Jordana Color Effects Bright Eyes Retractable Eye Liner and Jordana Color Effects Bright Powder Eyeshadow

Cherry Culture has the Jordana Neon Alert Collection in stock. I reviewed one of the eyeliners last week. It wasn’t particularly impressive but honestly at this price I have little to rant about.

Check it!


Too Faced Enchanted Holiday Collection 2010 at Sephora

Not sure if you’re interested in jumping on board with me but the Too Faced Enchanted Holiday Collection 2010 is up and available at Sephora today.

I went ahead and ordered the Too Faced Glamourland Palette because I’m anal and obsessive and diseased….I was honestly a little scared it would be out of stock when Sephora FF finally lands.

If you’re wanting to indulge or just explore check it out at Sephora.


E.L.F. Essential Eye Shadow Palette, E.L.F. Essential Zit Zapper, and More New Products from E.L.F.

I’m a bit ranty at E.L.F. as they are releasing quite a few new products lately but I still have yet to see the items we discussed a few weeks ago such as the new Pro Studio cream eyeshadows, blush, etc….

Grr come on E.L.F. we are all eager for the new bits.

Until that time here are some of the other new items that are launching on the site. M

Have a look!

If you’re reading in RSS please visit my blog to enjoy the slideshow embedded in this post.

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Bath and Body Works Holiday Collection 2010


Here’s a little sneak peek of Bath and Body Works Holiday Collection 2010 and a way you can sign up to get the full deets when it arrives online and in stores.



Lush Buche de Noel Cleanser for Holiday 2010

If you aren’t too tired of all this Holiday coverage lately allow me to introduce you to Lush Buche de Noel Cleanser, which, for some odd reasons, seems like an ode to one of my crushes, Noel Fielding.

Busche=Mighty Boosh
Noel=Noel Fielding

Shrug…maybe I’m reading to much into it but Lush has never been shy about showing it’s love for Noel in past products so it’s not too farfetched eh?

Check it!