July 31, 2008

Summer Collections 2008: KATE Dual Carat Eye Shadow Review

Can I tell you how strange it is for me to review a Summer collection? I’m so in Fall mode that I forgot how to enjoy Summer!

Fall comes way to early for us beauty bloggers! Sheesh!

However, I did think I should stop and smell the flowers, take in the sun, and enjoy a nice Japanese Collection this week!

I hate to think how long I’ve been hanging on to KATE’s Summer Collection without reviewing it. It’s been months I’m sure since I got it and I’m just now getting around to the review. You’ll forgive your Muse for being so lack with Summer won’t you?

KATE is a Japanese brand and one of Kanebo’s sub brands that contains a healthy amount of edge to it that I simply adore!

One of my favorite products from KATE are the Dual Carat Eye Shadows. I own every single color that KATE has put out thus far and with the Summer Collection they released three new colors.

Before I show you the new colors I think a review of KATE Dual Carat Eye Shadows is in order as I’ve never really done a detailed review on the palettes before. Each palette contains two shimmerings shades of shadow in a tiny compact with a sponge tipped applicator. A majority of Japanese eye shadows almost always have the same formula with a few in between that have a completely different consistency. KATE Dual Carat Eye Shadows have an almost identical texture and formula as most of these brands however I do feel like it has an added something that makes the shadow superior to others I’ve tried before.

Each shade contains a healthy dose of shimmer and sparkle which I love. The formula is a similar chalky, creamy texture as most major brands however I feel like these blend much better due to the silky consistency of the powder. The shimmer is equally silky and gives a certain sparkle to the eye which make these my favorite duos!

This Summer KATE extended the Dual Carat Line to include three new shades which were GD-1, WT-1, and BK-1. The shades aren’t typical Summer in my opinion but this didn’t stop me from purchasing all three and lavishing major love on them.

Before I get on to the color selections I think it deserves to be mentioned that all the looks you’ll see below are done exclusively with the palettes and using nothing else aside from mascara. I think not using extra products gives you a better review and idea of how the palette looks on without adding in extras if that makes sense. So each look I created was using the palette and nothing more!

I’m particularly thrilled with GD-1 which sports a shimmering gold and a shimmering creamy white. If you’re getting a bit older and seeing a bit of baggage under your eyes or a few lines here and there or you’re just tired and seeking something to brighten up your eye area GD-1 will sincerely do wonders with your eyes! I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror after applying this. It made me look years younger, wide awake, and gave a beautiful pop to my lids. I used the creamy white as an all over wash on my eye and the gold on my lid. This is a particular good way to use it if your eyes are extremely wide and buggy like mine. However, I think it’s flattering on Asian eyes if you apply the creamy white as a color wash and the gold in the corner of the eyes both outer and inner!

WT-1 is my least favorite of the three shadows. It’s a very nice combination of a white and creamy light taupe color however the colors are too similar so you can’t really see much of a contrast when they are applied together. I tried sporting the white as an all over color wash and applying the taupe to my lid however it appeared I was wearing only one shade. A tad disappointing but I can definately make use of both colors as a highlighter for my highbrow, as a color wash, or simply alone as a shadow instead of together. Together they don’t work so well but alone they really wake up the eye and bring out a certain delicious natural look!

Now my second favorite (or possibly first) is BK-1 which is the ideal palette for a smoky look plus heaps cheaper than shelling out for Bare Minerals Rocker Chick Kit. KATE already released a duo like this previously in the Dual Carat collection however I felt like this one was different. The other version, the number/name of which escapes me at the moment, is a bit darker where as this is a lighter grayer version. If you already have the previous color I’d still recommend indulging in this one as well. I created an uber awesome smokey eye look with this color!

I purchased these at retail which is maybe $9-$10 USD per a palette? Perhaps a bit more I can’t recall. A friend in Japan got them for me and airmailed ’em over! However, I’ve seen them online for $15.50 USD or a bit less depending on where you shop (see my Japanese Cosmetic Buying Guide for further information about where you can purchase these!). At a cost of $15.50 USD I do believe they are worth. They are pigmented, beautifully shimmery, and are good quality eye shadows.

The Muse Approves the new KATE Dual Carat Eye Shadows for purchase! Definitely grab ’em! They are a must have in my humblest and the colors will work well into the Fall and Winter.

Love KATE?

Love the Dual Carat shadows?

