October 3, 2012

New Lush Haircare Products: Lush Blousey, Lush Roots, Lush Sea Spray, More…!

Looks like hair has become a big focus point for Lush this Fall as they’ve introduced a range of several new products including shampoo, conditioner, and a hair mist.

It’s been a while since they revamped their haircare so it’s nice to see they are doing something brand new. I’m partial to my I Love Juicy and Big but I’m always up for something new.

Take a look!

Lush Blousey Shampoo
A shampoo for color treated, bleached, or naturally fragile hair made with fresh banana.

Lush Big Solid Conditioner
A solid conditioner bar with sea salt, seaweed infusion, coconut oil, jojoba, and lemon and lime juice to condition and shine.

Lush Happy Happy Joy Joy Conditioner
Conditions hair with almond milk, jojoba oil, rose and orange flower water.

Lush Roots Hair Treatment
A hair treatment to revitalize thin, lackluster hair.

Lush Sea Spray Hair Mist
A salty sea mist for locks to give body, volume, and hold!

Lush Shine So Bright Hair Balm
A rosewood oil enriched hair balm to apply to split ends.

Lush Fair Trade Honey Shampoo
The natural properties of honey also means we this shampoo lacks preservatives.

I actually ordered a chunk of the Big Conditioner as I love Big Shampoo (and the smell of it!). I also picked up Happy Happy Joy Joy, Blousey, and Fair Trade Honey as well so expect reviews soon.

Has anyone tried these yet?

They haven’t launched as of yet in NA but they are available on the Lush UK site (they ship worldwide).

Do you use Lush Haircare already?

Any favs?

Do share!

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  • Ljana

    I used to love Big and American Cream, but ever since I discovered Phyto haircare I haven’t looked back. Might try the Honey shampoo and the solid conditioner out of curiosity.

    • the Muse

      AC is a fav of mine to ljana but sometimes the scent nauseates me lol!

  • Lindsay

    I use the Big shampoo and the Big Tease hair gel. I’m definitely curious about some of these, though! I hope they show up in US stores.

  • Cj

    Ooh I kinda wanna try that blousey shampoo, my friend swears by using a banana hair mask once a week :O I wonder if it lathers?

  • Kiss & Make-up

    I love love love Lush, all these products look great! I look forward to a review.

  • kiwikiwidragon

    Word from the reps is that they are re-formulating to go sulfate free soon. I hope so! Also, that was another way to get agressive reps away. “Sorry, I only use sulfate free products”. Lol!

  • Courtney

    I really wish Lush would bring back the Blonde solid shampoo bar, or at least something that smells like it. It was my favorite!

  • Amanda

    I ordered Big shampoo with my last LUSH UK order (from last Thursday, along w/Christmas items). I want to try more of the haircare but would rather smell it in person, and possibly get a sample.

    When Retro LUSH first debuted in the UK about 4-5 years ago, I remember going crazy and buying a ton of haircare..but not liking it. So I need to be more careful this time.

  • diane

    i wanna try that shine so bright split end stuff!!!

    i love the lush r&b cream for hair but boyfriend is allergic to the scent so i can’t use it!

    please review when you get your goodies??

    tell me i’m not the only one who immediately you tubed ren & stimpy after happy happy joy joy went into my head..please?!?!


  • Tiffany Martin

    EFF Lush. I don’t have a store in my state and their new ordering policy is stupid. PASS.

  • Ruthless

    I am normally not impressed with Lush hair products (for the price there is just so much else out there that works better) but I find some of these really intriguing, the banana shampoo and the hair de stinker

    • Kirsty

      Yeah lush is in Ireland Dublin st Stephans green ( city centre) it’s of grafted street

  • sweetblasphemy

    Fair Trade Honey FTW! It really is a gorgeous shampoo, after the first time I tried it, my hair was never so soft and obedient before. Its only standing competition is Rehab as far as I’m concerned. Blousey is decent but is not the right match for my hair (like it on my ends but is not clarifying enough for my scalp), although the fragrance and texture are interesting enough to try it at least once. Wasn’t blown away by Shine So Bright, but after FTH I hardly need it anyway. Sea Spray is cool but can’t justify buying it when I make my own with products I already have around the house. Big Solid is a nice compliment to Big Shampoo for sure, it’s the only conditioner I can use near my scalp since it’s light and clarifying, but it’s not quite rich enough for my ends. HHJJ seems to be somewhere in the middle of Veganese & American Cream, again, not rich enough for my ultra dry ends but it smells lovely. Roots really lives up to the hype and delivers as promised! The minty tingle feels heavenly on the scalp. Between Roots and Big shampoo & conditioner my limp skinny hair is about 5x its usual size!

    There is one product, Superbalm, not mentioned on here. It’s a scalp treatment featuring coconut oil, candelilla wax, salicylic acid and chamomile blue oil that I found hard to work with and didn’t do much in the way of its claims to soothe my bf’s dry flaky/dandruffy scalp. Then again, even a strict regime of Snake Oil and Soak & Float didn’t help him so he may just have a very stubborn condition. I will try Superbalm on my own head later on in the winter when the dry itch tends to set in… 🙂