September 4, 2008

Etude House Aqua Sherbet Review

Hey pretty girls (and guys)!

I know you’ve been eagerly awaiting my review on Etude House’s Summer skincare collection but skincare is a tricky thing to review and it needs a ton of testing before I can sit down and give you guys the lowdown!

I’ve had the complete collection of Etude House Aqua Sherbet for over a month now and I’ve been using it daily for that entire time as part of my AM skincare regime. The collection consists of all of the following products:

Etude House Aqua Sherbet Facial Lotion
Etude House Aqua Sherbet Toner
Etude House Aqua Sherbet Serum
Etude House Aqua Sherbet Gel Cream
Etude House Aqua Sherbet Ice Toner

Please note that a brand new mist has been recently added to the collection. Sadly, when I had my friend purchase this lot of items for me the mist was not yet out and available however I did ask for it now so hopefully soon I can bring you a review for that!

As you can see the entire regime is a bit of an overkill as that’s a whole LOT of stuff to be putting on your face daily. Although, as per Etude House’s recommendation, the products should be used in a certain order as a daily skincare technique, I personally ended up breaking some of it up and using it for different purposes although I’m not stranger to using a ton of different items on my skin daily so this was not a big deal!

I think I’ll start my review with my favorite product out of the entire line which was the Aqua Sherbet Ice Toner. I. Love. This. Stuff.

It’s seriously awesome and I wish I could find something of similiar quality here in the US for such an inexpensive price. It’s literally does what it says, an icy cool, refreshing toner. It’s not a spray but a foam so you can’t spray this directly on your face unfortunately. Basically you spray a bit on a cotton pad, it’s a foam so it’s not really saturating the pad completely, you proceed to wipe it all over your face for a rather nice blast of coolness. It’s icy cool and fresh feeling and my skin seems to love it! Although I can’t read the ingredients I think it’s safe to say this contains a healthy dose of alcohol but I experienced no dryness after using it. It’s such a great little item to have around on a hot Summer morning! It makes my face feel cool, refreshed, and ready for my makeup! I love it! Etude House did a seriously good job with this one and I’ve enjoyed using this daily and will definately be purchasing some more to stock up on! The toner is 18,000 won which is pricey for Etude House as they normally range in the 9,000-12,000 won price category however it’s well worth it and if you so choose, and have access, you can actually purchase the toner and gel cream together for 21,000 won which is like getting the gel cream free!

The toner and the lotion are very good however I did sadly experience a bit of drying with both. As I mentioned earlier Etude House skincare does have a considerable amount of alcohol in it. It’s hard not to notice as they do faintly have the scent of it however with the Etude House Moistfull Skincare Collection I experience absolutely no dryness after use but with the Aqua Sherbet toner and lotion I did have a bit of a drying, sticky feeling after use. I don’t mind this so much since it’s so hot and humid and my skin can actually take advantage of the mattifying these two products provide however I probably will have to avoid use in the Winter when my skin will become much drier. Aside from that I liked both. Each is 9,500 won or both for 20,000 and the bottles are very large so this is definately a lovely price tag. The toner nor lotion does not produce the same cooling experience that the Ice Toner has. The Ice Toner definately has a cooling sensation when applied however the regular toner and lotion didn’t have the same effect. I was slightly disappointed that I failed to notice any citrusy scent with any of the products as well since I THINK they are meant to have a faint fruity smell. Turns out they actually smell quite similiar to the Moistfull Collection which is a fresh, aqua like smell for lack of a better description. The toner is a typical liquid toner that you use with a cotton pad and the lotion has a nice light consistency for Summer wear. All the bottles in Etude House’s skincare and fragrance line are extremely vanity worthy however I do have a problem with getting the lotion out of such a heavy glass bottle. Each bottle is a beautifully frosted heavy glass but a tiny bit unconventional for a clumsy person like me who might drop it. It’s also rather irritating to shake it around to get the lotion flowing as well! It kinda has that annoying Ketchup method where you sit for a while trying to shake the product out of the bottle. Aside from my minor rants I did like the toner and lotion.

One of my lovely readers, jkim, kindly translated the use of each product and they should be used in the following order:

Aqua Sherbet Ice Toner or Aqua Sherbet Toner
Aqua Sherbet Serum
Aqua Sherbet Facial Lotion
Aqua Sherbet Gel Cream

I’ve been basically using them in these stages as well but sometimes skipping the gel cream and serum and using those as night treatments.

For me both the Serum and the Gel Cream had about the same consistency which was a bit of a thicker formula than the lotion but only a tad bit more so. Neither the Serum nor the Gel Cream were drying thankfully although I did feel like the Serum was much better than the Gel Cream simply because the Gel Cream left a tiny bit of a sticky residue behind after use.

