October 17, 2008

Bobbi Brown Pink Satin Collection Review

Ahhh the Bobbi Brown Pink Satin Collection, truly the crown jewel in my cosmetic collection (at least for now it is! Tomorrow I’m sure I’ll be on to the next fabulous makeup find!).

Many months ago I spotted this amazing collection first at Neiman Marcus and later on Bobbi Brown’s site. I knew I absolutely needed it but I couldn’t quite justify the $140 USD price tag. Honestly, it was worth the cost considering it included two palettes, brushes, and a case however I was feeling a bit reserved and stingy so I kept holding out on buying it. Finally, when I did decide to make the plunge this collection was gone from site and I couldn’t locate it again for the very life of me.

Much to my UTTER delight I located the Bobbi Brown Pink Satin Collection last week at my local CCO for $98 USD and I quickly snatched it up as I couldn’t, for the second time, let it escape my greedy little hands!

The collection is truly gorgeous and I’m so happy to finally have it and a bit sickened by the fact that I didn’t get it the first time around considering how beautiful it is.

The set includes a mini blush brush, a mini shadow brush, a mini lip brush, a leather case, a trio of limited edition Bobbi Brown Metallic eyeshadows, and a trio of Bobbi Brown glosses. All the items really caught my fancy however I was skeptical of the lip palette and the lip brush. I’m not a fan of lip palettes as I find them very messy to work with and lip brushes are equally annoying as they do NOT apply lipgloss or lipstick very well in my humblest opinion! However, much to my utter delight both the lip brush and the lip palette ended up stealing the show for me!

The lip palette contains three shades which are Spring Blossom, Posey, and Pastel Ink. The glosses are delightfully moist and they simply glide onto my lips leaving behind a perfectly shiny pout with just a tiny hint of color! They are lovely alone or mix them up to create a more intense look! I like starting out my look by using Spring Blossom, which is a shimmery reddish pink, all over my lips and layering Pastel Ink, which is a true pink shade, on top! Posey is a shimmering nude pink which pairs up well with either of the shades in the palette but looks the best when layered with Spring Blossom! Alone or together all the shades are stunning, especially the amazingly soft, moisturizing formula! They glide on super well which makes this palette a quick favorite for me as most lips palettes I’ve tried always have a rather hard texture but these just have an intense glossy formula that really turned my head around and made me take notice! The palette is my favorite in the entire kit and I’m particularly thrilled with the lip brush which made applying a snap. Like the glosses the lip brush is super soft! I’ve had my fair share of crummy experiences with really hard, stiff lip brushes and I’m none to fond of them however using this brush has completely changed my opinion and I have a new found love of of them now! The brush is super soft and just the right size for smoothing gloss or lipstick on lips! I think the brush actually made the palette even better than it actually was since it made my application so smooth and effortless! Truly these two pieces were my favorite in the kit and have really changed my mind about lip palettes and brushes in general!

The second trio palette in the kit included three Bobbi Brown Metallic eyeshadows in limited edition shades Hot Stone, Pink Ice, and Navajo (I believe Navajo is currently offered as a single shadow but don’t quote me on that!). Although the palette is fantastic, the lip palette remains my favorite of the two. In order to create your look it’s best to use Navajo as a highlight for your highbrow area paired up with Hot Stone on the crease and Pink Ice on the lid. I used this method to create my “Pink Satin” look. Out of the three shadows Pink Ice is my favorite, it’s a shimmery pink shade. Navajo is also a quick favorite being a creamy, shimmery gold shade. Hot Stone didn’t catch my fancy overmuch but it does work wonderfully well as a contrasting crease shade when paired up with Pink Ice!

The kit also included three mini brushes and as you already know I am loving the lip brush. Although I run across a few rants here and there about how mini brushes just aren’t the same as full size, I personally don’t find that to be true! I actually love mini brushes and I think they are identical quality to larger size brushes. Bobbi Brown brushes are particularly good in mini size and the three included with the kit are fabulous. Easy to store, work well at applying my makeup, and fantastic and ideal for travel! What more could a girl want? You already know about the lip brush but the other two brushes included are a shadow brush and a blush brush!

And finally the kit includes a mini leather makeup clutch which is quite nice. The case has slots for the three brushes, a mini pouch for storing smaller makeup items, and a roomy main compartment for toting a good deal of makeup around plus a wrist strap.

The set also included a tutorial card for creating your “Pink Satin” look. I was a tad bit peeved that the card suggests using other shadows that didn’t come with the kit. It’d be awesome if they just gave tips for using the kit without offering suggestions for using other items but I guess that’s a minor rant on my part!

