April 16, 2012

L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream

Garnier cornered the drugstore BB Cream market here in the US and currently dominates it. As one of the first and ONLY BB Creams available at the drugstore, Garnier has something to crow about (even if the formula stinks).

But I’ve speculated before that it won’t be very long before BB Creams starting popping up more and more in US Drugstores. It’s already starting to happen in the UK and throughout Europe.

L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream completes with the likes of Dr Brandt with a new color transforming BB Cream available now in the UK, I suspect it won’t be long before we see it here in the US, perhaps Fall 2012?

This self adjusting BB Cream starts out white and transforms into your perfect shade of color upon application. L’Oreal dubs it as a nude, lightweight BB Cream with moisturizing benefits to give skin a flawless, dewy glow.

Words like “nude” and “lightweight” imply that perhaps this one conforms to every other BB Cream we’ve seen released outside of Asia aka it has little to no pigment.

I hope I’m wrong.

It’s available in Light and Medium shades.

I imagine we’ll see it late this Summer and into Fall 2012.

What do you think?

Will you try it?

Already have?

Do share!

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  • Ljana

    I swatched this in the store a few weeks ago. It’s actually white with some purple particles when it comes out of the tube and then as you blend turns into a bright orange shade, at least on my hand 🙁 The traditional foundation released with it (Lumi Magique) is much better, imho. At least it offers shades humankind actually does come in.

    • the Muse

      aw that sucks. I suspected the color match would be incredibly bad 🙁 where are you from ljana? curious minds. We don’t have it here in the US yet, I suspect late Summer for us.

  • Ljana

    I’m from Serbia, Southeast Europe. Was born in California though, but I’ve mostly been living in the Balkans for years now 🙂

  • pretty arty

    yep this did the same on me too, but on some friends it turned out fine… the coverage is very thin… there are little grains in it that “explode” when you apply it on your face, because the cream itself is not colored… speaking of bb creams, nothing’s better than Asian ones, Erborian and Clinique:)

  • Hillarie

    With the release of all the BB creams in Western countries, I’m actually tempted to try one from the Asian market. So far I’ve tried Too Faced and Smashbox and while I like the formulas for both of them, neither have met my expectations.

  • Grace

    Aww I would totally be rooting for this if it wasn’t one of those white creams with color changing beads (bad experience with Almay). Plus it doesn’t really sound like a BB Cream to me…wonder how much coverage a “nude” BB cream has?

  • Nicole

    I’m in Canada – so we always get everything last =( I’ve been using Marcelle’s BB Cream and I LOVE it. Not sure if you have it in the US, as it is a Canadian line. It’s sold in Drugstores here. I’ve switched over to this from MakeUp Forevers HD Foundation.

  • Jia

    I’m going to study abroad in Shanghai in a month and would love to try some BB creams while I am there. Do you have any suggestions of brands to look for in China? Especially ones without whitening agents?

    • D-tan

      I just tried the new BB Gel Cream from the Japanese brand KATE and really like it. Great coverage and available in shades up to NC/NW30-35, which is very different from most BB creams! The only thing I don’t like is that it is a bit on the yellow side (which is a bit iffy since I’m warm-toned), but setting it with a warm-toned powder helps me out a lot with it matching my skin better. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have whitening agents in it 🙂

  • Bee

    I’ve reviewed a sample of this on my blog

    I was really impressed because it’s really NOT like other bb creams, as it’s not just another name for a tinted moisturiser, it looks really matte on the skin and seems like it would work really well for an oilier skin type unlike the Garnier one. I don’t need a bb cream, but I really want to buy this! It’s a really clever product 🙂

  • Phyrra

    I’ve been disappointed with all the american bb creams. It seems like they misunderstood the concept. BB Cream does not mean sheer. It should be a super mutli-tasking product, and some of them just flat out fail.

  • cncx

    It has been released in Switzerland. I bought it because I was all “hey, drugstore bb” but I find it disappointing.
    It has a gritty, watery texture and oxidizes on me. I can get a decent effect if I mix it with a silicone-y serum but I think they are just calling their liquid-y TM a BB cream to ride the hype.

  • Mary the Muse Militant

    Tried this in the shop recently and it is not as expected.
    It comes out watery and white with a greyish tinge. Looks like a normal white moisturiseising lotion such as Cetaphil but when you spead it and blend it, it turns orange.
    It is the strangest stuff ever. Like those lipsticks that are clear and change colour on your lips.
    The coverage was not great. Colour was way off on “Light “, way too orangey. Reminds me of that dreadful Garnier stuff they call a BB cream. It is nothing like the Asian BB creams.

  • Patty Muller

    (This is a “first impressions” type review, as I’ve only worn it once so far): I guess color match wiil really depend on skin tone. I have yellow undertones on my skin (almost borderline olive). It worked on me BEAUTIFULLY! Left a matte to satin finish that made me look fresh and awake. And it works wonders on my oily skin too, it’s a MUCH better formula than the Garnier one for this skin type. It doesn’t feel greasy at all.

    Cons: I was very surprised, though, that it doesn’t come with an SPF in it. One would think that a product that is supposed to be multitasking would never lack SPF. But it does…

    I will also agree that it doesn’t strike me as an actual BB Cream and that people are misunderstanding the concept. Revlon makes a very similar product called Beyond Natural, which performs exactly the same, with a more moisturizing formula, a primer-like consistency – AND SPF 15. It’s been a summer staple for me for 2 year now and I will risk saying it has a tad more coverage than the Loreal BB cream.

    So, to sum it up: take it for what it is. I personally really like the product even though it may not be what you’d expect when you see it advertised as a BB Cream. I will use it up and probably repurchase. And just for reference, I found mine yesterday in my local Walgreens, in FL, in a new display, along with the other products they are coming out with, including the foundation and new Color Riche Balms with very pigmented colors and very moisturizing formula.

    • Lenka

      Re: PAtty Muller
      I absolutely agree with u!
      I am very similar skin tone to u, and I loved the lighter version. I would also compare it to the beyond natural from Revlon..
      I enjoyed the watery texture and even though it is not the ideal bb.. for oily skin it is 100x better than the garnier one..

      • Lenka

        PS: It has got a SPF of 12 (which is something.. but for me.. living in Australia is definitely not enough..)

  • Nicky

    I’ve been using this for a while now in the UK. I have very fair skin(typical celtic colouring!) The fair tone suits my skin perfectly! It is quite matte and my only complaint is that I’d like it to be a little more illuminating but without the oil slick effect of Garnier

    • Taffy

      Sorry Nicky perhaps you are light rather than fair. I have also have very fair Celtic heritage skin and the fair tone is waaay too dark and too orange. It does nothing for my skin except make it tinted orange. No coverage, no moisturisation, no skin care benefits and no velvety finish or oil control. It is also really expensive here. I am disappointed.