September 9, 2010

Smashbox Heartbreaker Eau De Parfum Review

You ever get a makeup lemming that you never fulfill? That happens to me alot. I get a lemming but it falls through and I sometimes don’t indulge because something else caught my fancy or I just got to busy to get said item, etc….something happens and months go by and I simply forget the lemming.

That happened with Smashbox Heartbreaker Eau De Parfum.

I wanted it so badly at the time, didn’t indulge and months went by….

Suddenly it pops up for sale and the lemming is as strong as the force yo.


Smashbox’s first ever fragrance in a rollerball design!

Well let’s see this has all sorts of yummy stuff going on. Violets, Gardenia, Musk, and plenty of vanilla to give it a girlish touch. It’s slightly sweet, a little spicy, a bit floral, and very much girlish. The mix of Violet and Gardenia come through as dominant notes but it also has this sugar and spice feel that makes it flirty and playful!

This is cute but I’m actually happy I only paid $11 bucks as if I paid the original $22 I’d be disappointed. The scent itself is super nice but the rollerball design doesn’t do it justice plus the fact that it’s limited edition kinda gives it a meh feel because what if it’s so outstanding that you want to replenish? Grrr no longer available! Not cool right?

If it was in a spray bottle I think the scent would come across way nicer as the rollerball application is more of an up close and personal type of thing. If you’re boyfriend is hanging around your wrists or neck it’ll be a pleasant little scent but if you’re wanting friends or others to have a little sniff of your gorgeous perfume, it’s simply not happening…it doesn’t give off nearly enough throw for that.

  • Girls who like sugar and spice and all things nice!
  • Anyone who wants an up close and personal kinda scent (it comes across nice for anyone that’s super close you to take a sniff).

  • Anyone wanting a longer wearing scent that lingers and gives off nice throw (this isn’t it. Re-application is essential and throw is non existent).

This is cute and I’m ever so happy I got to try it out finally but I’m so glad I only paid $11 bucks because I’d be ranting if I laid out the full price for it. The scent itself is fab but it definitely needs a revamp in terms of packaging as a rollerball rarely cuts it when it comes to fragrance in my humble opinion! It definitely gives me a sugary spice vibe which is both cute and rather fun in terms of scent!

Anyone try this?


Do share your thoughts as I know some of you mentioned on it’s release that you adored it!

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