What’s your favorite KATE eye palette?

Check out the KATE website by clicking here!

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  • Decorative Diva

    I love the smokey eye look you created with that last set!

    That looks perfect!

  • Beauty Addict

    Hey Izzy, u look so fresh and sweet in the GD-1 FOTD! 🙂 LOVE LOVE LOVE the look! 🙂 In the GD-1 3rd photo, u look coyingly shy. Betcha parents must have adored u to bits with a face like this..all scoldings are spared eh? lol 😉

    Anyway, I’ve heard so much raves about Kate but have yet to test their products. I recently got to know that’s available here in very few places. Played around with the testers but yet to get anything.

    Btw, are these 3 e/s u reviewed LE or are they part of the regular lineup?

    Oh ya, thanks for your offer of guest starring here :)*Hugs* But I better not scare your readers away with my lousy makeup skills 😛 Besides, I’ve only started about 1 over year in makeup. My camera is way to lousy with pics. I’m gonna get a new one soon. Any recs?

    Ooh..yup heard about the Starflash collection. I’m so excited about it as well! *Squeals*
    Seen some swatches of these already on pursebuzz.com and other beauty blogs. I’m itching to get Star By Night, Talent Pool, Grand Entrance and Dream Maker. Star By Night and Talent Pool looks dupable but the MAC addict in me just can’t resist their shadows esp blues n turquoise! Which one are u thinking of getting?


  • Ti_Amo

    Ooh I love the black one–too bad I didn’t see them anywhere when I was abroad! Just used the purple one today 😀

    Great post!! Agree with you on the texture, kinda chalky but really easy to use.

  • nilla cookie

    i LOVE the last look and the lips in the 2nd — I need to catch up with the Muse, it’s been soo busy!

  • Asta

    Oh, Muse! I love the smoky look you did! Maybe you’re just smiling more than usual but you look so fab!

    I already got the rocker eye kit because I loved the brush, but the next time my bff is in Japan I may ask her to pick a few of these up for me. (She’s doing her grad research there.) Thanks for the in depth review!

  • ~raspy~

    you stirred my lemming for BK-1.. its looks very nice on you!!

  • helly

    PRETTYYY!! you always rock dark looks so well!!!! i dun think i’ll be getting these; glitter and sparkles don’t work with me too well; i look VERY BLING; and VERY ATTENTION SEEKING; and kinda.. yea.. i wont say the s word LOL hehe; but you do indeed loook a lot younger with the gold shade!! hahah; i dun think i’ve told you this; but i rmb when i first stumbled on your blog and watched your MJ youtube video; i thought you were a 16 yr old!!!! hahhaha 😀 treat that as a compliment 😛 hehe

    and absolutely loveee the last shade; it looks so light on the pan though; who would’ve thought!!

    anymore makeup?! 😛 oh yesss; muse; I LOVEEEEEEE THE AUBE PALETTEEEE!! i love it soooooo much; i feel like i have to buy EVERY palette; i loveeeeeee the almost matte shade (due to reasons above lol); its quite unusual for a jap brand isn’t? do you know other brands which support this finish? i’m lusting after lunasol; but eh. $$!! 😀

  • serenity.

    hello! i finally found time to come visit you!! the internet at my place has been acting fussy lately. 🙁 i would love to email, but i don’t know how…hahaha. you can email me at [email protected]. :)))

    p.s. love the lush bath bombs. i’ve never tried them, but they’re sooooo pretty to look at.

  • Askmewhats

    hey musey, no worries! We forgive you, we understand that you have a whole lot of cosmetics to play with and you only have 1 face ! 🙂 I love the look on your!!!

  • ???

    hi darling!

    glad u are loving this! i love this too as well! 😀 gorgeous colours~

    but sadly i BK-1 is not available here… >_< but kate has other palettes tat has similar colours, glam trick n line spicy N, so i think it's still ok 😀

    much love,

  • ???

    hi darling!

    glad u are loving this! i love this too as well! 😀 gorgeous colours~

    but sadly i BK-1 is not available here… >_< but kate has other palettes tat has similar colours, glam trick n line spicy N, so i think it's still ok 😀

    much love,

  • wen

    thanks for reviewing this!
    ive been wanting to get this in the silver combi,
    but i couldnt make up my mind.
    in the end i bought kate’s colour pencils instead.
    im a tad disappointed cos the black pencil smudges like 5 min after application!
    my oily lids.. -pouts-

    haha oh well.
    aft i read ur review,
    i might get the gold combi instead.
    it looks really fantastic on you!

