September 5, 2012

EOS Alice in Wonderland Lip Balm Collection

I’ve seen your future and it includes a haul of the new EOS Alice in Wonder Lip Balm Collection.

Pleaze how can you say no to this?

Disney is seems to be a trending this Fall with the introduction of a new Villains Collection from E.L.F. plus some makeup bits and bobs available from Disney itself.

And now EOS has an Alice in Wonderland inspired Lip Balm Collection that I know I want.

Granted, this set doesn’t technically have any Alice artwork but just love EOS Lip Balms anyway and a little Wonderland inspiration def struck a chord with me.

The set includes three EOS Lip Balm Spheres in:

  • Blueberry Potion
  • Sweet Vanilla Nonsense
  • Watermelon Wonderland

It’ll be available at:

  • Target stores starting September 2012
  • Walgreens and Ulta stores starting November 2012
  •,, and starting November 2012

I’m unsure on the price as of yet but I imagine around $5-7 at most.

Dontcha just love this?

Yes, please, I’ll take one!

Check it out for yourself at

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  • Cait

    These are so cute! I’m just confused as to why they didn’t put Alice in Wonderland art on them lol

  • OrangeLipstickBlog

    They could’ve just called this the patriotic collection and been done with it! Kinda silly. But then again, I’ve never used that balm so maybe it’s fab!

  • Caitlin

    Not even Mickey can overcome my hatred of fake watermelon and blueberry flavors. Bleh. Pass!

  • K.B.

    It looks more like the Mickey Mouse collection with the indentations on the side of the spheres.

    I’m so picking this up (I’m a sucker for vanilla-scented anything), but I’ll probably throw away the Blueberry one and maybe the watermelon one because I don’t usually like EOS’ fruit-scented balms.

    Now that I’ve thought about it, this is probably a waste of money, but I want that vanilla one, darnit!

    • Jasmin

      late to the party but don’t throw them out! just put the ones you don’t like up on ebay or something 🙂 no one likes wasted product

  • Shelby

    I’m saying NO because I don’t understand how anyone likes EOS, they are not moisturizing at all.

    • cat

      I completely agree, Shelby! When I tried an EOS lip balm, it DRIED OUT my lips. They smell and taste great but they do the opposite of what they’re supposed to.

  • Littlecreek

    I have waaaaay too many of these little eggs all over my house and office. But seeing as I have some irrational need to have every flavor, I will purchase. (it’s like Pokemon, gotta catch em all!) I wonder what the formula will be like on these. Maybe it’s just me but some flavors seem harder and others are softer and more moisturizing. We’ll see how these turn out as I know I’ll grab them the first chance I get.

  • Tammie

    Hmnn…may or may not get these. Not the biggest EOS fan but the flavors sound unique and MICKEY MOUSE lol

  • Jennie

    I don’t really like EOS lipbalms. They’re not moisturizing enough. I have one in Strawberry and love the design and smell, but it does nothing for me. So even though I love Disney and Alice in Wonderland, I’m not picking this one up.

  • kd

    wish I could, had to contact their cs once, bad attitude= me never purchasing their product !

  • Lolly05tmua

    I already have mine, it was $7.99. And I love them, they are so cute and yummy 😀

  • Anna

    Agreed, looks like a patriotic collection! They are just so cute. I want a basket of all the EOS flavors just sitting on my vanity or something. ><

  • Hoang

    Saw these at my Target for $7.99. I am not a huge fan of these but I sometimes can’t resist buying them because they are uber-cute. Might pick these up next trip.

  • Melissa

    love eos balms! love alice anything! I will be getting at least one o the sets. TY For the post!!

  • Phyrra

    I want the blueberry and vanilla. I don’t like most fake watermelon flavoring.

  • Tiffany Martin

    Never used EOS before. This looks like it has a rollerball or something, how exactly does it get the product onto the lips?

  • Marie

    I just picked mine up today at Target (I went to two different ones looking for them)! I haven’t opened it yet but OMGGGG. I am so excited! I wonder if EOS will release any other Disney inspired ones! I also got mine for $7.99!

  • CC

    My DD found these at Target today. The set is $7.99. Love all the scents although I fid not test them. Watrrmelon smells fruity, but not very much like watermelon.

  • Elise

    At my Target they were $7.99 as well, my favorite is the vanilla and my least favorite blueberry, mostly because blueberry flavoring is always extremely fake tasting. Not horrible though:)

  • myprettypaints

    I have tried these out and it was an okay product. But I would not buy this again because of the price. The only reason I bought it was for the shape. I liked how I can find it quickly in my purse amongst all the things that were shaped the same. But the price $3.20 on sale at WalMart was just too much. There isn’t even a good amount of product in the ball. I accidentally melted it in my hot car, and won’t be replacing it.

  • Macey

    Where would the be located at in the target store. I raided all of the checkouts and the makeup aisles and could find them! i even asked one of the cashiers and she didnt know. Please help!!!

    • the Muse

      not sure macey sadly I haven’t found them in any target store I went to!

    • Tammie

      At my target they were hanging off the side of an endcap in the general beauty area.

  • Aureia

    It’s a shame that there isn’t artwork on the lip balms themselves but I just bought mine and behind the lip balms on the back of the case there is a picture of the tea party with the quote, “Very few things indeed were really impossible.”

  • gigitheawesome

    I don`t know why everyone is saying that they are not moisturizing because I am obsessed with them!I`m so excited to get this pack for me and my friend. DON`T KNOW WHAT SOME PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT!

    • the Muse

      glad to hear you like them gigi. some folks have different experiences with a product…

      • Makayla

        I can’t find these any where and I would LOVE to get them! I have every flavor except for these does anyone know where I can still get these and for a reasonable price cuz I only see ones on amazon that are like $40.00??! :'(HELP Please)’:

  • Katie

    Where can I buy EOS Alice and Wondesbd collection. eBay has it for $125. That’s crazy. I have all of them minus these three. Help please.