I personally don’t understand the idea of using a serum, facial lotion, plus a gel cream. Maybe if I could read Korean I’d understand the mentality behind it all. Since this seemed like a rather weird way to use the products I decided I’d use the both toners in the AM plus the regular facial lotion. I follow up by using the gel cream as a primer and I use the serum in the evening. The gel and serum can be purchased together or separately. Together they retail for 23,000 won where as seperate the gel costs 12,000 won and the serum costs 11,000 won.

In a over month’s use I didn’t experience anything wow aspiring about the collection however I am impressed with the price, the wonderful packaging, and the rather great concept of a lighter form of skincare for the Summer.

We all change and rearrange how we care for our skin during different times of the year and Etude House’s Aqua Sherbert line was a rather fun item to use as my Summer skincare. It’s light, refreshing, plus since it contains a fair bit of alcohol it successfully mattified my skin without over drying too much!

Although I had minor complaints here and there and I do prefer Etude House’s Moistfull Skincare Collection over this I still liked this little collection and felt like it was money well spent!

Cheers to Etude House for always putting a smile on my face!

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  • Autumn Masquerade

    Hi Miss Muse,

    Thursdays can be worse than Mondays. It’s just the day that gets in the way of Friday.

    Nasty testers do sound horrible. Sometimes when a place is too busy, it gets a bit grungy.

    Bummer the Etude House products had so much alcohol. Alcohol in skincare, bad. Evil.

    I stopped by Target yesterday and decided to try 1 NP Set palette and a Pixi palette. I am going to try them out in the next week or two. The JK line isn’t quite as spectacular. It’s a little more run of the mill but it has some nice items. I am skipping the fashion kit as the two colors were blah and I didn’t like the 2 cream colors.

    I love Meerkats! They are so cute. The fighting didn’t bother me. It was more of their daily trials and tribulations. Even owls are deadly to Meerkats. I got way too attached to them. =D

    Spray waters are the best. I rather like the La Roche Posay version. I’ll use Evian in a pinch though. LRP has a higher selenium content which soothes skin.

    Susan moved from Saks when Givenchy signed an exclusive deal with Sephora. I expect Saks will eventually not have a Givenchy counter. Both Givenchy and Sephora are owned by the same company, LVMH, so I was surprised it took this long. The LV stands for Louis Vuitton. The move was before the Denim Fetiche collection, so a few months now.

    The days of me never sleeping are long gone. It used to be I only needed 4 hours of sleep a night. So I pretty much stayed up all the time. Got a lot done that way.

    He he…I like your description of Jai. Sometimes you do think someone had to be a certain thing in a past life.

    Edward is easier to like than Bella. I have not read Midnight Sun but I will have to do that. I agree Bella did seem to have more of an attitude problem than necessarily just being shy. But I suppose after almost 100 years of living, you’d probably learn how to read people really well. I think she did have an attitude problem at first. Edward is a little biased.

    I think you’ll like Sinderian in the Rune of the Unmaking. She’s not nearly as emo as Bella. Plus she’s an awesome sorceress!

    The Historian is a fun book to read. I am most curious to know what the heresy was at the Pyrennes. But I suppose Kostova left it like that to make everyone wonder. Hm…

    Maybe I am a coward, but I found the Historian to be the most frightening Dracula story I ever read. I suppose because it showed him more as the man who lived instead of only this supernatural monster. I rather liked the unique take on it, going to Istanbul. I have an interest in the Ottoman Empire. It was quite an interesting period.

    Twilight is definitely more of a cold weather item. It’s not crazy shimmery. I would call it pearly shimmery not Disco Queen shimmery. It’s less pearly than any Armani fluid sheer. I like pearly shimmer but not Disco Queen shimmer. High Noon barely has any shimmer.

    Ooh! You’ll have to let me know how you like the Parure foundations. I am perplexed as to the color scheme. I am interested in the Aqua but I think I have to wait to see it in person.

    I have all my Chanel Exceptionnel items, hurrah! I’ll post about it on Sat or Sun. They’re so gorgeous! Did you see Saks has an exclusive beige palette? It reminds me of the Smoky palette but in beige.

    As for the Guerlain item, I rather liked the Pearly Touch from a couple of years ago. I’m not big on the puffy applicator thing, like the YSL blush and the Aube blush. But it is more convenient for travel. A lot less expensive than the travel compact and you don’t need a brush.

    Hm…The Thomas Wylde bag is definitely what I’d call an investment or heirloom bag. He reminds me a bit of Alexander McQueen. I would have to say that at such a high price point, if you are not completely loving it, I’d probably wait for something that does scream buy me. It looks more like a trend bag to me, which means it’ll be hot for a while but then totally passe before long.

    The Scorpion Bag is neat but a high price point and it unfortunately leans towards the trend too. I tend to think dropping that much on a bag should be reserved for something more classic that will not go out of style. Then I’d think of more of a trend bag.

