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Ulta Fairy Tale Shower Smoothie Bath & Body Collection for Fall 2014

Ulta Once Upon a Time Ginger Cookie

Once upon a time when the clock struck midnight the fairest of Them All headed to Ulta to grab the Fairy Tale Shower Smoothie Bath & Body Collection. Princesses and Fairy Tales are abound in this happily ever after Ulta Fall 2014 Collection launching in stores and online now at

Take a look!


Vitabath Sweet Vanilla Amber Review

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The Bathing Garden Whipped Soap Review

The Bathing Garden Whipped Soap Patisserie

I recently indulged in The Bathing Garden Whipped Soap which is a brand new launch for the e-tailer that typically focuses on wax fragrance tarts.

This is a thick, whipped up soaps that’s simply divine!


The Bathing Garden Creamy Sugar Scrub Review

The Bathing Garden Creamy Sugar Scrub

So you might recall the Bathing Garden Tarts which I cannot rave enough! Recently, I did my first order for some Bathing Garden Creamy Sugar Scrub…I’m not really sure when scrubs were introduced but this is the first time I indulged.

When I discovered The Bathing Garden it was an Etsy shop. It moved to Facebook soon after and set up shop and even more recently a new website was launched where you can place orders.

The shop is typically open once a month and features new fragrances with each re-open. The Creamy Sugar Scrub review I’m about to do falls at the right time because the shop is currently open for business with Circus themed tarts and scrubs available for purchase until June 5th at which time it will close again, get orders out, and re-open again with new fragrances!

Needless to say I love this shop’s tarts! They are AMAZING! Fantastic throw, great linger, and really complex fragrances!

Anyway, my recent order I decided to order some of the Creamy Sugar Scrubs and here’s some thoughts!


Fortune Cookie Soap Candle Aisle Summer 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap Candle Aisle Summer 2014

Join Fortune Cookie Soap for the launch of their new Summer 2014 entitled Candy Aisle which will be available for purchase on May 23rd at 6:30 CST.

Fortune Cookie Soap had a Candy Aisle Soap Box available which included sample sizes of each of the newest items in this collection. The set has 8 deluxe sizes including a $10 gift card to spend as you want on their website. Unfortunately it sold out but if you’re interested you can go ahead and sign up for the next seasonal box and you can learn more by visiting

Let’s take a look at the Fortune Cookie Soap Candy Aisle Summer 2014 Collection!