December 17, 2010

Happy Christmas Who Fans!

When I was 6 or 7 years old I seen Destiny of the Daleks for the first time and I fell in love. Many, many, many years later and many re-watches of the episode, among others reminds me why I’m a proud, card carrying member of the geek club.

As the Holiday approaches my mind isn’t on a big fancy dinner with friends and family, it’s not on presents I hope to receive or presents I’ll be giving out, it’s not on decadent deserts or chocolates, it surely isn’t on lights and holly and decorations, or Santa.

It is however on the most joyous gift of all from our friends across the pond.


It simply wouldn’t be a Happy Christmas without a most beloved Doctor. We’ve been lucky enough to have him for two consecutive years straight without having to wait for a later launch date. It’s so lovely to have close to the same release date as the original air time on BBC One.

Enjoy the sneak peek below and don’t forget to tune in this Christmas at 9PM. Ahh man only 80 minutes? No worries, the good Doctor returns this Spring with new episodes to keep us enthralled.

Happy Early Christmas Who fans!

Feel free to babble but no spoilers!

P.S. Don’t mourn for DT, embrace MS, he’s not so bad now is he? Go on admit it. David who? ;-D


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  • Crystal

    As much as I love and appreciate all your reviews, swatches, and news posts, the random Who geekery makes me smile the most! 🙂

    And shockingly (for me, at least), it’s true – David Tennant was an amazing Doctor, but Matt Smith is the most “Doctor-y” Doctor since they resurrected the series.

    • the Muse

      ^5 Crystal ;-D I’m happy to hear it. Shhh we might get stoned to death but I agree. Every regeneration has his quirks and David’s happened to be, the I’m too sexy for my hair Doctor. Matt is def the most Doctor-y I’ve seen in a while. He has that certain nutty professor vibe that endears you to him ;D

  • Krysty

    Hiya! Long time lurker. I love your blog because this is the best mix of my interests: beauty/skincare and Doctor Who geekery! As much as I loved Ten, I have to say I’ve completely fallen for Eleven. Matt Smith is grandfather-ish yet debonair. Love the guy. Can’t wait for the Christmas special!

    • the Muse

      krysty <3 readers like you SO much! I think everyone fell for Ten both long time fans and n00bs. He just had a special charisma and a love for the character since he's just as much a who geek as we are ;-D but I agree, I've really taken to Matt. His first eppy was a bit too rush and it took alot of time for me to get on board since things tended to be rushed and developed a tad too quickly but now that I'm on his speed, yup, I agree, totally love the guy ;D Our 11th is quite the guy! ;D

  • Cj

    Can’t wait for this 😛 I’m a huge Doctor Who fan lol I’ve watched every episode… Okay well at least since they brought it back in 2005 lol. Do you watch Torchwood too? I’m even more excited about the 4th season of that ;D

    • the Muse

      Me too CJ ;-D Def a big Who fan and geek ;-D I’m a prior fan to 2005 but def LOVE the new series. I am but I’m very disappointed about the casting for Torchwood, correction horrified at who they have cast so far. 🙁

      • Cj

        I know me too lol but think of the positive, Jack and Gwen are still going to be there! I’m a little worried that they might like… Americanize it too much lol but their already casting a one night stand for Jack so, same old Jack :P.

        I’m still sad/mad they killed off Ianto tho >.> how could they!!! 🙁

        • the Muse

          *head desk* oh god Ianto does anyone not remember this man brought a cyberwoman into the the base?!?!??! lol!

          Yes, def worried about that too….but I’m hopefullllllll! ;-D Ahh jack ;-D Barrowman really does a great job with the character considering he’s such a gorgeous queen in real life ;-D! ha! I do think they are scraping the bottom of the barrel though, Pullman? Pfeiffer? Seriously? It’s like Torchwood Washed Up American Actors Edition.

          Is it me or do you so think that American males are simply not ready for a bisexual hero!? I thought people, particularly men would be entirely too uptight about it here in the US.

