November 2, 2011

bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 Review, Swatches, Photos

Word on the street is the Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 Palette are quite the hit. And really why wouldn’t they be? I have my little stash of loose mineral shadows from BE but let’s face it they are the fall out demons from hell. I hate having to clean up fall out because hello, how impossible. I’ve tried tape tricks, powder under the eye trick, etc…etc…even eyeshadow shields which are sometimes a gift from the beauty tool Gods in these situations but fall out, such a pain.

Bare Minerals makes some might fine shadows but having them pressed up into a compact, well, that’s the best thing I’ve experienced in the beauty world since the introduction of Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Let’s take a peek and find out what’s so fab about ’em!

Bare Minerals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0 Palette are a range of pressed Bare Minerals Eyeshadows in a duo compact. You can also get ’em in a quad as well or an eight pack if you so like but that’s a Holiday dealio.

The general idea of BE taking their popular loose minerals and pressing them kinda boggles the mind and reinvents the traditional formula the brand is known for. I’ll readily admit I hate change. I like things to stay the same however in my makeup life, I really dig change and variety so this step for BE is an exciting one for me.

But as a fan of the brand I was worried they’d get it wrong. Why fix something that isn’t broken? Their shadows rock already no need to muck with the formula. No worries, they haven’t changed a thing outside of slipping your fav shades into a duo or a quad and simply pressing them into an easier to use format.

I tried a few shades of the Ready 2.0 Palette and the formula is super. The pressed format isn’t loose so it doesn’t kick up a ton of dust when you swirl your brush in it nor does it break apart into tiny flaky pieces. These are smooth, silky presses that translate beautifully from a loose powder into a pressed powder format. The transaction from loose to pressed just works and the texture of the shadow remains as silky as a loose powder with fantastic color pay off and an easy to blend formula.

Huge rave and a Muse Approval for these. If you’re looking for an easy to use powder eyeshadow that blends like butter these are your girl.


I was curious about the price break down myself so I did a little math. Bare Minerals Loose Eyeshadows are $13 for 0.01 oz sizes. These are 0.1 oz total for $20. You are getting a deal here as you can see.

Bare Minerals says these include SeaNutritive Mineral Complex which delivers anti-aging benefits for a softer, smoother, revitalized eye area. I’m not sure if I’m experiencing any anti-aging benefits from use as of yet but the idea that they are somehow preventing aging feels great in theory.

One thing I loved about the shadows is the fact each duo not only a had a name but the shadows within the duo also had names. For example The Showstopper Palette contains shadows in Bravo and Encore. Kinda cool right? It’s a pet peeve of mine when shadows aren’t named. I hate someone asking “What are you wearing on your lid?” and having to reply, “Oh, um, it’s from so and so’s Holiday Palette. It’s the shadow in the third column, in the middle row, towards the left hand side…” Seriously, that’s absurd. So it’s nice these have a name and each shadow inside also has a name.

Now it did have quirks…

One such quirk is packaging is basic, elegant, travel friendly, and super easy to store thanks to the smaller sizes. However, the compacts are kinda a lighter version of the rubberized compacts that NARS favors. I hate this style packaging. It gets dirty, sticky, and just plain gross after a while. Some of my NARS Blushes are absolutely disgusting. So far, these duos have stood up to a few uses and other than minor fingerprints they haven’t developed the nastiness that a NARS Blush does but I suspect they will with continued use so packaging definitely threw me off. However, if they embraced plastic I’d probably feel like it cheapened the deal so I appreciate the touch of elegance the rubber gives to the compact.

My second rant is so far I haven’t really come across a duo I liked. The shadows are a little mismatched for me and I wish they had more friendly color combos. This could be I lack creativity but for example The Paradise Found had a beautiful shade of burnished orange-y copper and forest green. Yes, the green does go well with the copper…but I’d have maybe liked to have seen a gold with that color. The Showstopper contains a light blu-ish lilac and a soft purple and again, this just felt like an odd pair. The Nick of Time had a matte cream and a matte mauve brown this was probably the best pair up in terms of colors and surprisingly the matte finish is a snap to apply, blend, and wear (these have a superior matte formula which is saying something considering matte is sometimes difficult to work with for myself).

Rushing through some of the shades I’m not seeing anything I’d personally love but I guess I have to explore a bit more. I’d like to see BE do a few more warmer shade selections particularly with browns, golds, and more natural shades.

Overall, these are without a doubt worth a pick up. Bare Minerals successfully created a pressed shadow they can be proud of. The formula is simply beautiful, applies easily, and wears well.

Bravo guys!

Check them out, I’m positive you’ll fall in love.

If you have tried them already do tell me your likes or dislikes (or hey both likes and dislikes) about the palettes!

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  • diane

    wow i really like the purple/ice blue one!

    i know what you mean about the loose shadows- they are so nice but such a pain. after learning how via youtube i pressed them myself then bought a z palette to put them in- was the greatest thing ever! LOL

    i also really want the holiday palette of these with 8 of them.

    • NeenaJ

      Diane, could you share which method you used to successfully press your BE loose shadows? I tried it using Coastal Scents EZ Press but, once I dipped a brush into the pressed surface, they turned straight back into a powdery mess.

      Thanks so much!

  • Lors

    Hi Muse! BE products in their loose powder form made me itch like crazy (esp their foundation) and I’ve steered clear of their stuff for years, but everyone seems to like these. I might lift my BE ban to give it a try. Do you think this would still give me this “itchies”? MAC, NARS, Bobbi Brown shadows don’t bother me at all.

    • the Muse

      oh lors their foundation is the work of the devil. it makes me itchy like CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! but I never had that problem with any of their eyeshadows! Def no itchies involved with it ;-D thank gawd! they foundation has bismuth that’s what’s making your skin go nuts ;-D the shadows do not as far as I know.

