February 21, 2013

Hard Candy CC Correction Creme Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Hard Candy CC Creme

The new Hard Candy CC Correction Creme will be available at Walmart shortly. CC Cream is coming at us slowly for Spring but we’ll see a bigger push come Summer and Fall 2013 I’m sure.

I think of CC Cream as a low calorie version of the BB Cream. Most of the ones I tried have a thinner texture but promise better skin benefits and anti-aging ingredients.

I personally prefer the rich, creamy texture of a BB Cream compared to the lighter, thinner one of a CC. I was highly interested in testing out Hard Candy CC Correction Creme as it is one of the first (Olay’s renamed CC Cream not counting) CC Creams we’re seeing in the budget world at the moment. And really one of the first CC Creams anywhere aside from Juice Beauty’s new Stem Cell CC.

It’s interesting that Hard Candy is the pioneer in this market. You’d think some higher end brand would have cracked the market first.

Here’s a look.

Hard Candy CC Cream

Hard Candy CC Correction Creme ($8) will be available in Fair, Light, Medium, and Dark formulas. The formula promises to balance out complexion for a soft, natural finish and is formulated with light optic pearls to neutralize the undertones of your skin leaving it looks fresh and radiant.

The product promises to diffuse the look of darkness, discolorations, and imperfections while brightening skin for an airbrushed finish and even out skin texture with an oil-free formula. It protects with a minimal SPF 15.

Hard Candy CC Correction Creme

I choose the Light version which is incredibly orange and tan looking. I guess the Fair was the way to go…! I have to admit to being shocked at the shade. I had to look at the box three times and kept re-reading the bottle to be sure this was the Light version. The color looks suitable for an NC40-45 so how this is defined as light really boggles my mind.

The texture is a runny almost gel-like texture which at first looks and feels oily and greasy. At first application (don’t worry I didn’t leave the house with this shade on as it turned me orange) I felt like the formula ran a tad too greasy even oily. But after a moment it seemed to have an almost satin-y dry down that was lightweight on my skin and breathable. It takes a little getting used to at first as I was worried it would be a glow-y type of product but it dries down to a smooth, soft finish sans any glitter-y or shimmery particles. You can see in my swatches it has a bit of a glow with some sparkle but that doesn’t translate to skin thankfully. I do feel like I’m applying a highlighter all over my face none the less even though that glow seems to dissipates once the product is applied.

Hard Candy CC Cream Swatches

Hard Candy CC Creme Swatches

Hard Candy CC Correction Creme Swathes

I can’t really say if it concealed much or if it made my look flawless, etc…etc…as the shade just died my skin a terrible shade of orange. I tried it on my arm and it applied sheerer on there but on my face I reflected back orange-y tan which wasn’t pretty.

I want to say that if the color worked for me that maybe it had a good chance of providing sheer coverage that would even out my skin tone but I’m unsure at this point due to the color being wrong for me.

I wore it for a few hours while at home (about five) before rinsing it off. In that time it didn’t fade so the wear time seems to be not too bad.

I think the ingredients including the SPF are disappointing. CC Creams are meant to treat skin as it acts as a makeup product and really I didn’t see any incredible ingredients in this to do that. The SPF 15 is also the barest minimal of sun protection.

Overall, this is a wishy-wash review as the shade was terribly off. I’m still shaking my head and quite shocked that light would be this dark!? I’ll be picking up the Fair shade as soon as it launches at my Walmart and hopefully revisiting this review with further information. So far the texture is growing on me…it’s a bit deceiving at first and looks and feels oily but it absorbs nicely onto skin and feels very comfortable. I just wish I knew how it would look and wear in my correct shade.

I will say that if Light is this dark that I don’t have much hope at all for the Fair shade. It must be just as dark?! I’ll update with more info though as soon as I get my hands on it.

Have you seen this at your local Walmart?

Anyone try the Fair?

I’d love to hear!

Hard Candy CC Correction Creme 3

Hard Candy CC Correction Creme 4

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • Abbey W

    I’m so surprised at the shade! I am NC 15 and their fair concealer is too light for me.

