Christi:

    I just got this today, and I really like it! It’s not glowy or sparkly or anything like that, it’s just a pretty, natural finish. It’s not too matte, like their bb cream. I like the light but buildable coverage & the fair shade matches my nc15 skin tone well! It also has excellent ingredients. Ascorbyl Glucoside, which is a very stable form of Vitamin C is very high on the list, so that’s great. That’s probably what they’re using as a dark spot corrector, mainly, since Vit C can lighten dark spots over time. it has tons of antioxidants too. I get a 30% pro discount, which makes the price more bearable too. Smashbox has free shipping on all U.S. orders, and always lets u pick at least one sample too, so that’s a plus!


  • 5/8/13 3:44 Emanuela:

    Don’t u have the swatches of this cream? Thanks! :)


    • 5/8/13 9:31 the Muse:

      I don’t sorry emanuela but will have a review shortly with a swatch with that review :)


  • 6/4/13 19:23 joey:

    I look forward to next year, when we are talking about HH creams, the way things are going! I ordered Etude house precious mineral BB, and Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream, I’m a little darker than you the Missha cream is in shade 23, and the Etude House is in shade 24 honey! Got a good price on Amazon! Let’s see how this goes, Estee Lauder Double wear is a little bit heavy for this Baltimore humidity! Joey


  • 6/26/13 9:19 thatiane gomes:

    eu sou doida para testar o cc cream da smachbox, acho que tem produtos de muita qualidade

    Adorei a postagem



  • 6/26/13 9:20 thatiane gomes:

    Estou usando o bb cream da skin 79 gol e o orange beblesh acho que são otimos.

    Um beijo


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