August 11, 2010

Soap & Glory Night In Shining Armour Review

Dear Soap and Glory,

Dude, what up?

I was at Target two weeks ago and I gotta say your display is looking all kinds of poorly. Each time I pass it, less and less product is available. The Muse is starting to grow cold and alone without you at my local Target.

Whatever will I do?

You’re taking way too long to announce your new retailer and honestly, I’m starting to get worried. I really do not want to arrange flights to England simply to shop Soap and Glory at Boots, it’s too costly! Although maybe some other readers of Musings might want to help spring for a jet….but if I can’t get the funds together for that, won’t you please consider getting your new retail information up soon?

k, thanks.

Tea together soon?

Love ya!

the Muse

Yeah, well, Soap and Glory still hasn’t announced its new retailer and lord knows I’m having bad cases of withdrawal, oh so this is what it feels like to come down from meth, ok, not that bad, totally dramatic moment there.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait much longer but while we do want a review of Soap & Glory Night In Shining Armour?


Soap & Glory Night in Shining Armour is a night cream cream with proven Wrinkle Reducing SuperPeptide Complex……I dunno that’s what Soap & Glory says it has inside..!

Like most Soap & Glory Skincare products it has all sorts of OMG ingredients like SUPERPEPTIDE and SUPERPEPTIDE COMPLEX. I dunno if Soap & Glory makes this stuff or if they are real ingredients but lord knows I get a kick out of reading the description.

This comes housed in a rather heavy jar, it’s not glass but it feels like it. It’s rather pretty and pink so it’ll sit happily on your vanity without looking terribly industrial. It smells alot like many of Soap & Glory skin care products, kinda citrus, orange-y like, quite pleasant to my nose but those sensitive to smell might not love it. Supposedly it reduces wrinkles, improve elasticity, and firms skin within two months of use.

I honestly haven’t seen a significant change in my skin however I also do not have wrinkles or lines on my face I was kinda just indulging in the hopes it would work as an anti-aging mechanism.

The formula is of a medium texture that’s not too thin and not to thick but just somewhere in between. It’s quite creamy and absorbs easily into the skin however it does feel a tad on the greasy, oily side of things.   The greasiness isn’t too terribly bad in my opinion considering you’re wearing it to bed.

It definitely smooths drier skin on my face and makes my face a tiny bit brighter come morning but any other long term benefits I couldn’t speak of yet.

Comes in a jar so dipping in could make you squeamish, a pump or squeeze tube would be nicer.

  • Older ladies seeking a budget friendly anti-aging night cream ($15.99)!
  • Soap & Glory fan girls like myself!
  • Anyone seeing a low dose of peptides in their night cream!

  • Anyone sensitive to fragrance in their skin care.

It’s probably not going to perform any miracles but you never know! At $15.99 it’s a very do-able night cream at the very least in my opinion and should appeal to those who have had success with Soap & Glory skin care. The finish is a tad greasy but as I mentioned above you’re wearing it to bed so not too big a deal. I can’t tell you about major results or even long term ones but I will say it’s a rather nice, inexpensive night cream that helps hydrate and smooth my skin so I wake up with refreshed, lively skin and didn’t dish out $50 or more bucks to get it!

Anyone try it?

Did you like it?

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Available from Target (but for how long remains to be seen….)!

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  • Leah

    Us Brits are very lucky to have S&G at our disposal, their hot cloth face polish is to die for!

    Not sure if I’m in the market for a night cream, but as you say the packaging is just too cute so I might haul anyway… there is a Boots literally 5 minutes from my apartment…

    • the Muse

      leah I adore the hot cloth face polish really great stuff agreed 😀 you lucky girl, jealous!

  • JoElla

    I read (I think on beautie ie) that Soap and Glory will be phased out of Target and moved somewhere else (sephora? Ulta??) So I ran to my local Target and the display had that tell tale sign of not being restocked.

    Any idea about this hon?