Clinique Black Honey Collection for Fall 2011

Imma tell you what’s on my Fall wishy list today.

I absolutely have to get my hands on the Clinique Black Honey Collection. The cult favorite lip color, Black Honey, gets its very own Fall Collection this year and I couldn’t be happier.

It took me a while to get on board with Black Honey. It’s such an intimidating shade in the tube isn’t it? But on lips it sheers down to the perfect shade for Fall and what better way to celebrate that color than with its very own collection including blush, eyeshadow, and more!

I NEED this collection in my makeup life.

Check it!


Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Mini Brush Set Review, Photos

I wish I had the Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Mini Brush Set while I was on vacation as it would have saved me the trouble of lugging around a buncha huge MAC brushes…eh, who am I kidding? I’d have still lugged around full size brushes.

But hey, if you’re a traveling and you like to do it the lightweight, low calorie way, this little set could be your ticket to minimal beauty tool toting!

Check it!


Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Collection for Fall 2011

Damnyum! In two weeks I missed alot while I was away!

I know many of the things I’m posting about you’ve already heard about but I’d still like to post them up and give my version of the story *wink*! Plus I love discussing new collections with you so it’s well worth reposting info for the sake of blathering about it with you!

So even though you may have heard about the new Bobbi Brown Tortoise Shell Collection for Fall 2011 we still have to gush over it together.

I’ve touched it, swatched it, and will review it for you soon and just let me say OMG so amazing! Bobbi never fails! I’m also hearing that other new products and collections in August and September are going to be thrilling.



NARS Bright Lights, Big City Eyeshadow Palette Nordstrom’s Anniversary Exclusive 2011

in Nars

Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale 2011 is on! You can start pre-booking fabulous beauty exclusives at your local fav counters already.

NARS Bright Lights, Big City Eyeshadow Palette might be a peek for fans of the brand.

Check it!


Etude House Aloha Glitter Sherbet Eyes Review, Swatches, Photos

Etude House has released a limited edition collection for Summer entitled Aloha. This is actually a really special release as it includes a bronzing tint.

Listen, anything having to do with bronzing is unheard of in Asia…! This is some serious shiz peeps.

No but seriously bronzing collections are a rarity in Asia so I thought the Etude House Aloha Collection was quite a little novelty plus the really cute Hawaiian inspired packaging and interesting products were worthy of a beg and a plead to a friend in Korea to grab them for me.

Today I’ll be showing you the Etude House Aloha Glitter Sherbet Eyes which are available in three sparkling shades.

Check ‘em!