March 29, 2011

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly Review, Swatches, Photos

Those on a look out for a new foundation for Summer might want to check out Korean brand, Holika Holika’s Aqua Petit Jelly.

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly offers a lightweight coverage in a creamy formula with an SPF 20 and might I say the packaging is too darling, makes me want to eat it up!

Check it!

A moisturizing foundation base with a lightweight formula.

Personally I dub this a foundation not a BB Cream even though the term is loosely thrown around in the product’s name.

Part of the appeal of the product is the fact that it’s made up of 80% water or so they claim personally I can believe it since it’s super moisturizing yet remains lightweight. At a glance on Holika Holika’s website I thought that this would be a mousse-like texture but it actually runs more along the lines of a watery jelly, kinda like you made some jello and proceeded to leave it out in the sun too long.

Packaging is way cute and the base comes housed in a jello-like mold with a screw on cap. Also included is a sponge applicator and spatula for scooping product out. The jar is huge so you can get years out of this without ever hitting bottom. I have SO many BB Creams that I fear I’ll never hit bottom on this before it goes bad but I’m glad I purchased it because on a whole I actually love it.

I ended up going with shade 2 (there are only two available) which turned out to be a wee bit too light but thankfully I made it work (I’m wearing it on my Urban Decay and Guerlain Reviews which I posted today). The shade is a cooler beige with a nude, flesh color to it. Unlike a traditional BB Cream this leans towards being a bit more lighter beige and flesh colored versus the grayness of a regular BB. The formula is super smooth and blends seamlessly into my skin creating a truly perfect canvas for makeup. It lacks pigmentation so you may have to build up if you’re looking for more coverage but since it’s so lightweight that may prove a chore to do and you might not be able to conceal real problem skin however if you have fairly decent skin this should do the trick at easing dullness and concealing minor imperfections.

The overall finish is very light, smooth, and barely there. It feels incredible on and just allows my skin to breath. I think it’ll make a beautiful base for Summer. I do believe both dry and oily skin can take advantage here since the watery formula allows for lighter coverage without making skin drier or accentuating drier areas. It simply smooths on and looks its best for hours on end like any good BB Cream. You’re looking at 5 hours or more wear time and when it does fade it doesn’t leave behind an ashy, grayish cast or any dullness, it merely disappears. Interesting that it wears so long for me since the water content in the product allows for it to absorb super fast into my skin but still manages to create a nice flawless finish without oxidizing quickly!

You don’t have to dip into the jar here as it comes with a tiny spatula you use to scoop it out. The sponge also includes a small plastic storage compartment so you can tuck the sponge away when not in use. I normally don’t like applying foundation with a sponge but I actually liked the thicker sponge and felt it buffed on product nicely with gentle taps!

It’s not really a bad thing since it is a Korean brand (most Asian skin tones should fit into the Shade 1 or 2) but it does deserve to be mentioned that the two shade selection definitely limits who can use this.

I got this from a friend who lives in Korea however very few shops sell it online plus airmail, etc…might frighten folks off from purchasing!

  • Anyone looking for lightweight Summer coverage.
  • Anyone who wants to perfect dry skin with a lighter base.

  • Those who aren’t interested in dealing with online shopping, airmail, etc…(this is available exclusively within Korea).
  • Those with warmer undertones (two shades limits many skin tones).

I liked the texture and the performance on this one alot although I do wish it was a tad darker however I’m doing my best to make it work. The formula was incredibly light and felt like I didn’t have anything on at all. I’d recommend picking it up if you need a lighter base for Summer that creates a beautiful, dewy finish on skin however a higher SPF would make it even better!

Really loves this one!

Muse Approved for purchase!

You can browse the Holika Holika site at

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  • Cait

    ah i want! the 80% water looks fantastic. it’s a shame i hate ordering air mail lol…i wish all this cute Asian stuff was in stores near me lol

  • origami

    I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about when you refer to “BB cream”. Enlighten me, please, my dearest Muse! 😀

  • Yvonne

    Hi Muse!
    Would you say that this foundation is suited for NC25-30ish people? ^^ It truly sounds like an amazing foundation, and if you do think that it’s okay for my skintone, I think I might give it a go 😀

    Thank you!

    • the Muse

      I’m not sure yvonne I think I’m NC25 but I don’t know for sure, never really bothered playing with mac foundations. Sorry 🙁

  • Kari

    I probably should have gotten this instead of the EH sponge bb cake. Haha! Worried about the coverage though, and the shade. What’s your shade in MAC for reference, Muse?

    • the Muse

      kari I’m not really sure what my mac shade is, I don’t use their foundations and never got fitted for it ;-/ I think NC25??

      • Kari

        Ohh I see. I’m an NC35 I think, so I guess I’ll pass on this. Sigh, the usual problem with Korean foundations & bb creams: too light. Oh well! 🙂

  • Nunuiviet

    Makes me want to eat some jelly or pudding yum yum. Koreans are champions when it comes to packaging always too cuteeeeeeee. The only downside would be the limited shades 1 to 3 max but most of the times 1 to 2 and alas even I who is fair find their darkest shade number 2 still too fair! This really shows how much Koreans want to be fair!

    • the Muse

      that’s the downside nunu 🙁 sigh! but yeah, agreed lurve the packaging :D!


    lol when I first saw the picture (and title), I thought you were reviewing jelly for real!! LOL

    what a darling package and such a generous size!! 🙂 but i don’t like that it would be less coverage

    • the Muse

      ha linda right? looks like a little jello cup ;-D I’m cool with less as I really don’t use alot of foundation anyway but it’s def not for those who like richer coverage!

  • kiwikiwidragon

    Is there a way to translate the site? I know some sites have a babble fish or show the pages in different languages.

    • the Muse

      kiwi it’s alot of flash so babel fish prob won’t do the trick, sadly they only have a korean portal. hopefully one day a US one like Etude House does. I’m sorry 🙁

      • kiwikiwidragon

        Bummer…..They have some neat stuff going on, but I cannot makes heads or tales of any of it 🙁

        • the Muse

          sorry kiwi, it’s a korean company and isn’t available in the US so they don’t have a US portal. Beauty Abroad politics 🙂

  • jen

    after reading yours and a bunch of other reviews i REALLY want to try this now. i am a natural beige (which would fall under the #02 shade you got) but you mention that it is a little light and someone else mentioned that it has a pink undertone versus the #01 shade which has a yellow undertone. Which do you suggest as i am afraid the #01 will be too light for me but I also have yellow undertones =S

  • iheartkorea

    I just tried it! Boy is it watery! But it feels nice and light on the skin 🙂

  • Susan

    hi im thinking about purchasing this but i heard that the #01 shade has more of a yellow undertone than the #02? I’m around an NC30 in MAC and I used the MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream in #23. Which shade do you think would match me better? thank you so much!

  • Nicole

    I’ve noticed the packaging on the Holika Holika site looks different…and comes in a glass bottle. How come this one is plastic?

  • Rebekah

    Is there a trick to this one? I have it and it seems to CATCH (only way I can describe it) when applying it. I have tried beauty blenders, buffing brushes, and my fingers. I have dry skin and I was under the impression that this bb cream is well suited for that. I’d hate to waste it now that it’s FINALLY arrived! 🙂

  • Mascara mom

    I think I will get it as a replacement for my current love Pixi H20 Skintint. 🙂 I read your blog every single day (but don’t comment) because yours is teh only mix of high end, drugstore and Asian beauty buys – a very rare and winning combo!

    • Isabella Muse

      hey mascara mom I LOVE h20! that’s so fab! 😀 aw thank YOU so so much! so glad you enjoy Musings of a muse 🙂