  • Tammie

    I like the before and after pictures too lol. In the before one she just has the light coming from a different angle!! Shady (pun intended)!

  • Jennie

    Wow, that looks way too dark, even for my NC-35 skin!! I want to try it out though, as I’ve read in other reviews that it has a nicer coverage than other drugstore BB Creams. I’m going to have to try it in Fair though…

  • charlotte

    Actually several other brands brought out CC cremes before this one, Chanel has one and Olay has one as well.

    That is dark for light, and from photos I have seen online fair is darker, which makes no sense to me. It falls between light and medium and looks to be a bit pinker.

    I recently bought the newish Garnier oil control version of their BB cream and it matches the description of CC cream you outlined in your review, it’s completely different than the regular formula. Much thinner, more pigmented, and dries down to a non greasy finish. I’ve really been enjoying it, but I don’t think I would suggest it for someone with very dry skin. It has a slight tendency to highlight flaky skin. I have no problems with my combo skin when it is exfoliated, but since I only exfoliate a couple of times a week I noticed it got a little “grabby” the day before I was “due”. My skin is the dark side of fair, and the light/medium is fine for me, it’s much more neutral toned vs. the orange shade of the Hard Candy product. They recently came out with a fair/light shade of the regular formula so I’m hoping they do the same for the oil control version.

    • the Muse

      hi charlotte I actually mentioned in the review about the Olay one being renamed 🙂 Also already reviewed the Chanel one (plus this isn’t available in the US yet so really hard candy is the first US brand to break into CC Cream) in a prior post but was trying to say in the review that hard candy kinda cracked the CC Cream first in the world of budget brands. Olay, I feel, doesn’t count as they simply renamed their Tone Rehab to “CC Cream”. ugh! Hate renamed products 😀 interesting the colors are odd!!!!!! interesting on the Garnier! I haven’t tried the oily control version yet. I didn’t like the original so wasn’t sure if I should try the oil control, perhaps in the summer when my skin is a little less dry 🙂

  • Icequeen81

    this is a kind of foundation I hate the itchy feeling that it gives me,
    the advertising looks promising but then again nothing for me

  • Kris

    I just saw that Sephora is carrying a new CC Cream by Peter Thomas Roth. Any change you will be reviewing that one soon?

  • SJ

    I can’t be the only person who is ridiculously sick to death of every company using that stock image…

  • jenn

    woah orange! i guess you’ll have to test some CC creams out of asia for us! 🙂

  • Spooki

    I’m fairly certain this product is not for me. Every shade seems to lean orange and if “light” is that dark I don’t hold out any hope for “fair”. Too shiny looking too.

  • Danii

    Um… Wow. What the hell, Hard Candy?! That is WAY too dark! I can’t use any drugstore “BB” creams (I used SKIN79 based on your info about BB creams. Thank you for having such an informative section!) because they tend to be too dark for my so fair skin. The Garnier stuff which my mom bought in the “light/medium” didn’t work for me, was sticky feeling and ugh. I only used it because summer was starting soon, I had run of my Neutrogena SkinClearing stuff (doesn’t match either!) and just hated the stuff. 😐 Sure it looked okay/felt okay on my skin with powder but it certainly wasn’t pleasant for me. I MIGHT try it again, for summer.

    • the Muse

      aw happy to hear it danni ;-D I didn’t like the garnier either! 🙁 it was so sheer and greasy!

      • Danii

        I don’t have many problems to cover,a bit of slight darkness under my eyes and a little redness around my nose but that was just ew! Nice to know I’m not alone on thinking the Garnier stuff is bad.

  • Winni

    I can’t help but think that someone in quality control screwed up. That can’t be light…right? Right? Anywho, have a great weekend!

  • Dawn

    Yes that is the “light” shade. Way too dark. I have the same one and I hate the color it turned me.

  • Mandy

    I actually just bought this product two days ago and I tried Fair for myself as I am very, very pale. (I will have swatches on my blog at some point tomorrow.) All I have to say is Fair is not much better than Light… it’s lighter in shade but still somewhat orange and still too dark for my pale skin (which is akin to NC10). Didn’t get much coverage and it didn’t have any oil control over all. Just a disappointment for me all around!