December 18, 2009

Pieces of Life: The End of Time Edition

Doctor Who

Hey there!

How’s Friday coming along for everyone?  Hopefully well!  I have reviews pre-scheduled for you shortly so those should be arriving soon.


This happens to be a post of the non-makeup variety.

Jump or not (entirely up to you).

If you’ve been with me as far back as when I started my little blog you probably know all about my unhealthy obsession with all things Doctor Who. I’ve a fan girl since I was a kid so you can imagine how crazy silly I am in regards to all things relating to the good Doctor.

If you’re a fan check out DanielFrow’s Channel on youTube as a friend and reader pointed out the David Tennant hosted Buzzcocks eppy has been uploaded. I just finished watching about two seconds ago….I got an e-mail from PJ from A Touch of Blusher yesterday and PJ mentioned it was a good episode, I must say it was very enjoyable if anything at all Noel always makes things interesting on Buzzcocks but Bernard Cribbins simply stole the show he was darling.


This is a friendly reminder from your neighborhood geek….

The Waters of Mars premieres on Saturday! This is television history peeps! It’s the first time ever that we get the Doctor for Christmas.

The schedule is as follows:

The Water of Mars Premieres Saturday Night and follows up with The End of Time Part 1 on Boxing Day and Part 2 on January 2nd.

Tomorrow night will set the scene for what’s to come so it will be a landmark episode in time. As you know, if you’re a geek and love all the wibley wobley, timey wimey stuff, many rumors are afoot of what will happen and what will be. My personal favorite can be found on youTube.

Anyway….tears will flow! Have your tissues ready! Heck the last time I sobbed this hard Tom Baker regenerated into Peter Davidson. I think the first time I seen the Logopolis episode I was about 10 years old….

And on that note I’ll leave you. Feel free to blather yourself silly over the Doctor in the comment box.

I’m recording all three episodes and having a Who themed New Year party this year where my friends and I will be watching all three episodes so try to keep the spoilers to a minimum

Ok, ’nuff geek stuff, makeup reviews coming at you in a few!

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  • Ally

    This is going to be the best Christmas present ever this year! I think I heard that Rose is suppose to cameo in it too? I don’t know how they are going to bring her back this time! Ah DW on Xmas is so exciting! I’ve been dying to watch The Waters of Mars again. And following that I’ll probably have a DW marathon all the way till Xmas hehe. I wonder if River Song will be in it too? Ever since the Silence in the Library episode, I’ve been freaking out, trying not to miss it when she finally reappears lol. Whether with Makeup or DW, you always brighten my day with your muses. I <3 U Muse!! :3

    • the Muse

      Oh gosh yes it is Ally. We never get a who christmas special 😀 Only the Brits do it. I can’t wait. Yes she will be back, I can’t wait to see how they work that in and I’m looking forward to seeing if they bring in the Doctor’s “twin” along with her. gosh I dunno if River will be in this one but you never know. From what I understand her story arc will be with Matt Smith not David again. I look forward to seeing the sh*t fly on that episode as I have some seriously fun stuff in my mind about who she is 😀 have a peep:

      awww shucks thanks gorgeous *hugs*

    • the Muse

      lol Aimee are you in the right season? Billie is long gone hun 🙂 Although she will be back for the end of time 🙂

      I’m gonna miss David too! He was a gem!

      • Aimee

        Oh I KNOW, but her cameo made me remember her again. 🙁 I haven’t really been following closely since she left so now this is really it.

  • mj

    I love love love the idea of a Dr.Who New Year’s party! I’d have banana daiquiris in honor of the Madame Pompadour episode. (Have you MET the French?)

    I am very, very conflicted about the whole transition thing- I adore Steven Moffat’s writing (the only current writer to consistently use time travel as an actual element in the story), but I will certainly miss other aspects of the world of the Doctor. I truly can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • the Muse

      come on over MJ hehehehe 😀 LOL LOVE the banana daiquiris 😀

      I’ll miss SM VERY much I’m VERY worried about that, more so that DT’s demise but I think it’s always turned out for the better in the long wrong. I like the theme of how the Doctor has gone very being very old and wise to very young, appearance wise that is!

  • sureyya

    hiya! I love D.W and your blog 😀 The buzzcocks episode was so so good! Catherine Tate…so funny :p and they had an ood!! oood!!! I can’t wait for the last eppys, but i don’t want tennant to leave 🙁 sad! xxx

    • the Muse

      LOL sureyya I flipped when the ood came out of the Tardis! got me hyped. I like buzzcocks anyway but a who themed one=AWESOMEZ! CT seemed a bit nutty though lol

      I will be too…:(

  • 2sheds

    So, I’m only about the biggest Dr. Who nerd on earth. (Do you think there’s some makeup-Dr. Who connection? Or is it just us?) “My Doctor” was Peter Davison; I was already a fan of his from “All Creatures Great & Small”, and I thought he did a great job of portraying a unique Doctor while incorporating some characteristics of his predecessors. I still cry like a baby if I see (pretty much any part of) “The Caves of Androzani” — although, really, all the regeneration episodes are tear-jerkers. I’ve really enjoyed David Tennant, so this certainly will be a sad one. BTW, if you’re a fan of John Simm (the “new” Master) and haven’t checked out the show “Life on Mars” yet, do so. It’s an excellent show!

    • the Muse

      hi 2sheds

      Guilty as charged, another big geek in the Doctor who universe here. Ha I’d love some makeup related who stuff 😀 My doctor was Tom Baker! Lord yes, many of the regeneration eppys get me sniveling like a little kid. I’ve enjoyed David very much especially when I was very opposed to him at first as I was enjoying CE as the Doctor. oh yes love it, have it on DVD 😀 John Simm is fab he does do a rather funky crazy twist on the Master doesn’t he but not as great as roger delgado 😀

  • Nia

    I will so miss David Tennant as the Doctor, the new one is definitely too young to be a Doctor. But maybe that’s just me.

    • the Muse

      hey Nia!

      Happy Monday! I felt the same way about Davident Tennant when he took the realm 😀 I HOPE they give Matt Smith a sense of ancient as they did David 😀 I think they may surprise us!

    • the Muse

      me too dd 😀 don’t forget tivo the Doctor Who: Inside the Tardis good stuff!

  • DivaShop

    Whoa, Waters of Mars was scary & I was absolutely freaking out at the thought of the Doctor losing his mind near the end! ARGH! I’m half anticipating, half dreading the last 2 episodes. I’m wondering if Donna gets her memory back & dies because of it. AUGH! I’m on pins & needles!

    • the Muse

      ahhh gloria! 😀 I’m so excited. I haven’t seen yet but can’t wait 😀 I’m sure Donna will be ok I have a feeling all will be right in the world of Who 😀

  • DivaShop

    Ak, I’m sorry, I din’t mean to give you a spoiler. My sister downloads them as soon as they’re release, so I forget that others haven’t seen yet. 🙁 Sorry.

  • Nia

    So, I finally did it. Yes, after nearly a year. Not sooner. Waited as long as I could.
    And now I did it. Finally watched it. The End of Time.
    *sob* Cried like a baby! Well, it’s over. I am sad. Really sad.
    Will I like the new Doctor?

    And honestly, I think Donnas granddad was the best companion he ever had. Although he was not really a companion. *sigh*