May 4, 2010

Just a Friendly Way to Wash Your Face: Johnson & Johnson Purpose Soap Review

Soap, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Muse on a never ending mission to explore new and exciting ways to cleanse her face and boldly go where no woman has gone before….

That’d be by washing my face with a big old bar of soap.


I’ve been watching WAY too many Star Trek Generations reruns on BBC America. I swear I can play a part in Generations, I know like every line, plus I realized my Wesley Crusher lust is still as strong as evers.


Yeah well you probably won’t take to washing up with soap anytime soon but honestly, on occasion, when you’re feel a little lazy, soap is ok particularly soap that’s MEANT for your face.

If you’re not up for shelling out a buncha cash on Lush Queen of Hearts or Clarins Beauty Soap, you can go grab yourself some Johnson & Johnson Purpose Soap and call it a day.

What is it?

A big old bar of soap to cleanse your face with!

The Good….

Purpose Soap is an oil-free, hypoallergenic beauty bar that won’t clog pores. It produces a mild lather to remove dirt, oil, etc…without drying out skin or clogging pores. Not alot going on here really…its simply bar of soap for cleaning your face so if you’re the lazy type that wants a quick clean this is ideal for those days you simply aren’t up for using 10 products to get all your makeup off. Mind you, it’s not going to remove waterproof mascara but it does do a fab job scrubbing your face free of foundation, blush, etc…and doing so with a very sensitive formula that won’t dry your skin out but still manages to get you super squeaky clean.

On occasion I’m lazy as hell so honestly reaching for a little soap and water isn’t such a bad idea which is why I LOVE the Clarins Beauty Bar however if that’s a little above your budget you can spend a simple 2 bucks on a bar of Purpose and it’ll pretty much perform just as well plus it’s easier to travel with. Slap that bad boy in a little plastic soap carrier and you’re good to motor.

The Bad….

Not much bad about it, it lathers up and you’re good to go.

Who might like it?

  • Anyone who wants a no nonsense way to clean up!
  • Anyone who doesn’t wear a ton of makeup.
  • Chicklets with sensitive skin and in need of a gentle cleanser.
  • Those of us feeling a little lazy at the end of the night and wanting a quickie clean up.

Who might not like it?

  • Anal types who embrace a long term cleansing routine they don’t veer from even when they are feeling lazy.

Final Thoughts….

I don’t embrace or recommend cleansing your face with facial soap daily as I do think your skin deserves a good cleansing routine that doesn’t involve one step. However, for days you’re just off your game and feeling a little lazy or just got home later after a long day at work and want a quickie way to clean up….facial soap is a great solution! Particularly one that sets you back a buck or two.

Anyone use facial soap?

Which one?

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    oh gosh muse Myabe I”m the only one but I just have a thign for bars of soap lol just the idea of rubbing something on your face and it will clena your face!~!? its so insanse def checking it out.

    • the Muse

      hey linda lol you don’t wanna rub the bar on your face 😀 just lather up in your hands and proceed to massage on your face with your hands 😀 it’s not good for daily use imho but for lazy days it does the trick!

  • Aki

    I LOOOOVE Star Trek, so I really liked the beginning of this post. And I’m missing the chance to meet Wil Wheaton this summer. =(

    Big bars of soap for my face intimidate me. XP

    • the Muse

      i met him one year at a conference and nearly wee’d myself aki 😀 I’ve had a crush on him since I was like 12! stand by me sealed the deal 😀 LOL!

  • regina

    hmm not a fan of bars of soap for the face im more of a skincare routine girl even on my lazy days i use my milk cleanser for a quick clean. my momma told me bars of soap arent meant for your face lol, but i could be wrong.

    • the Muse

      hey regina bars of soap are NOT meant for your face lol but this is an actual facial bar so it is made for your face not your body 😀

  • Tohnia

    I like my Neutrogena soap for cleansing my face when i’m super duper lazy. I got 2 bars for $8 (CAD), when I got my ears pierced and I had to clean them daily. I like it because it doesn’t dry out my skin, and doesn’t leave a film behind. I just picked up some lemon bar soap with exfoliation built in. I bought it for the packaging (super kawaii devilish characters!), and the price (can’t beat $1!). Going to try it and see if it agrees with my sensitive skin.

    • the Muse

      tohnia sounds cute! plus I love lemon!

      I use the clarins beauty bar (and not this) for the same reason! lazy clean up in a snap!

  • Elena

    I’m used to face bars. Im a big fan of the Neutrogena bar for oily skin. And it’s almost the same as Purpose: it won’t remove your mascara, but the rest of your makeup will go bye-bye easily.

    I like to improve the action of this bars using a face brush, ir’s really surprising to see the brush after scrubbing your face and the brush looks dirty!!!

    • the Muse

      elena def a great way to quickly clean up your face 😀

  • jackieg02

    I used to use this soap when I was like 12 or 13, the dermatologist reccomended it. I was battling some pretty bad acne at the time and he said that was better than the Neutrogena soap I was using.

    Funny you should bring a boring old piece of soap to your fancy blog!!!

    • the Muse

      lol jackie 😀 I know soap right? but sometimes I like things to be lazy 😀 so soap it is for the days I can’t take removing everything with 100’s of products :D)

  • jenna

    i am a firm believer that simplicity is best when it comes to cleansing! i’ve tried the clinique 3 step, almost every skincare system from the body shop, proactiv, etc etc etc. and NOTHING leaves my skin as happy and beautiful as Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and a Norwex face cloth! I follow with a good eye cream (Arbonne FC5 for now but looking forward to trying Benefit Eyecon) and Jergens daily glow Face because I’m obsessed with a tanned look. I’ve been COMPLETELY pimple free and glowing for a year and a half on this little system!