June 1, 2010

Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara with Diamonds Review

You honestly won’t hear a peep of rant or compliant from this Muse when you mention diamonds. Diamond infused moisturizer, sparkling diamond eye shadow, sparkling diamond laced powder….diamonds mean sparkle, sparkle means Imma likey that!

Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara now has diamonds dontcha know! Maybelline has taken it’s original Colossal formula and beefed it up with luminous sparkles for a diamond like effect.

Just what we always wanted right?


What is it?

Why a diamond laced mascara of course. Well, not real diamonds. The formula is infused with fine silver shimmer particles to create a literal twinkle in your eye!

The Good….

I’ve tried many a mascara that sport diamonds and sparkles and glitter…you name it, I’ve tried it. Japanese brands are fond fans of infusing sparkle in their mascaras and you know damn well I’ve been all over that.

Now…as per the norm you can rarely see the sparkle in mascara unless you get up close and personal, as in nose to nose. However, Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara with Diamonds actually does have a fair bit of twinkle that’s reasonably seen at a safe distance, as in you do not have to press your nose to someone’s face and squint to see that sparkle. It gives lashes a nice little blast of very fine silver sparkles, cute really, particularly if you sport a smoky eye and want a little drama along for the ride.

The brush is one of those standard brushes however its size is about double the norm. I was decently impressed with the original Maybelline the Colossal Volume Mascara and this performs decently as well (nothing to write home and tell your dear old mum about though). It offers nice decent length and a more natural fringe of lashes. Anyone who prefers a more natural, weightless mascara will enjoy this particularly anyone who wants to keep curl since the formula is so lightweight it doesn’t weight lashes down. It curls decently however the aid of a curler is always helpful.

The Bad….

Formula isn’t the deepest black since some of the sparkle seems to take away from the actual color of the mascara. This doesn’t build well so one layer is good, two is nice, three may cause havoc. I notice this clumps up a little bit and starts creating a uni-lash as soon as I go for that third layer (as you can see in my photo below).

Who Might Like It?

  • Shimmer-a-holics!
  • Anyone who likes a more natural fringe of lashes.
  • Anyone seeking a lightweight mascara.

Who Might Not Like It?

  • Anyone who wants dramatic lashes.
  • Anyone who isn’t keen on shimmer in their mascara formula.

Final Thoughts….

This is a nice to have mascara but if you’re looking for drama you’ll be knocking on the wrong door as it definitely doesn’t provide anything of the sort. I liked that the sparkle was pretty noticeable when I titled my head at the right angle however I’m not sure this is reason enough to indulge. It’s nice for anyone who likes a more natural finish to lashes but I’m a drama lover and this simply doesn’t bring that to my table.

Ok, but nothing you need.

Anyone try?

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    my sister uses this mascara for the gym and it smells so bad!!!! lol I don’t understand adding shimmer to mascara

    I have an armani top coat with silver and that makes more sense to me…

    still its a cool idea and i love the packaging!!

    • the Muse

      mmm linda def. It does have a weird chemical smell going on! I have the armani one as well. I think it’s the cheaper option that appeals I’m sure 😀 lol!

  • Robyn

    i have the sparkly lancome mascara hypnose i think dont use it that much but when i do people always seem to notice my lashes sparkling

    just realised i seem to have a thing about mascara bottles that bourjois elastic one i commented on and ive just noticed the original of this and this one the hugeness and yellowness is upseting it just wouldnt look pretty in my makeup drawer

    • the Muse

      I didn’t get it robyn! and we had it too..around xmas I think I don’t think it’s around anymore or is it hm!

      I agree. hate the packaging!

  • Charmaine

    I have the regular Colossal, and I hate it, so it’s kinda good [for me, at least] that this one isn’t any big deal. I like to have sparkly lashes sometimes, and if this HAD been good for sparkles I woulda been torn – ‘I hate the original, but this one is so sparkly good, do I suck it up and buy it, or just let it go?’ – like that.

    • the Muse

      lol char if you liked the original the sparkles might be worth a haul my dear!

      • Charmaine

        lol, Iz, I so wish that I did like the original, but I H-A-T-E it!!!! Makes it feel like I’ve coated my lashes with itchy cement, they feel heavy and dry and brittle and itchy and YUCK! in general, lmao
        though I may have to try the sparkles juuuust to see, and cuz I’m a masochist, lololol