  • ???

    hi darling!

    glad ur loving this, i love this too! i have this in GD-1, a light creamy champagne and goldish brown colour, v different from yours.

    sadly BK-1 is not available here, but since kate has some many palettes, it’s quite easy to get something close to it, glam trick and line spicy n. hehe~

    much love,

  • the Muse

    morning gracie!

    Thanks!!!!!!! *hugs* LOL!!!!! I dunno ’bout that 🙂 But I can definately get one over on my dad for sure hehe!

    Although the current collections aren’t always up to date you guys def have it available 😉 Yay!

    I believe they are now part of the line up as some colors were axed.

    oh lord you could never scare us away! You’re adorable 🙂 mwah!

    Definitely a canon 🙂 It works a treat!

    Starflash looks simply gorgeous and I see several items I want w00t!

    Those are all AWESOME colors 🙂 Also I adore mac blues and aquas..so me 😉

    I think I’m getting ’em all as I have a hard time deciding *blush* I went to mac a few days ago…wed? they had the lustre glosses but not the shadows damnit! Maybe head in tonight!

  • the Muse

    hiya becky!

    Thanks darling! I love the purple one 🙂 I’m surprised as they have been out a while!

    They blend really well even though they sport that typical chalky formula 😉

    Good stuff!

  • the Muse

    hi mizz cookie 🙂

    Thanks darling!!!!!!!!!!!! MWAH!

    ME TOO! god! I miss you so much but been swamped as hell! Yak!

  • the Muse

    hi asta.

    Thank you darlin’! *blush* aw shucks thanks!

    I love the rocker kit anyway hehe for the brush!

    Wow lucky her! must be nice 🙂

    Definitely grab some goodies as Japan has some seriously awesome cosmetics!
    I’m an addict 😉


  • the Muse

    hey helly!

    Thanks darling! 😉 MWAH! I like sparkles a bit too much *blush*

    Thanks!!!!! 😉 I thought the gold made me look younger and bright eyed and busy talked too lol!

    LOL!!!!!!!!!! Thanks helly 🙂 I don’t mind being pegged as 16 hehehe!

    Wish i was 🙂
    compliment 😛 hehe

    I Adore those aube palettes too lol!

    It’s very unusual for a japanese brand to do matte shades! I agree and they are a very dry silky shadow which is interesting!

    Lunasol for sure hmmmm….not really no aside from the MJ singles which are a really interesting texture and not alot of shimmer 🙂 Must look in my stash and let ya know 🙂


  • the Muse

    hiya serenity!

    missed ya darling! Thanks for visiting! Ugh had probs at my house too with internet due to tstorms yak!

    I’m at [email protected] 😉 I’ll email you later today we can chitter chat 😉

    Oh lord you MUST try them! They are simply yummie 😉

  • the Muse

    hi wen!

    You’re most welcome!!!! It’s gorgeous! Get it 🙂

    Really? 🙁 Damn! Smudges stink!

    I like the extra thick slanted pencil..nice stuff!

    The gold really wakes up the eye! Nice stuff 🙂

    Aw shucks thanks wen 😉

  • Dao

    Hi the Muse,

    I heart your smokey eyes look and your necklace is awesome! Love love love the look girl!

  • the Muse

    hi dao!

    Happy Weekend lovie 🙂

    Aw thanks so much sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend MWAH!

  • pinkcrow

    Those look so good on you I had to lemming the gold/silver. And a Line Spicy palette. And a slew of Majolica eyeshadow singles. And a bunch of skin treatment masks. And… I have poor impulse control!

  • beautyaddict1one1

    I love the black and the grey looks so good on u i love dark eyeshadows

  • Rocketqueen

    You are so gorgeous! All of the shadows look divine on you! 😀

  • the Muse

    morning pinkcrow!

    Thanks so much!!!!! LOL!!!!! Sounds like quite a list you have there 😉 The mj eyeshadow singles are simply great 😉

    Don’t worry my list is equally long this fall 😉


  • the Muse

    hi beautyaddict1one1!

    thanks so much!!!!!! 😉 I thought it made me look quote grown up for once =-)

  • Hannah

    You look fantastic in the GD 1 FOTD!
    So fresh and clean, pure summer.