September 30, 2008

Lancome Absolue Makeup Review

I went to Atlantic City this weekend so of course I had to hit up the Lancome Outlet to see what they had in stock.

They had a ton of items however I was actually quite relieved that it wasn’t anything I absolutely needed (I’ve been known to get crazy at the Lancome Outlet) however one item did catch my eye which was Lancome Absolue Makeup and for the ridiculous price of $10 USD (this normally retails for $57 USD) I firgured I might as well try it.

Honestly, I’m not sure what I was thinking when I purchased it because aside from being great for dry skin it’s really not what I’d typical look for in a foundation. It’s meant for dry/mature skin…ummm dry yes but I’m not quite that mature least I don’t think I am. It’s pretty heavy and super pigmented for covering up everything and anything….again not what I’d normally reach for as I like a lighter foundation for my face.

Turns out that it works amazingly well and is actually well worth it’s originally $57 USD price tag. I can see myself purchasing another if I ever actually use all of this one as the jar is freaking huge and should last me till the apocalypse (Dontcha just love Misha?).

I do not recommend this for oily skin this is strictly for dry skin in my humble opinion. It’s extremely heavy foundation and a little tiny bit goes a very, very, very long wear. At the moment I can’t make proper use of it but as soon as the colder weather settles in my skin will be falling to it’s knees and thanking the Lancome gods for such a perfectly, moisturizing foundation that offers beautiful, airbrushed coverage and helps keep my dry skin dewy and moist!

I originally purchased this since I became slightly obsessed with foundations in a jar after falling in love with Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation and CoverGirl TRUblend Whipped Foundation plus the price couldn’t be beat at $10 bucks! I know, I know, pot foundations breed bacteria and germs but this does come with a handy little scoop so my fingers are never actually touching the foundation! And get this….the scoop comes with this handy little plastic pocket to store it in….sue me, I get excited about the little things! I was reading My Makeup Reviews (best site evers) a few days ago and Jojoba was saying how she hated the fact she had no where to store the little scoop from Clarins Instant Smooth Foundation so here in lays a little bit of a solution! A little plastic sleeve for my scoop! Yay!

A little bit more information about the formula…..

As I mentioned the formula is extra moisturizing and extremely pigmented. You can do light coverage but it does take a bit of work to figure out exactly how much you’ll need for a thinner layer of coverage as it always seems I’m just using too much! But after working with the product for a bit I finally got it down to the perfect amount for a nice, sheer layer of coverage that lightens my complextion, erases dullness, and leaves my skin looking airbrushed and perfect.

I was particularly thrilled with how great it worked under my eyes. It’s thick yes but it works well at concealing dark circles and just general under eye woes without drying the area out so it takes on the task of foundation and concealer in one product.

There are 12 color selections available and from looking at the site it appears they have pretty much all tones covered but I do find that when I am selecting color ranges from Lancome for foundation and concealers it’s best to head to your local counter to purchase so you can swatch it out and see what is best suited to your skin tone.

The wear is particularly good and you can easily get eight hours of wear out of this with proper prepping. I started out my day with it as of 5 am and it lasted till around 3 pm before it started fading and needing touch up. Not bad in my opinion plus it didn’t turn ashy on me as foundations sometimes have been known to do after long wear on my face.

I recommend this for the following skin:

  • Those who seek an extra moisturizing foundation especially if your skin is dry in the Winter.
  • Fantastic foundation for those who have the beginings or full effect of lines on their face as this will erase fine lines and create a smoother, fresher appearance.
  • Those who seek extra coverage
  • Those who want a foundation that can multitask as a concealer.

This one I’m approving for purchase. I’d indulge in $57 USD for it considering how much coverage and moisture if offers plus it’s a very large that will last over a year. Taking all the positives into consideration with absolutely zero negatives I’d say it’s well worth checking out for yourself. Pricey yes, but does exactly what it promises and more!


Check out more of the color selections and further information at Lancome.

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  • the Muse

    Hiya Valerie 🙂

    I know! EEP! I couldn’t resist even if it was meant for aging skin 🙂

    Ended up working out perfect in the end so glad I indulged!

    Thanks for the comment 🙂
    Hope to talk to you again soon!

  • Dao

    I need to take notes on this one. My mom would probably love it since her skin is actually dry and matured. But for her age, she has really good skin. Sadly her good skin gene does not pass to me 🙁

  • the Muse

    hi dao how are you love?

    this was a weird one for me as my skin isn’t quite matured yet aside from fine lines under my eyes but the extra moisture sure is great for winter 🙂

    I think you have lovely skin what are you talking about girl 😛

  • Anonymous

    Kayvid: Oh God! That’s so lucky Muse. I want it!!! 🙂
    You are one major lemming starter…however I will first look for a Lancome ouitlet 🙂

  • the Muse

    hey kayvid!

    total score on this lol!

    😉 I’m sure lancome outlet will have it as I think my woodbury outlet one did but I stupidly passed it up the 1st time around!

    good stuff! Especially for my yucky winter dry skin!

  • the Muse

    nell hi! how are you?

    Missed ya around here!

    90!?!??! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s insane 🙁

  • Paige

    TJ Maxx has several Lancome items. Occasionally, they have their skin care but when I stopped by this weekend, my local store had lots of makeup to choose from. I picked up a Magic Mouse foundation for $10, a lipgloss in French Pink (7.99 -going to get a back up if it’s still there), a lipstick in All Day Beige (7.99). They had eyeshadow duos, liners, lip jellies, blusher in the $7-10 range. Definitely a great buy!

  • the Muse

    hey paige!

    Ooo coo!!!! Any luck with this!?

    Nice steals and deals! Sweet! I have a few TJ Maxx around here I should have a lookiee!

    I once hauled major UD at TJ Maxx and was quite the happy camper!

  • Paige

    How dreamy that must have been finding UD at your local TJ Maxx! I was hoping that I would find a bit of stila since it’s been sited at several locations just not at mine:(. Good luck to finding some Lancome items for yourself:-)