January 13, 2010

WANTS IT: Miraclear Adjustable Facial Cleansing Tool

A-hem. I want a Miraclear Adjustable Facial Cleansing Tool. Is that kinda like saying I want Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle! Yeah, I thought so too.

Miraclear Adjustable Facial Cleansing Tool 3

No but seriously I want one of these Miraclear gadgets. Dude, for serious, I need it in my life like today.


While doing my normal web crawl around QVC my eyes did so spy this Miraclear Adjustable Facial Cleansing Tool and I proceeded to clap my hands together in glee. It looks interesting and hey it’s affordable for $20 bucks. Ok, I think I’ll take one.

Miraclear Adjustable Facial Cleansing Tool 2

Miraclear Adjustable Facial Cleansing Tool 1

It’s actually a skin cleaning buffer a la the L’Oreal 360 scrublet but on a larger scale. It supposedly helps skin care products to penetrate more deeply by removing surface dirt and dead cells. It also adjusts to the shape of your face thank’s to an air-injected mechanism! I think it has a compass to just in case you forgot the way to the bathroom, DUE NORTH!

Seriously, isn’t it kinda funky? I think I need more tech gadgets in my life particularly beauty ones.

Hmm debating on ordering one. You might see a review in your future on this.

Whatcha think?


Poor girl’s Clarisonic?

Available from QVC, Item Number A95009.

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  • Melissa

    Order it review it and let me know if it works on body too.K? Thanks – all your readers this demanding? JK! I need something for travel to replace my clarisonic as the small clarisonic is not in my budget. This might be okeedokee. 🙂

    • the Muse

      lol melissa got it! *check!* I def wanna try so prob see a review sometime soon hun!

  • Hailee

    Haha poor girls clarasonic fo sho!! Do you know if it’s availible anywhere else than QVC? I like instant gratification 😀

    • the Muse

      hailee I looked but didn’t see it around I’m the same, want, now, please, k, thanks 🙂

  • Kristina

    Washcloths and cotton pads remove surface dirt and dead cells. They also adjust to the shape of your face, although notably, not by air injection. Gimmick!

    • the Muse

      kristina you’re killing my buzz…I want a techy gadget to clean my skin! *stamps foot* hehe!

  • stef

    Loves me some gadgets! Beauty and otherwise.

    It kinda looks like a sander. A very feminine sander. Like a “Bebe Gallini” sander!
    Anyone remember that Brady Bunch episode?

    • the Muse

      hey stef how are you?

      me too 😀 LOL of course I remember that one! ha!

  • suz

    it’s a pass, I love my skinfood black sugar scrub and on it’s way; my Cure Natural Aqua Gel. Does the job really well without breaking my bank!! On top…I’ve been eye a clarisonic…so maybe down the road it will get a little cheaper then I’ll grab it 😉

    • the Muse

      I can’t live without cure natural aqua gel suz so I totally understand how you feel! 😀 clarisonic is well worth it, I started out life hating it but now I can’t see myself without it!

  • cherie

    poor girl’s clarisonic? haha!! you always say the funniest things, muse!

  • Jennifer

    To be so honest with you, I think it would end up in your beauty cemetary of items never used. It does look neat, and I even thought about it. However, I would just go back to my glycolic peel pads and microfiber washcloth. Save your $20 for something really cool and you know you would use:)

    • the Muse

      I’d probably use it a week and the same jennifer but dam I still want cool beauty gadgetry!

  • Crystal

    hi muse~
    this is an old post, i know but i was just checking out this thingy too!

    you see.. my mom got this for me some time back and i thought it was nonsense when she said it has anti-bacterial effects, deep cleanses and refines pores. (pfft! gimmicky huh?)

    after about 3 weeks of using this baby at night, my pores are sooooo much finer! i loves loves loves it to bits! definately a must-get!

    • the Muse

      hey crystal sounds fab 😀 I def need to try, I never ordered but was curious about it, nice to hear a mini review 😀 thanks!

  • Cj

    Really old post update incoming! Lol. I don’t know if you ever got this, I was looking for different cleansing tools other than the Clarisonic and saw this post and was instantly hooked! Sadly they don’t sell it on QVC anymore but with my awesome google skills I found they have their own website. They actually have a couple different ones, they have a hair one which is basically a scalp massager, a body one for body exfoliation, and a regular massager. I ordered the face one and I’m loving it! Maybe even more than my Clarisonic, it makes my face sooo soft. I might order the body and hair one soon! Btw the site is buymiraclear.com