    If you do have to at least get it out of your system, I’d recommend using Bag, Borrow, or Steal. It costs a lot but it’s less than buying the bag and there’s no long term commitment.

    I’d say if you like big bags, go with it! It may just be finding the right big bag so it doesn’t look like a small suitcase. I’m also very short, but there are outfits that just call for an oversized bag.

    You may want to take into account that I tend to go for clean lines with touches of embellishment. My favorite designers are Ralph Lauren, Armani, and Valentino if that gives you any indication of my fashion sense.

    I do sometimes get to go to Tampa during the winter or Phoenix. I’ll let you know if I get to travel when it’s nice. That’d be so much fun to meet up!

    Well, considering skin is the largest human organ, you have to take care of it properly! Whatever skin care regime your skin likes, go with it. My skin freaks out at the weirdest things sometimes.

    Wow, your dad’s bakery sounds neat! Probably a good thing no pastries. Those are really tedious to make! I would probably have to indulge in 1 magnolia cupcake a month and then avoid it like the plague the rest of the month. The Iron Tomato sounds like my kind of restaurant!

    I got the Primavista powder foundation, Primavista loose powder, KP LE loose powder, JS Snow Violet eye single, Visee Glam Hunt Eyes in G5 (gray purple), Visee cream wp eyeliner, and a whole bunch of samples! I may have forgotten something there. I’ve been a little preoccupied. Hm…I’ll probably indulge in some SUQQU next and then that lovely CD quad in fall colors. My brown-blue obsession has to take a back seat to the fall color quad. That quad is just too gorgeous!

    Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday but then it’s off to Florida on Sunday. Not exactly my favorite time to go there. Blah.

    Happy Friday! Many hugs and wishes for a good day! Let me know what you decide about the bag.

    Love ya lots!

  • the Muse


    If anyone left a comment for this please know I’m not ignoring you!

    This morning I unintentionally deleted the comments for this particular review!


    Sorry guys 😉

    Do feel free to leave them again as I love hearing what you have to say 🙂

  • jkim

    the short, concise version of my post. 😉

    here’s the english language version of the aqua sherbet promotion:

    thanks so much for the review! i can’t say for sure why etude house urges you to use so many products other than to get you to buy them all (the way of most cosmetics brands). as you can see in the promotional material, they only really say you need 3 things, but they “recommend” that you get them all.

  • ???

    Hi dearie Muse,

    I left a comment for you on you Etude House Peach Skin Pact and Base… But you never approved it… Did it got lost? 🙁

    Anyway, thanks to you, I am quite hook to Etude House and are forever finding chances to get there!

    Loving your reviews and your fun personality! 😀 Though it breaks my wallet, but oh well, if Musey says good, it should be good! LOL

    Have a fab weekend!


  • the Muse

    hey jkim!

    Oh thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!

    You’re most welcome 🙂

    I don’t mind so much as my normal skincare regime is nutty as hell!

    Plus it’s so cheap why not indulge in all of it hehehe!

  • the Muse

    hi plue!

    I didn’t get it 🙁 Sorry honey! Sometimes comments get swallowed up into cyberspace!

    I was definately not ignoring you 😛

    LOL fantastic so glad you are loving EH!

    Aw thanks honey *hugs you*

    LOL! Enjoy 🙂 I look forward to some of your reviews on the products!

  • ???

    Hello darling!

    🙂 I did already a review on both the base and the peach skin pact. And me just got myself a Cookie Blusher! 😀 Next buy is the Beam Blusher! The Pink and Berry beam is a bit too light for me, like a highlighter, Peach looks good though 😀

    Was wondering have you seen the O2 whitening series? Seems quite nice… 🙂

    And Kate just launch glam trick in GN-1 here! Slow, but the colour is fab! Now I know why you love it! 😛


  • the Muse

    hello miss plue!

    well duh that shows me how behind I am on my blog reading!

    The Beam blusher is divine! Did you see the new fall selection of goodies?!
    Peach is my fav!

    No I haven’t…I did notice the magic bb cream which is what I want 🙂

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY You must get GN1!!!!!!! 🙂 It’s gorgeous!

    Love ya plue!

  • ???

    It’s okay dear, i know how swamped you are with work and blogs and comments to reply! 😛

    Yeap! I read your post on the fall goodies already! But, I don’t think it will reach Malaysia anytime soon, as the Summer stuff that you review isn’t here yet! Gasp! Slow!

    Which BB cream you eyeing? Me using the one with oil control and i think it’s pretty nice! Shall review it soon! 😀

    And ooh, the moment I saw GN-1, I bought it! 😀 😀 😀 I wanna be as fab as Musey dear!


    loves loves loves,

  • the Muse

    hi plue!

    Thanks for understanding MWAH!

    Oh no very slow so sorry! I’m eyeballing the BB Magic Cream it looks interesting as hell!

    awwwww shucks LOL thanks Plue *huge hugs*

    Love ya!