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Changes Upcoming on Musings of a Muse

Hey there!

Quickie update for today.

I know this week has been rubbish on Musings. Database errors, Bad Gateways, and possible issues accessing Musings of a Muse Oh My!


Good news….

I’m moving to a beefier server. The dedicated box I’m currently on just can’t handle my site load any longer. I’m kinda hyped that it has a 1TB HD as I only had a 500 before and was kinda paranoid about filling it up…..but I’m not so happy about the monthly charge ha…ouch y u hurt my feelings with your expensive ways!?

What this means for you…

Hopefully it means no more issues with bad gateways, database error messages, or general down time.

My new template will be installed shortly as well. Happy Days!

Hopefully all these new updates will insure a faster, happier browsing experience for you all.

Apologies about the issues lately, believe me, they are as frustrating for me as they are for you.


Good-bye to the Lane


Caption This!



Hey there!

Just a note, I had to approve 700+ comments today. I didn’t get a chance to reply to them all. I’m so, so sorry. I try to keep up to date on them but it gets difficult at times and they end up overwhelming as new ones come in and older ones fail to get approved and replied to.

Please forgive me!

If it was anything important and I didn’t reply please feel free to comment again and I’ll do my very best to get to it.

I hope you understand that running Musings by myself is sometimes a job and a half so things get tricky when it comes to replying to every single e-mail and comment.

But it doesn’t mean I don’t love you all and I hope you’ll continue to comment, it’s the greatest reward to get a comment!

Have a great weekend and feel free to say hey in this post, consider it a open thread of sorts.


P.S. Something is up with Vincent Longo…pick up the May issue of Lucky…sale maybe?! I have to grab a copy and see what the scoop is!