          • Cj

            That’s so true and why I was afraid of the US getting more control of the show, I was like oh great they’re going to send Jack to a straight conversion camp lol. But the one night stand is going to be casted as a guy so yay I guess lol, Let’s just hope they don’t do something else to ruin the show 🙁

            And I speak for all Ianto fans when I say when he and Jack got together, it was Cyberwoman who?? ;D lol

          • the Muse

            oh god CJ I’d really hurl if these did that seriously. 🙁 American TV has evolved on so many levels but we still haven’t really reached that point yet. It makes me laugh b/c they’ll totally do stupid shock value rubbish on shows like Nip/Tuck but when it comes to a quality program they’ll splice and dice it to fit in with a more conservative “family” lifestyle. *HEAD DESK* At least it’s a guy…! ;-D I haven’t been reading combom lately as I wanted to avoid spoilers about Who therefore avoiding ones about TW as well so hadn’t heard about the one night stand ;-D

            LOL! true ;-D

    • the Muse

      LMAO I did see that Kimber! <3 for posting it here! It was funny b/c I couldn't help but think of MS's tweed fetish lol! I hear he gets a hat for the new season, oh bloody lawd. hahaha so long as it isn't a fez eh?

      • Kimber Y.

        But what about that magnificent coif?! You can’t cover that up! No sarcasm here, I really do like his hair ^_^

        • the Muse

          LMAO Kimber!!!!!!!! come on now…give Ten his dignity, he was the Doctor with “the hair” LOL! MS has a comb over but a very fun one, too bad it isn’t ginger LMAO!

  • Elizabeth

    Oh I can’t wait for this! And it has Dumbledore! You are right, I think I actually may have shed a few tears when I heard that DT would no longer be the Doc, and I swore to never watch Matt, but I caved, and I absolutely LOVE HIM! – fezzes are cool. cracks me up.

    • the Muse

      LOL Elizabeth damn straight fezzes are cool ;-D haha!

      I def think that with DT’s regeneration we lost ALOT of the darkness that was developing, phew, emo Doctor so I def really embraces MS in a major way. It took me a second to adjust to his speed b/c hey Ten loved to run around the screen but Matt, matt’s the doctor on crack, but after you get a feel for how he’ll play things out, you can easily fall in love with him. He’s young but he’s truly electrifying in some of last season’s episodes!

  • Maggie

    😀 😀 😀 YAY. Is it weird that I’m more excited for Christmas for the Doctor Who special than for anything else?

    I totally adore MS. When DT regenerated I was all nervous and didn’t think anybody could match up to him, but… dude. Matt Smith is amazing. It only took me an episode to love him 🙂 Plus, he’s right, bow ties ARE cool.

    • the Muse

      LOL Maggie loving the bow ties, rumor mill says a hat for next season too!? I was nervous as well but it was time for DT to go. He put alot of heart into it but it could have gotten old VERY fast. It took a bit of time for me to get on board with MS but now I adore him. There’s something terribly endearing about him. He’s youth is rather addicting as well. It’s funny that as the Doctor gets older he physically becomes younger ;D and Matt def brings a certain element of careful youth to the role!

  • Allysun

    Bah! Humbug till xmas! xD We’ve all been crossing out dates on our calendars for way too long.. It’s almost here!!

    Gotta admit tho. ‘David who?’ is right! haha. I thot I was too attached to tenth but I’m LOVING MS! He’s brilliant isn’t he?? Sure he isn’t as easy on the eyes as DT but I was sold after just one episode! It was such a relief.
    It’s like, they changed the packaging of my HG mascara.. and I’m like, why?? it was perfect the way it was! and I run out of my back ups and decided to try the new quirky packaging. And voila! The formula’s the same and it’s still my HG mascara! 😀

    Love you Muse for brightening up my day with lovely posts! Muse for me is like ‘honey to the bee’ xDD
    Now excuse me while I dress up my BF with tweeds and a bow tie and force him to eat custard dipped fish sticks ahahaha

    • the Muse

      Ha Ally! Bah Humbug indeed ;-D Oh I wasn’t Ally. He moved way to quickly for me and my eyes were darting around like a crazy girl when episode one hit. It took me a second to feel the love. If you haven’t already def read my initial thoughts on MS

      LOL that’s a very good analogy ;-D I think the 10th was getting a bit too old too quickly, very sad, very emo….it was about time to get fresh and new. At first I thought they were going to make the 11th too carefree but I was relieved when they added elements of darkness too ;-D He’s just overall a really quirky, nutty professor type doctor that you can’t help but love.

      AWWWWWWWW you ARE so sweet xoxoxo!

      LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I hope he enjoys it, fantastic stuff according to our good Doctor.


  • meghan

    I thought David Tennant was my doctor, then I watched Matt Smith and that was that, plus he and Amy are practically perfect together. What sealed the deal was the part in the weeping angels episode(s) where he comes back to her and gives her a pep talk when she has her eyes closed. Totally charming.