All in all the kit is an amazing deal at the price I paid and it was truly a great deal at it’s original $140 USD price tag! I love just about everything in it! I’m super happy to have had the chance to add this to my collection and I know I’ll be reaching for the glosses and shadows daily for creating a subtle, natural pink look!

The look I created this morning was a tad bit rushed and didn’t come out as nicely as I wanted plus I’ve been sick so I’m looking overly tired, apologies it happens to the Muse on occasion! However, the show must go, sick and tired or not, and I really wanted to have at least one look to show you when I reviewed the kit!

So here it is:

As you can see it’s very soft and natural but allows for a bit of sparkle on the eyes and a nice pop of color on the lips! I think with a bit more time I’d have created a nicer look then this but even rushed it does have a nice look to it!

Overall, I highly recommend trying to locate your own Bobbi Brown Pink Satin Collection if you have access to a CCO in your area! It’s definately Muse Approved for purchase if you can locate it!

The Muse likey, ALOT!

How about you?

Did you luck out the first time this was released?

Did you buy it?

Do you love it?

Are you lemming it now that the Muse has whet your appetite?

Tell me all about it!

Don’t forget to stay tuned next week as the Muse may or may not have a little bit of Bobbi Brown Holiday 2008 to share with you! We’ll have to see!

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  • Emilita

    I love how you always feature such interesting products, but your writing style and voice are the true cherry on top.

    And thanks for doing the math on Sephora’s lash stash…I think I might just pick it up. I enjoy sampling things and indulging in variety.

  • Aline

    i love bobbi brown… their collections are always so glowy and fresh, and it looks gorgeous on you muse!

    if we were to go shopping together, id be just as bad as you when it comes to enabling lol… if i dont make it out there, id love for you to get in touch with me if youre planning on making your way out to LA… we could enable eachother! lol

    god the weeks are passing by so fast! where the hell does the time go? you have a great weekend too muse! be safe..

    major hugs and kisses…


  • Mizz x


    I was very lucky to get that eyeshadow palette myself, and it’s just what I need! It’s going to be in my top five, i love it! I was lemming it for a long time, then thought maybe it’s not that special at all, and then someone i knew was selling hers.. I’m happy I got it.

  • Nell

    Hey, IΒ΄m glad you got this. Bobbi Brown sets are always really great. I canΒ΄t wait to get to Woodbury Common!!!!!!
    Glad you are better after your bout with the flu!

  • Phyrra

    Hmm, I don’t think this is my favorite look for you.

    That being said, get some rest πŸ˜‰
    I hope you’re having a great weekend!

  • Askmewhats

    The leather pouch looks so CHIC! Seldom do we find a free make-up pouch that looks expensive! πŸ™‚

    I love Bobbi Brown brushes, I haven’t tried any of their e/s or lip products..I should give them a try after seeing your MUSE approval πŸ™‚

  • the Muse

    hi there Emilita!

    Well thank you very very much I appreciate the lovely comment/compliment πŸ™‚

    Good for you! It’s a great deal and I’m sure you’ll love it! Thank you so much for commenting πŸ™‚ I appreciate it greatly and I hope we’ll talk again soon!

  • the Muse

    morning aline!

    Happy Monday!

    Thanks honey πŸ™‚ *hugs*

    I do too, after viewing the promo images on the models I almost always end up wanting items just b/c of that lol!

    Oh I’d love that! I normally go to CA at least once a year to see my friend alyssa πŸ™‚ I’d love to meet up or of course if you ever get here vice versa πŸ™‚

    Tell about it..before you know it, Christmas will be here!

    Hope your weekend was fab πŸ™‚

    Big hugs back!

  • the Muse

    hi mizz x!

    Fantastic! It’s a really nice palette isn’t it?

    I’m glad you found it. I had done the same thing..convinced myself it was something I probably didn’t need anyway but as soon as I seen it again I jumped all over it πŸ™‚

    I’m glad you got it as it truly is lovely!

  • the Muse

    hi Nell!

    I’m so happy I hauled it too πŸ™‚ Woodbury has some good steals lately!

    I’m doing much better although I have a little bit of a nagging cough still which I hope will clear up in the next few days!

  • the Muse

    hey niks!

    I agree!!!!!!!!! I have it tucked in my bag today πŸ™‚

    aw shucks thanks for trusting my opinion on ’em πŸ™‚