Sephora Pantone Universe Radiant Rush Matte Lipstick For Spring 2014

Sephora Pantone Universe Radiant Rush Matte Lipstick

Some of you were able to snag Sephora Pantone Universe Radiant Rush Matte Lipstick For Spring 2014 recently when Sephora put 200 of them up for grabs as a presale but don’t worry it’ll be back shortly if you missed out.

Unlike the Sephora + Pantone Universe Color of the Year Creme Lipstick which was a creme this year’s lipstick goes full on matte satin in the Pantone Color of the Year shade of Radiant Orchard.

Take a peek!

Sephora Pantone Universe Radiant Rush Matte Lipstick ($18) will be available as an individual purchase but will likely be part of a Sephora + Pantone Universe Set as well!

The formula is supposed to be a moisturizing lipstick with a rich matte satin finish in the gorgeous Radiant Orchid shade. The creamy formula promises all day wear as well as an infusion of orchid essence for nourishing lips and collage for a plumping effect.

“Symbolically, Radiant Orchid emanates great joy, love and health while imparting a sense of diversity. At the same time it conveys inclusivity, which is so important in today’s complex world.”—Leatrice Eisman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute

This will be available shortly at

What do you think of the shade?

Will you be able to rock it?


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  • 12/26/13 13:38 Robin:

    Likey!!! Today I mixed Too Faced’s Jellybean and Lolipop together and got a pretty fushia color.


    • 12/26/13 13:53 Isabella Muse:

      INTERESTING must try!


  • 12/26/13 16:37 Melody:

    Pretty! I’ll take it! Gradient color on the cap is a pretty touch! Not a fan of Emerald :/ so 2014 is promising I love shades of purples!


  • 12/26/13 16:59 Olivia:

    Can’t wait to see swatches of this- it looks promising! If it’s really matte I would probably buy it.


  • 12/27/13 9:23 Jennifer Pham:

    Hi! This looks like Maybelline Vivids Hot Plum, which is one of my favorite shades with a great formula, so I think I’ll skip. Still, beautiful color.


  • 12/27/13 17:09 Heather:

    this looks absolutely beautiful. whether there’s already a dupe or not, i’ll be picking this up!


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