Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Gets a New Look

Yes, I’m that girl. The one obsessed with purchasing Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush goodies. How can you resist? They purposely tempt you with little buckets of makeup joy as you head for the register to pay for your purchases. They glare are you, whispering to take them home as you patiently wait in line.

Seriously, there’s some strategic calculations going on here so when you see a display of Beauty Rush by the cash register, just know it’s a marketing trick to tempt you and MAKE you buy them.

It could prove even more tempting now that the line has relaunched with a brand new look!

Take a peek!

Makeup Gods be with you at the register when you’re struggling with that 4 for $20 price tag, knowing you really don’t want to dish out $20 but doing it anyway!


Korres Volcanic Minerals Volumizing Mascara

Fall 2012 brings Korres Volcanic Minerals Volumizing Mascara to the table. Korres has always offered a single mascara that just worked. That was cool with me, sometimes variety can be tiresome. A single product, that just works takes the chore out of too many choices and for me an indecisive type like that’s perfectly fine.

Let’s take a look at the new Korres Volcanic Minerals Volumizing Mascara.

I think I’m contradicting myself in here somewhere. Happy with one mascara, eager to try the new…yeah…def some contradiction!


Missha The Style Eye Makeup Speedy Remover Stick Review

Missha The Style Eye Makeup Speedy Remover Stick takes boring old q-tips to a new and exciting level.

I dunno about you but I make a hecka mess when applying eyeliner or sometimes if I do too many coats of mascara I end up with some on my upper eye area.

Yeah, not pretty.

Mistakes happen during makeup application that’s a fact but for easy clean up a Q-Tip always comes in handy or better still Missha’s Speedy Remover Stick.


Lotree BB Primer Tinted Control Base Review & Swatches

Lotree is one of (of many) Korea’s more visually pleasing brands as I like to call them. This is a brand that really pays close attention to it’s packaging and wraps things up in a royal purple and silver gorgeousness that simply reeks elegance.

My experience with the brand hasn’t always been pleasant. The packaging is a little misleading as how can anything wrapped in purple and silver prove awful? But indeed, like many Korea brands the fancy packaging doesn’t always lead to a superior formula.

However, there’s been a product or two that’s popped up at me and became a keeper.

Lotree BB Primer Tinted Control Base SPF 21 is one such product.

Take a look!


Pixi Fall 2012 Collection

I think Target is one of my favorite places to head into come Fall especially during Back to School and Halloween. They always have so many cute things to lem!

Pixi Fall 2012 Collection should be popping up at your local Target soonish.

Here’s a look at some new goodies to keep your eye out for.