October 3, 2011

Lush Holiday 2011 Lush Christmas 2011 Collection

I haven’t been following the Lush UK Forum but I know they are partying down on October 5th…I had thought this would be when they launch Lush Christmas Holiday 2011….however, they have announced it already both on the UK and NA site…since I haven’t been tracking the going ons maybe this means they’ll have some special Halloween goodies available during the forum party? As it seems Lush has skipped right over Halloween this year…


How about Lush Holiday 2011 for now?

You game?


Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel
A sweet bubblegum and cotton candy scent shower gel.

Lush Glogg Shower Gel
A warming shower gel with organic red wine, brandy and spice oils.

Lush Buche de Noel Cleanser
This cleanser is made with fresh satsumas and a splash of brandy to tone and stimulate, skin kaolin to cleanse your pores and exfoliating almonds to scrub away dead skin.

Lush The Jilted Elf Jelly
A verdant shower jelly, sparkling jelly with the sophisticated and stimulating fragrance of ginger and cinnamon leaf oil.

Lush Magic Wand
The beloved cotton candy fragrance is borrowed from Snow Fairy. This amazing multi-use Bubble Bar mixture can be swirled around in the tub to make mass amounts of bubbles, then put aside to dry for the next bath.

Lush Chilli Tingle Lip Tint
Spicy chilis and an aromatic herb called yerba make lips plump and tingly while organic jojoba oil and Fair Trade cocoa butter moisturize and soften lips. The beautiful orange-red colour comes from seeds from the annatto tree (The Lipstick Tree) to bring a vibrant, natural hue to your pucker.

Lush Celebrate Lip Tint
Cognac, lemon, and grapefruit oils and icing sugar gives this pastel pink tint the taste of champagne, then sprinkled in golden luster to make it extra festive. The shade is a pastel pink with a hint of gold luster and the taste of champagne.

Lush Pow Wow Lip Scrub
This bright green scrub has organic jojoba oil and organic rose hip oil to moisturize and soothe sore, chapped lips and popping candy to gently exfoliate chapped lips!

Lush Snow Globe Soap
A refreshing lemon myrtle and grapefruit scented soap to lift your spirits on a cold dark day.

Lush Snowcake Soap
For the softest, creamiest, most luxurious suds imaginable, grab a great big slice of Snowcake and float away on a cloud of almond marzipan and rose absolute.

Lush Candy Cane Bubble Bar
This Candy Cane smells like a freshly spun candy-floss cloud sprinkled with icing sugar and bubblegum drops.

Lush Christmas Eve Bubble Bar
Deeply relaxing jasmine and ylang ylang scented bubble bath for your Christmas bath.

Lush Gingerbread House Bubble Bar
Spicy, warming and scrumptious, this gingerbread house is strictly for the bath – no nibbling!

Lush Golden Wonder
Just like any good present under the tree, Golden Wonder rattles when you shake it! Are you wondering what’s inside? Pop our big, fizzing, multi-layer invention into the tub and the first thing you’ll notice is the sweet orange, lime and cognac oils as they unfold for a seasonal celebration. Then, as this golden gift slowly dissolves, watch the water magically change colour before your eyes. What else could be inside?

Lush Abombinaball
Seeing as The Boog Bath Bomb isn’t returning this year, we just had to have another snowman bomb one way or another. Abombinaball it is then! He rattles when you shake him. “What’s inside?”, we hear you cry – you’ll have to drop him in the tub to find out! We will tell you he’s got a stunning vanilla, peppermint and sweet orange oil fragrance, and a bit of a froth in his fizz, making him bob gently around in the tub to comfort and delight you on a cold winter night.

Lush Rocketeer
For an out-of-this-world bathing expedition, pop a Rocketeer Bath Bomb in the tub. The blue rocket pack shoots around your tub, leaving a wake of froth, fizz and the sweet scent of candy sticks. Watch the water change from blue to yellow to green as the yellow “flames” push the rocket around the tub. We made this one to entice our little ones into the tub for an exciting adventure, but it turns out (as usual) we like using it ourselves too!

Lush Three Gold Rings
Our most luxurious Bubble Bar this Christmas, Three Gold rings shares the rich vanilla fragrance of our Crème Anglais Body Lotion. Named for its three shimmering gold rings, this beauty is a sophisticated bath time treat. With soya milk powder to soften skin, fluffy, cozy bubbles and a delightfully rich fragrance – a mixture of vanilla absolute, sweet orange oil and myrrh, Three Gold rings is pure indulgence– ‘tis the season! The crème de la crème of Bubble Bars. Mounds of richly scented bubbles and golden waters make this a bath fit for royalty. Vanilla absolute (extracted from vanilla beans) gives this one its delightfully comforting fragrance.