  • Eva Sofia

    I own The Scenic Route and it is GORGEOUS!….it has a beautiful buttery texture and as you said they do wear quite well, and in my opinion the price is very good for the quality and quantity of the product. I am really lemming The Top Shelf now!

    • the Muse

      I have to look into that one eva! I didn’t see it. ;-D thanks for the heads up! did you see the 8 pans? they are gorgggggggggeous!

      • Eva Sofia

        I think you will like The Scenic Route, the green is so pretty.

        Yessss…the 8 pans must be mine…eventually, hahaha, the husband is not that convinced about me “needing” them, so I added them to my wish list, maybe he will surprise me for Christmas lol 😀

        • the Muse

          get it eva so worth it imho! ;-D I’ll put a good word in with your hub haha!

          I’ll def check out the SR…I love me some greens!

  • Laci

    I bought one of the duos right after they came out and it went back. The pigmentation is fantastic, but I experienced HORRIBLE fading with these colors. After about 4 hours, it was like I was wearing no eyeshadow at all. And that’s on top of primer.

    • the Muse

      really????? I didn’t have an issue! They stayed great. I used UDPP under ’em. What did you use laci? curious minds!

  • kiwikiwidragon

    I love those $40 8 pan holiday compacts. So very pretty. Poor DH keeps saying “more makeup?” LOL. I have considered some Z palettes as well. I am trying to contain my stash and keep it to a certain area, I find that things get forgotten and unloved if they are too far out of reach.

    • the Muse

      mmmmmm story of my life lately jenn! I try to keep rotating things so I don’t forget to use them ;D

  • Mango the mango

    I got both The Showstopper and The Top Shelf. I usually just put the darker color close to my lashline and along the outer V, then fill in the rest of my lid with the lighter color. The Top Shelf is a gorgeous, gorgeous shimmery, slightly warm toned neutral pair. I especially love Cognac, the darker color–when I apply it with the sponge, it looks almost foiled. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a warm-ish brown-ish look!

    I have super oily lids, so I need a primer–and even then it slightly creases on me! It might be the oil in the formula, who knows. So I sweep it extra lightly in crease-prone areas and top it with a bit of Mac Blot powder. Ta-da! All day, crease-free wear!

  • Laina

    Hey Muse, I have The Scenic Route and it is the most gorgeous set, in my humble opinion. I have The Playlist and The Epiphany as well, the formula is amazing! Maybe you’d like The Escape and The Epiphany, those are very well-coordinated pairs.

  • Maggie

    I hear so many complaints about the size of loose shadows vs pressed shadows, but they’re completely different mediums that apply in completely different ways. It’s a flawed comparison. The binding agents/fillers in pressed shadows have weight to them, and that’s the source of much of the additional .03-.04oz. If you press a BE shadow you’ll end up with a pan just as full as your standard pressed shadow, if not more so. Loose shadow weighs less and takes up more space in a container, but it doesn’t mean that you use up the product more quickly (I generally have to use less when working with loose shadows, actually). Just a note.

  • Comrade Garlic

    I was shocked by these. I don’t know why, but I really thought these would be bad. So I ordered the TSV, anyway. Yeah, I ordered a TSV containing a product I thought would suck. Well this time it paid off! I really like the shadows. The color combo is odd, pale lilac and a amber shade. But they do look really pretty together.

    • the Muse

      yay! I thought they would be too. pressing shadows is a little iffy and I thought it would go wrong but they did an amazing job! color combos are still a tad odd for me but the texture is to die for so I forgive them ;D

  • jenn s.

    Muse, as usual you are right on the $$- the colors in the duos do indeed seem mismatched. I find myself oohing at one color and saying,”huh?” about its partner. I just don’t get it. Are the powers that be at BE colorblind? Weird…keeps me from purchasing, though. I was praying that the pressed shadows would be offered in the same shades (same names) as the loose shadows. Oh how I wanted pressed Bare Skin, Nude Beach, and Celestine!

    • the Muse

      same jenn, same exact feeling! Maybe they will be, I imagine the initial launch was to test the waters ;-D Come spring I BET you’ll see singles available ;-D

  • Majick

    I have a duo in The Enlightenment and it’s the perfect taupey eye. The lighter shade has a hint of green to it. I have light/med skin with yellow undertones, and hazel (amber) eyes and this combo looks great. One of my fav Ulta women picked out the color for me (believe me I was balking but I really wanted to try one) – I was so happy with the choice. It’s funny but they look like they won’t work but somehow they do?
    I also got the Playlist during F&F. Too bad the Cocktail Hour was out of stock. Maybe it will be there for the VIB sale.

  • Kim

    I love these palettes. I have two and I just bought one of the 8 pan palettes. They last all day on me and I have oily lids. The duo palettes I bought seem to complement each other well but some do seem strange though pretty. I also hope to see some singles soon. There’s a gorgeous deep green in one of them that I love (but the other color is not so great). Jenn S. is right about Celestine! That is one of my all time favs and I’d love to see it pressed.

  • Rebecca

    I received “The Truth” Quad to try and I love it. I experienced no fading at all, however I did use Urban Decay PP in Sin. It really made the shadows stay put and almost “glow” on my eyes. Love the Ready Shadows!

  • butterdaisy

    I Absolutely love this! Can’t wait to get my hands on all of them. I have so many loose ones I want to replace.

  • Laura Wiegand

    I am looking for READY eyeshadow equivalents, or as close as possible, to the following Bare Minerals loose powder eyeshadows:

    tigers eye
    tan lines
    in the buff
    wearable pecan medium
    queen tiffany
    coffee bean

    Any suggestions? Thanks!