Lush Superstars
Truly a slice of summer in the wintertime, Superstars smell like fresh strawberries and a hint of herbal refreshment. Helen has been told she’s good at making strawberry fragrances, so she made a sweet and delicious scent especially for this holiday bar. Enjoy the fragrance and feel of summertime, as angelica root oil helps soothe the mind and black pepper oil warms up chilly bodies. Now the only decision you have to make is red and yellow, or yellow and red…. Fruity fiends will love the fresh strawberry scent Helen created just for these bars. A Superstars bath will brighten your mood and warm you up when winter blues are getting you down. Black pepper oil is used in aromatherapy for poor circulation, headaches and aching muscles. Perfect for a winter bath!

Lush Angel’s Delight Soap
A refreshingly fruity scented soap, bursting with tangerines and blackcurrants.

Lush Satsumo Santa
Lush’s Santa Bath Bomb has refreshing mandarin and bergamot oils.

Lush Australian Igloo Sugar Scrub
First of all, we know there aren’t any igloos in Australia. Our perfumer Simon went igloo building in Finland, and an Australian fellow in his group had major trouble making his, so we made one for him! Fair Trade sugar polishes and exfoliates away dry wintery skin, while extra virgin coconut oil sinks in to moisturize and soften. The refreshing blend of Siberian pine, Australian eucalyptus and sandalwood oils revitalize your mind as well as your skin.

Lush Cinders
Warming cinnamon, refreshing sweet orange and almond essential oils will make your day every time you have a bath.

Lush Lil Lush Pud
Our lil’ version of a traditional Christmas pudding grows more popular every year. The fragrance of our pud will instantly make you hungry for a figgy pudding. Although this is a Bath Bomb, it contains many of the things you’ll find in your Christmas dessert.

Lush So White
Sink under a creamy white blanket of crisp apple scented bubbles to escape the toil and troubles of holiday time stress. We grate bits of bubble bar into this one to make it extra frothy and softening, for the fairest bath in all the lands. (Handsome prince not included).

Lush went quite retro this year as many old favorites are back! I’m particularly excited about the return of Cinders and the Mighty Buche (I’ll be stocking up on it big time).

Lush Holiday 2011 is available now at www.lushusa.com and phoenix.lush.co.uk

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  • Tammie

    Not sure how many items from this I will actually get but I have to say I am mighty excited about it, everything sounds so awesome and cute 🙂

  • Donna

    I hear that Lush stores will have pumpkin soap, ghost shower gel, and ehhh something else later this month. And there will be some retro stuff coming out for the party. UK is doing calaveras scented sugar skull ballistics, Lady Catarina soap, and whatever that lime flavored jelly is that everyone gets so worked up about.

    • the Muse

      ooo donna you had so confused when you said “are you doing a chat” as in am I creating a chat ;-D Yes, I’ll be at the party to haul ;-D wasn’t sure what was being made though thanks for confirming…no Lady Catarina Shower Gel eh? sad sigh, SNIFF!

        • the Muse

          I heard they’ll have ghost shower gel and two other products launch in the US shortly….but I think it may be in stores only…sadness!

  • Cj

    Snowcake!! I missed you so!… Ok not really, I still got 3 big chunks of snowcake soap in my little fridge xD Vacuum packed and all! But still! Very excited 😀 Lush’s Christmas collections are always so awesome 😛

    Btw anyone else gonna buy like 50 of the magic wands?? SO CUTE!

    • the Muse

      ha I love snowcake too cj ;-D I buy an entire block each year! BLUSH ;-D such great stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL yes..they look adore!

  • Reggie

    i get to try these out ahead of time since i work at LUSH and its awesome! i love love the magic wand and the new bath bombs <3

  • diane

    Lush gets me every time..i spent so much on the holiday sale after Christmas last year I still have so much bath stuff, soaps & massage bars..plus working there for a few short months w/an employee discount I hauled majorly (i miss working there so bad)

    my bf uses gloog and loves it, it smells like a coca cola slushie from 7-11 to both of us LOL

    snow fairy is what got me addicted to lush to begin with..soo good! have plenty from last year still.

    as intrigued as i am w/the new bombs i think i’ll behave somewhat this year and just get the pow wow lip scrub bc the fact it has popping candy in it is making it impossible for me not to get.

    okay..and maybe i might get that magic wand which i don’t need at all but is cute as heck. lol

    • the Muse

      d SO lucky! do you mind if I ask what kind of discount do they give you?

      I hate it..ugh smells awful to me lol! ;-D Snow Fairy def is addicting I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all need a magic wand ;D! MUST HAZ!

  • loveoverload

    When do you think they will release the christmas range will be available? November? too far :((
    Is this just the new Christmas range? will they bring back the old christmas things like the snow fairy lip tint and maple taffy?

  • Santanna

    ILOVEALLOFIT! but hay, what is ur least favorite?! u gotta have some, right!? <3 <3 <3